American Workers Have Attended More Diversity Seminars Than Job Training | Opinion

If it feels like corporate America cares more about pushing woke policies than promoting their own work, it's because they do.

New polling from Color Us United and Echelon Insights revealed that more employees of large corporations have attended training programs on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion than sales, customer service, general company procedures, or other sessions that could improve their work performance.

More than 90 percent of respondents reported that they had attended a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training, while 78 percent reported that they had attended a training on general company policies or procedures. Only 67 percent of respondents reported that they had attended an on-the-job type training. Meanwhile, Corporate America seems to have moved on from the MeToo era, with just 59 percent of employees having attended training on sexual harassment.

These Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives are everywhere. And they aren't cheap. American Express has vowed to spend $1 billion on Diversity Equity and Inclusion initiatives.


And we know what that money is being spent on. According to reports, American Express employees are taught capitalism was built upon "racist logics of domination." The trainings also compelled employees to deconstruct their "racial and sexual identities" and rank themselves on a hierarchy of privilege. If an employee of a "subordinate group" (one with less privilege) were present, the privileged employees should practice "intersectional allyship" and defer to them before speaking.

Capitalism is racist? Employees should be silenced based on the color of their skin? These are deeply antithetical to American values at their core. Yet American Express is spending $1 billion to push these ideas.

And they are not alone. The polling showed that 56 percent of employees who had attended Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion trainings remembered discussing anti-racism, a term coined by Ibram X. Kendi. A third of employees were taught about white privilege, while 42 percent were taught about systemic racism in America.

The information leaking out of these trainings has been shocking. Coca-Cola told employees to "be less white." Lowe's urged white employees to "cede power to people of color." The Salvation Army urged employees to "repent" for the country's racism.

Even worse, many companies are taking it far beyond trainings. American Express has incentivized managers to hire based on race rather than merit. Some employees have reported to Color Us United that the company silences any employees who question the racial hiring system.

What is especially upsetting is that companies are promoting based on race rather than providing the training needed to move up the corporate ladder. As noted, almost everyone at companies receives DEI training while only 67% receive much needed skills training. Professional skills trainings enrich both the employee and the company.

Prioritizing race over merit is something the American people abandoned long ago, only for woke ideologues to give racial discrimination a rebirth.

These companies harm the very people they purport to protect. Black workers are left to wonder if they've earned their position or if they're just helping some American Express manager earn their 15 percent hiring incentive. And white employees are being told to stay silent because of the color of their skin.

No one wins except the grifters raking in cash while pouring out these poisonous trainings in corporations across the country.

It's well past time for Americans to start pushing back against the narratives that are being pushed in almost every corporation in the country. Florida's STOP WOKE Act is a step in the right direction. The policy limits the type of diversity trainings companies can compel workers to attend. But there must be a grassroots pushback, as well.

The ideas being taught in these trainings should be left to fringe discussions in a liberal arts classroom; they shouldn't be mandatory sessions for 91 percent of corporate employees.

Christian Watson is a spokesman for Color Us United, and the host of Pensive Politics with Christian Watson. Follow him on Twitter at @officialcwatson.

The views in this article are the writer's own.