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More than 21 million Americans suffer from alcohol or drug abuse. Every year some of those people lose their lives. According to the Centers for Disease Control, drug overdose deaths in the U.S rose last year to about 93,000 in 2020, an increase of 29.4 percent from 2019. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reported almost the same number of deaths, about 95,000, were alcohol related.

In recent years, driven by things like the opioid epidemic and expanded health insurance coverage, the demand for treatment has expanded significantly. Finding the right treatment facility, however, can be a challenge. As part of Newsweek's commitment to reporting on all aspects of health care — most crucially, covering what new developments could mean for our readers — this year we partnered with global market research firm Statista Inc. to rank the 300 best U.S. treatment facilities that focus on addiction.

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1Community Health Resources - Roots to Recovery a Holistic Approach79.20%WillimanticConnecticut
2Connection Inc - Recovery House78.10%New HavenConnecticut
3Mountainside Treatment Center77.40%CanaanConnecticut
4APT Foundation Inc - Amethyst House77.00%New HavenConnecticut
5Connection Inc - Mothers Retreat76.90%GrotonConnecticut

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America's Best Addiction Treatment Centers 2021 highlights the nation's top addiction treatment facilities based on peer recommendations, quality and accreditations relative to in-state competition.
Facilities in 25 states with the highest number of addiction treatment centers, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), were included in the survey.

Scope of Facilities and States Included in the Survey
Inpatient/residential and long-term addiction treatment centers were included in the ranking. Long-term programmes required a minimum residency of 30 days.
Facilities that only offer outpatient or short-term addiction treatment services were excluded from the survey.
The Top 10-15% facilities per state were awarded. This number is based on the amount of facilities within the specific state that meet the above mentioned scope of requirements, and therefore varies in the individual states. The state of California had the most addiction treatment centers awarded with 80, while e.g. Wisconsin is represented with 5 addiction treatment centers. In total, 300 addiction treatment centers were awarded.
In order to create the ranking, a score was calculated for every addiction treatment center that was part of the analysis. This total score is based on reputation and accreditation scores.

Reputation Score
The Reputation score is based on two subscores, for recommendations and for quality. In cooperation with Newsweek, Statista invited thousands of medical experts (therapists, counselors, medical doctors, administration and staff working in addiction treatment facilities) to an online peer-to-peer survey. Additionally experts from all over the US could participate in the survey of the Best Addiction Treatment Centers by State on All data was collected by Newsweek and Statista during the survey period from May to July 2021. It was mandatory for participants to verify their email addresses. Quality checks were performed to avoid self-recommendations and recommendations for an addiction treatment center someone works for were not counted in the evaluation.

Calculation of Recommendations Score
Participants were asked to name up to ten of the best addiction treatment centers in their respective home state. They were asked to recommend addiction treatment facilities by considering the quality of care, quality of service, quality of follow-up care and accommodations and amenities.
Entry of recommendations was aided by an autocomplete function, which showed addiction treatment facilities based on the letters entered. It was also possible to recommend any addiction treatment center that was not proposed by the autocomplete list. For the participation in the survey on it was mandatory to perform an email verification. Recommendations for addiction treatment centers that a participant works for (self-recommendations) were excluded from the analysis.
Recommendations received different weights depending on the order in which they were given, with the first recommendation being assigned the highest weight. A score was assigned to each addiction treatment center based on the number of weighted recommendations. Recommendations constitute 85% of the overall reputation score.

Calculation of Quality Score
Participants were also asked to rank the quality dimensions which influence the quality of rehabilitation facilities. Participants were asked to differentiate between these variables:

→ Quality of care (e.g.treatments/ therapies, consultation with doctor/ therapist, psychological support)
→ Quality of service(e.g. meals, leisure activities)
→ Quality of follow-up care( meetings, individual counselling)
→ Accommodations and amenities (e.g.size of room, quality of furnishing)

The quality dimensions were shown to participants in a randomized order in the survey. Based on the reported importance of each quality dimension a quality score was assigned using the following weights:

50% Quality of care
25% Quality of follow-up care
15% Quality of service
10% Accommodation and amenities

For each recommended center the participant rated the four quality variables on a scale from 1 ("Poor") to 7 ("Excellent"). A quality score was assigned to each addiction treatment center based on a weighted average of these ratings. The Quality Score contributes 15% towards the overall recommendation score.

Calculation of Accreditation Score
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) provides data for addiction treatment centers. Specifically, SAMSHA lists all relevant accreditations that the addiction treatment centers have. Statista used the SAMHSA data to determine the Accreditation score of addiction treatment centers. Each of the nine different accreditations is weighted with 1/9 or 11.11% towards the accreditation score of each facility. The following accreditations are included:

1 - State substance abuse agency
2 - State mental health department
3 - State department of health
4 - Hospital licensing authority
5 - The Joint Commission
6 - Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
7 - National Committee for Quality Assurance
8 - Council on Accreditation
9 - Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program

All data was up to date through May 31, 2021. Further information about the accreditations can be found at the websites of the accrediting bodies.

Overall Rating and State Rank
The overall rating is the weighted average of the overall reputation score and the accreditation score. The weight for the overall reputation score is 80% while the weight of the SAMHSA based accreditation score is 20% towards the total score of each facility. Subsequently facilities were ranked within their respective state based on their total score achieved.

The ranking is comprised exclusively of addiction treatment centers that are eligible regarding the above mentioned scope. The ranking was created through an elaborate process. The information provided in this ranking should be considered together with other information about addiction treatment centers or, if possible, accompanied by a visit to the facility. The quality of addiction treatment centers that are not included in the list is not disputed.

You can download the full methodology here.