America's Best PetCare Brands 2021

America's Best PetCare Brands 2021

The pandemic has been a scary and lonely time for a lot of us and over the last year many Americans turned to domestic animals for companionship, comfort and fun. According to the American Pets Product Association, an industry trade group, pet ownership in the U.S. increased from an estimated 67 percent of households in 2019 to 70 percent last year, an all-time high. According to the APPA last year Americans spent $103.6 billion buying, feeding and caring for pets. The group estimated that number would rise to $109.6 billion by the end of this year.

Pet owners want the best for their critters regardless of whether they walk, crawl, fly or swim. With that in mind Newsweek teamed up with Statista, a respected market research and data firm, to come up with our ranking of the Best Petcare Brands 2021. We looked at 245 brands across a range of categories, ranging from food and accessories to care and health services, and found the best in each for dogs, cats, birds, fish and rodents. Our rankings were based on the results of an independent survey of almost 10,000 U.S. customers who have either made purchases, used services, or gathered information about relevant products or services in the past three years.

A few tidbits:

  • The category where winning brands performed best compared to their competitors is treats for dogs.
  • Products and services for fish had the best average scores compared to other kinds of pets.
  • The individual brands with the highest scores were Nudges (dog treats), Fancy Feast (kitten food) and 9 Lives (dry cat food) with a 9.48/10 score for the treats for dogs category, Fancy Feast with a 8.95/10 score for the kitten food category, and 9 lives with a 8.92/10 score for the dry food for cats category.
  • Brands who were winners in multiple categories include Blue Buffalo, Hill's and Kaytee.

We hope you'll find our ranking helpful as you shop for your pets.

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Parent categoriesCategoriesSub categoriesAnimalRankBrandScore
AccessoriesToys-Birds2Bonka Bird Toys8.35
AccessoriesToys-Cats3Meow & Me8.72
AccessoriesToys-Cats5Cats Claws7.95
AccessoriesBoots & Paw protectors-Dogs1Protex PawZ7.89
AccessoriesBoots & Paw protectors-Dogs2Musher's Secret7.85
AccessoriesBoots & Paw protectors-Dogs3Pet MD7.79
AccessoriesClothes-Dogs2Blueberry Pet7.87
AccessoriesClothes-Dogs3Pets First7.87
AccessoriesCollars-Dogs1Pets First7.96
AccessoriesCollars-Dogs2Coastal Pet7.79
AccessoriesCollars-Dogs3Fresh Pawz7.78
AccessoriesCrates-Dogs2Precision Pet8.06
AccessoriesCrates-Dogs5Carlson Pet Products7.76
AccessoriesLeashes-Dogs1Harry Barker8.13
AccessoriesLeashes-Dogs3Bond & Co7.96
AccessoriesToys-Dogs5Chew King7.90
AccessoriesToys-Rodents1Oxbow Animal Health8.90
AccessoriesToys-Rodents2You & Me8.07
CareCleaning productsLitter for catsCats1Purina8.24
CareCleaning productsLitter for catsCats2Fresh Step8.24
CareCleaning productsLitter for catsCats3Arm & Hammer8.21
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careCats1Veterinary Formula Clinical Care8.27
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careCats2Miracle Care8.24
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careCats3Animax8.19
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlCats1Revolution8.47
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlCats2Seresto8.24
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlCats3Comfortis8.13
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlCats4Wondercide8.08
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlCats5Advantage8.08
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesCats1Furminator8.04
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesCats2Magic coat7.96
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesCats3Coastal Pet7.96
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormCats1Revolution8.77
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormCats2Interceptor7.86
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormCats3Advantage7.85
CareCleaning productsSelf-cleaning litter for catsCats1Litter-Robot8.09
CareCleaning productsSelf-cleaning litter for catsCats2Nature's Miracle8.03
CareCleaning productsSelf-cleaning litter for catsCats3PetSafe7.92
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersCats1Vet's Best8.28
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersCats2Burt's Bees8.17
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersCats3Espree8.09
CarePharmacy productsDigestive SupportDogs1HomeoPet8.17
CarePharmacy productsDigestive SupportDogs2Glandex8.15
CarePharmacy productsDigestive SupportDogs3Epizyme7.97
CarePharmacy productsDigestive SupportDogs4Chew + Heal Labs7.88
CarePharmacy productsDigestive SupportDogs5NaturVet7.86
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careDogs1Veterinary Formula Clinical Care8.06
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careDogs2Greenies7.93
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careDogs3Arm & Hammer7.91
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careDogs4Miracle Care7.88
CarePharmacy productsEye, ear, dental careDogs5Baytril7.67
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlDogs1NexGard8.43
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlDogs2Simparica Trio8.41
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlDogs3Bravecto8.27
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlDogs4K9 advantix8.21
CarePharmacy productsFlea and tick controlDogs5Frontline8.14
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesDogs1Wahl8.39
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesDogs2Gonzo Natural Magic8.17
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesDogs3Andis8.00
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesDogs4Furminator7.87
CareGrooming productsHair accessoriesDogs5Magic coat7.81
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormDogs1Simparica Trio8.86
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormDogs2Sentinel Spectrum8.74
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormDogs3Heartgard Plus8.45
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormDogs4Interceptor Plus8.17
CarePharmacy productsHeartwormDogs5Iverhart Max8.01
CareCleaning productsPadsDogs1Brilliant Pad8.07
CareCleaning productsPadsDogs2GLAD for Pets8.06
CareCleaning productsPadsDogs3Four Paws7.89
CareCleaning productsPadsDogs4Wags & Wiggles7.84
CareCleaning productsPadsDogs5Hartz7.76
CareCleaning productsPoop bags and dispensersDogs1Earth Rated8.17
CareCleaning productsPoop bags and dispensersDogs2BioBag USA8.00
CareCleaning productsPoop bags and dispensersDogs3So Phresh7.93
CareCleaning productsPoop bags and dispensersDogs4The Original Poop Bags7.80
CareCleaning productsPoop bags and dispensersDogs5GLAD for Pets7.71
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersDogs1Wahl8.05
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersDogs2Veterinary Formula Clinical Care8.03
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersDogs3Earthbath7.97
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersDogs4Hartz7.97
CareGrooming productsShampoos and conditionnersDogs5Pets Are Kids Too7.96
CareCleaning productsAquarium filterFish1Marineland8.72
CareCleaning productsAquarium filterFish2Fluval8.33
CareCleaning productsAquarium filterFish3Tetra8.30
CareCleaning productsAquarium filterFish4Lifegard Aquatics8.20
CareCleaning productsAquarium filterFish5Aquatic Life7.87
CareCleaning productsWater careFish1Aqueon8.72
CareCleaning productsWater careFish2API8.65
CareCleaning productsWater careFish3Tetra8.40
CareCleaning productsWater careFish4Coralife8.31
CareCleaning productsWater careFish5Imagitarium8.17
CareCleaning productsOdor & Stain removersMixed1Nature's Miracle8.42
CareCleaning productsOdor & Stain removersMixed2Resolve8.38
CareCleaning productsOdor & Stain removersMixed3Febreze8.13
CareCleaning productsOdor & Stain removersMixed4Simple Green8.12
CareCleaning productsOdor & Stain removersMixed5Bissell8.12
CareCleaning productsCleaning supplies for reptilesReptiles1Zoo Med8.51
CareCleaning productsCleaning supplies for reptilesReptiles2Imagitarium8.35
CareCleaning productsCleaning supplies for reptilesReptiles3Fluker's8.09
FoodBird food-Birds1Lafeber's8.78
FoodBird food-Birds2Healthy Select8.62
FoodBird food-Birds3Kaytee8.47
FoodBird food-Birds4Wild Harvest8.42
FoodBird food-Birds5Higgins8.30
FurnitureCages-Birds1A&E Cage Company8.14
FurnitureCages-Birds3Prevue Pet Products8.09
FoodDry-Cats2Fancy Feast8.86
FoodDry-Cats4Natural Balance8.67
FoodDry-Cats5Blue Buffalo8.62
FoodKitten food-Cats1Fancy Feast8.95
FoodKitten food-Cats2Hill's8.43
FoodKitten food-Cats3Royal Canin8.33
FoodKitten food-Cats4Meow Mix8.29
FoodKitten food-Cats5Blue Buffalo8.29
FoodTreats-Cats1Rachael Ray Nutrish8.72
FoodTreats-Cats4Meow Mix8.58
FoodTreats-Cats5Blue Buffalo8.52
FoodWet-Cats3Tiki Cat8.57
FoodWet-Cats4Blue Buffalo8.53
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Cats1Go Pet Club8.24
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Cats2Bessie and Barnie8.17
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Cats3Majestic Pet7.94
FurnitureCat trees & scratchers-Cats1Armarkat8.41
FurnitureCat trees & scratchers-Cats2New Cat Condos8.40
FurnitureCat trees & scratchers-Cats3New Age Pet8.11
FoodDry-Dogs2Rachael Ray Nutrish8.67
FoodDry-Dogs4Taste of the Wild8.42
FoodDry-Dogs5Blue Buffalo8.35
FoodPuppy food-Dogs1Hill's8.75
FoodPuppy food-Dogs2Pedigree8.55
FoodPuppy food-Dogs3Taste of the Wild8.34
FoodPuppy food-Dogs4Solid Gold8.33
FoodPuppy food-Dogs5Blue Buffalo8.32
FoodTreats-Dogs3Rachael Ray Nutrish8.67
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Dogs1Dogs Rock8.35
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Dogs2FurHaven8.13
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Dogs33 Dog Pet Supply8.04
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Dogs4Carolina Pet Company8.03
FurnitureBeds & sleep-Dogs5Bessie and Barnie8.01
FurnitureCarriers & Tavel products-Dogs1PetAmi8.17
FurnitureCarriers & Tavel products-Dogs2K&H PET PRODUCTS8.11
FurnitureCarriers & Tavel products-Dogs3Jespet7.88
FoodFish food-Fish1Tetra8.69
FoodFish food-Fish2Wardley8.67
FoodFish food-Fish3Hikari8.57
FoodFish food-Fish4Omega One8.42
FoodFish food-Fish5Aqueon8.33
FoodReptile food-Reptiles1Zilla8.53
FoodReptile food-Reptiles2Zoo Med8.25
FoodReptile food-Reptiles3Tetra8.16
FoodReptile food-Reptiles4Fluker's8.01
FoodReptile food-Reptiles5JurassiPet7.88
FurnitureHeating & Lighting for terrariums-Reptiles1Zoo Med8.58
FurnitureHeating & Lighting for terrariums-Reptiles2Zilla8.11
FurnitureHeating & Lighting for terrariums-Reptiles3Exo-Terra8.09
FurnitureTerrariums & Kits-Reptiles1Zilla8.53
FurnitureTerrariums & Kits-Reptiles2Zoo Med8.41
FurnitureTerrariums & Kits-Reptiles3Exo Terra8.27
FoodRodent food-Rodents1Vitakraft8.34
FoodRodent food-Rodents2Wild Harvest8.29
FoodRodent food-Rodents3Oxbow Animal Health8.27
FoodRodent food-Rodents4Higgins8.18
FoodRodent food-Rodents5Mazuri8.09
FoodTreats-Rodents1Sun Seed8.58
FoodTreats-Rodents2Oxbow Animal Health8.33
FoodTreats-Rodents3Science Selective8.15
FurnitureCages-Rodents2Prevue Pet Products8.05
Offline RetailersBrick & Mortar pet stores-Mixed1Pet Supplies Plus8.44
Offline RetailersBrick & Mortar pet stores-Mixed2Tractor Supply Co.8.38
Offline RetailersBrick & Mortar pet stores-Mixed3Pet Supermarket8.26
Online RetailersOnline pet stores-Mixed1Chewy8.67
Online RetailersOnline pet stores-Mixed2Allivet8.35
Online RetailersOnline pet stores-Mixed3Petco8.20
Online RetailersOnline pharmacies-Mixed1Chewy8.90
Online RetailersOnline pharmacies-Mixed2wedgewood8.45
Online RetailersOnline pharmacies-Mixed31-800-PetMeds8.29
Care ServicesDay camp & Day care services-Dogs1Pet Paradise8.23
Care ServicesDay camp & Day care services-Dogs2Dogtopia7.87
Care ServicesDay camp & Day care services-Dogs3Camp Bow Wow7.85
Care ServicesTraining services-Dogs1Camp Bow Wow8.02
Care ServicesTraining services-Dogs2Petsmart7.96
Care ServicesTraining services-Dogs3Doggy U7.75
Care ServicesAdoption services-Mixed1Petsmart8.75
Care ServicesAdoption services-Mixed2Pet Shelters Across America8.19
Care ServicesAdoption services-Mixed3Humane society8.17
Care ServicesGrooming salons services-Mixed1Petsense8.28
Care ServicesGrooming salons services-Mixed2Pet Paradise7.88
Care ServicesGrooming salons services-Mixed3Petsmart7.86
Care ServicesGrooming salons services-Mixed4Hollywood Feed7.79
Care ServicesGrooming salons services-Mixed5Wag N' Wash7.78
Care ServicesPet-sitting websites services-Mixed1Rover8.05
Care ServicesPet-sitting websites services-Mixed2Wag8.03
Care ServicesPet-sitting websites services-Mixed3Fetch Pet Care7.93
Care ServicesPets hotels & Boarding kennels services-Mixed1Petsmart8.05
Care ServicesPets hotels & Boarding kennels services-Mixed2D Pet Hotels7.97
Care ServicesPets hotels & Boarding kennels services-Mixed3Paradise 4 Paws7.67
Health ServicesClinics-Mixed1Bluepearl8.32
Health ServicesClinics-Mixed2MedVet8.30
Health ServicesClinics-Mixed3Vetco Vaccination Clinic8.12

If your brand was listed in the ranking, click here to learn more about the licencing options.

The 2021 America's Best Petcare Brands rankings were identified from the results of an independent survey of almost 10,000 U.S. customers who have either made purchases, used services, or gathered information about relevant products or services in the past three years. Customers evaluated several brands: in total more than 60,000 evaluations were collected. The awarded brands each received on average around 60 evaluations from customers.
The survey was conducted on retailers and service providers from 61 categories, providing results for a broad-spectrum of product experiences in a wide variety of categories. For each category, the most relevant brands were included in the scope of the survey according to reputation, turnover or market share.
In the product categories availability in multiple (online) retail platforms or via their own US-based web shop was required. For In the brick-and-mortar categories, only retailers and service providers present in at least two census regions were included in the list. In the online categories, only retailers and service providers that are predominantly present online were eligible. For retailers and service providers with online presences and store networks, only the core business was taken into account.
In total the survey took an average of 9-10 minutes to complete. The survey period ran from April to June 2021. The final assessment and rankings were based on Likelihood of Recommendation (50% of the final score) and five evaluation criteria (also 50% of the final score):
1. Trust: measures whether respondents trust that a brand is safe and effective for their pets.
2. Quality: measures the overall quality of products/services received.
3. Transparency: measures whether a brand provides the respondents with all necessary information regarding its products and services.
4. Innovation: measures whether the brand continues to come out with new products or engaging marketing and communication.
5. Value for money: measures the quality of product in relation to price paid for it.
The top 3-5 brands based on category size receiving the highest scores in each category were named America's Best Petcare Brands 2021.

You can download the full methodology here.