Searching for your home sweet home can be daunting. The long list of "musts" and "wants" paired with limits of price range and location make it difficult to sort through the many homes listed for sale. The most successful realtors are the ones who alleviate your stress by showing that they have your best interests in mind: the ones who make you feel they are truly working for you.

That's why it's good to know which realtors have a record of success - especially in today's fluctuating housing market. Newsweek partnered with REAL Trends –the trusted source of news, analysis, and information on the residential brokerage industry since 1987– to sort through the data and provide you with a list of America's Best Real Estate Professionals. We highlight the top real estate professionals by volume within each state. You can select the states on the interactive map or in the table below. If your company is listed below, you can get in touch to find out more about the licensing options.

Nancy Cooper - Global Editor in Chief Newsweek

1Kathleen ForrestMetro Brokers of OklahomaEdmondOK315.00$76,633,212.00
2Joy BareselEngel & Völkers Oklahoma CityOklahoma CityOK69.83$33,248,574.00
3Wendy ChongRE/MAX PreferredOklahoma CityOK76.00$27,482,820.00
4Edna KimbleCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequahOK188.00$26,789,235.00
5Allison SheffieldChinowth and Cohen RealtorsTulsaOK60.00$23,091,585.00
6Simon ShingletonKeller Williams RealtyOklahoma CityOK43.00$22,869,800.00
7Jilian GardnerERA Courtyard Real EstateOklahoma CityOK74.50$22,845,175.00
8Joanna FordColdwell Banker SelectBroken ArrowOK86.76$21,953,381.05
9Josh RainwaterColdwell Banker SelectTulsaOK93.00$20,417,571.00
10Julie BridgesRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawtonOK95.00$19,862,800.00
11Brandi TRUEChinowth and Cohen RealtorsTulsaOK50.00$19,425,695.95
12Jenifer StevensonBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Benchmark RealtyShawneeOK102.00$17,382,041.67
13Kamil AndrukiewiczKeller Williams RealtyTulsaOK88.95$17,014,043.36
14Krista MartinEXIT REALTY PREMIERGuthrieOK71.20$16,748,385.00
15Amy ProsserChinowth and Cohen RealtorsTulsaOK52.00$16,689,300.00
16Chris MooreCENTURY 21 Goodyear GreenEdmondOK53.00$16,064,261.02
17Darren WebbCENTURY 21 Goodyear GreenEdmondOK55.00$15,968,933.00
18Markus SmithKeller Williams RealtyOklahoma CityOK62.85$15,357,927.00
19Denise SchroderKeller Williams RealtyYUKONOK68.00$14,784,159.34
20Amanda DudleyChinowth and Cohen RealtorsTulsaOK90.00$14,632,805.00
21Kathryn FrenchKeller Williams RealtyTulsaOK54.00$14,485,826.00
22Judy StockerChinowth and Cohen RealtorsBroken ArrowOK55.00$14,400,000.00
23Terri BoushonColdwell Banker SelectEdmondOK57.76$14,337,385.40
24Tom LoveKeller Williams RealtyArdmoreOK78.00$14,166,585.00
25Betty BlackwellRE/MAX of MuskogeeMuskogeeOK112.00$13,682,135.00
26Heidi BentsKeller Williams RealtyTulsaOK52.00$13,306,900.00
27Tonya EllisonChinowth and Cohen RealtorsBroken ArrowOK58.00$13,297,894.00
28Brian CookColdwell Banker Advanced Real Estate CentreWoodwardOK102.50$13,292,932.00
29Casey GrippandoKeller Williams RealtyMoundsOK67.50$13,107,760.00
30Leesa WilliamsKeller Williams RealtyYukonOK61.70$13,037,453.00
31Allison HayesChinowth and Cohen RealtorsBroken ArrowOK60.00$13,032,635.00
32Alane LeGrandCENTURY 21 Global RealtorsStillwaterOK69.00$13,005,093.00
33Kimberly ThomasRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawtonOK72.00$12,913,300.00
34Mandy GulleyCENTURY 21 Goodyear GreenHarrahOK71.00$12,589,154.00
35Stefanie JohnsonColdwell Banker Crossroads, RealtorsLawtonOK83.00$12,358,560.00
36Russ DidlakeKeller Williams RealtyPonca CityOK60.20$12,196,900.00
37Kevin LynchRE/MAX ResultsBartlesvilleOK76.00$12,093,772.00
38Sarah PlanerRE/MAX CobblestoneMidwest CityOK71.00$12,029,540.00
39Christie DavisKeller Williams RealtyOklahoma CityOK62.20$11,999,896.00
40Susie GenetChinowth and Cohen RealtorsTulsaOK63.00$11,790,962.50
41Marla HowellCENTURY 21 Mosley Real Estate, Inc.ChickashaOK111.50$11,643,173.00
42Jillian DobsonKeller Williams RealtyYukonOK58.65$11,494,312.00
43Kristin Bryan-BellCENTURY 21 Clinkenbeard AgencyCowetaOK63.00$11,467,825.00
44Michelle BauschKeller Williams RealtyTulsaOK72.00$11,308,900.00
45Beverly CarterCENTURY 21 Global RealtorsStillwaterOK62.00$11,203,325.00
46Ashley WozniakColdwell Banker SelectTulsaOK50.77$10,960,370.98
47Justin SmithCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequahOK75.50$10,869,369.00
48Margaret DavisCENTURY 21 Golden Key RealtyShawneeOK67.50$10,756,847.00
49Amy HallCENTURY 21 Clinkenbeard AgencyPoteauOK56.00$10,710,000.00
50Matthew FordCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequahOK131.00$10,684,952.00
51Jan GoodyearCENTURY 21 Goodyear GreenGuthrieOK60.00$10,309,672.00
52Carol BassBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Benchmark RealtyShawneeOK59.00$10,266,666.67
53April VaughnCENTURY 21 Clinkenbeard AgencyCowetaOK61.50$9,798,300.00
54Jill GraumannRE/MAX Property PlaceAltusOK86.00$9,791,310.00
55Jennifer HodgeERA Courtyard Real EstateOklahoma CityOK55.00$9,667,803.00
56Rhonda PlakeNextHome Heartland RealtyStillwaterOK65.00$9,591,783.00
57Liz FugateRE/MAX ResultsBartlesvilleOK64.00$9,459,500.00
58Dariela GonzalezChinowth and Cohen RealtorsBixbyOK55.00$9,359,799.00
59Connie StokesColdwell Banker Team Stillwater RealtorsStillwaterOK50.00$9,099,644.00
60Joseph CheskoRE/MAX ProfessionalsLawtonOK62.00$8,974,600.00
61Ivy MeyersCENTURY 21 Altus Prestige RealtyAltusOK54.00$8,958,079.00
62Maria ChuppColdwell Banker SelectChouteauOK66.82$8,834,306.00
63Linda SizemoreRE/MAX of MuskogeeMuskogeeOK60.00$8,795,205.00
64Robin SmithCENTURY 21 Group OnePonca CityOK59.50$8,718,850.00
65Kari HalfertyKeller Williams RealtyBartlesvilleOK51.25$8,691,725.00
66Donna ReidColdwell Banker Heritage, RealtorsPonca CityOK93.00$8,649,754.00
67Henry BrownRE/MAX of DuncanDuncanOK51.00$8,479,268.00
68Kim NguyenKeller Williams RealtyOKCOK55.00$8,368,299.00
69Sandi WalkerKeller Williams RealtyOklahoma CityOK60.50$8,263,146.00
70Marsha NationCENTURY 21 Goodyear GreenHarrahOK54.00$8,212,449.00
71Susan RootColdwell Banker Realty IIIEnidOK62.00$8,143,200.00
72Janice KossColdwell Banker SelectJenksOK53.49$8,094,405.59
73Brett PowersColdwell Banker Team Stillwater RealtorsStillwaterOK70.00$8,032,050.00
74Jennifer SandersKeller Williams RealtySapulpaOK55.00$7,794,350.00
75Barbara HopperKeller Williams RealtyBartlesvilleOK62.00$7,348,425.00
76Anita RodgersCENTURY 21 Shirley Donaldson, Inc.EufaulaOK57.00$7,066,800.00
77Kenny TateKeller Williams RealtyTulsaOK53.00$6,866,881.00
78Genni DavisChinowth and Cohen RealtorsTulsaOK55.00$6,507,000.00
79Kurt HantwerkerKeller Williams RealtyTulsaOK63.50$6,328,627.04
80Mary BaughmanKeller Williams RealtyBartlesvilleOK50.15$6,213,681.00
81LaRonda McCartherCENTURY 21 Mosley Real Estate, Inc.ChickashaOK67.00$6,190,473.00
82Patricia ContrerasChinowth and Cohen RealtorsOwassoOK52.00$6,178,815.00
83Andrea DickersonCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequahOK87.00$5,992,270.00
84Dana CramerCENTURY 21 Jolley RealtyCushingOK61.50$5,990,950.00
85Mary Beth MooreColdwell Banker Heritage, RealtorsPonca CityOK50.00$5,987,795.00
86Jamie GoodnightKeller Williams RealtyGlenpoolOK61.00$5,871,910.00
87Ashley Crawford DaileyKeller Williams RealtyOwassoOK51.00$5,769,583.00
88Sidni DeClueCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequahOK59.00$4,961,819.00
89Ella CarterKeller Williams RealtyBartlesvilleOK50.75$4,934,630.00
90Brenda MaddanCENTURY 21 Wright Real EstateTahlequahOK53.00$4,906,770.00
91Sharie MooreKeller Williams RealtyOwassoOK50.00$4,671,875.00
92Amber GregoryKeller Williams RealtyBartlesvilleOK51.00$3,844,980.00
93Karl JacobsRE/MAX of DuncanDuncanOK58.00$3,649,127.00
94Stephanie TuggleKeller Williams RealtyGroveOK51.75$3,481,850.00


Applicants submit an application; the fee does not guarantee placement. An individual must have closed at least 50 sides OR $20 million in sales volume in calendar year 2019. All supplied figures need to be based on closed residential business for calendar year 2019. Figures submitted can be for closed transaction sides and/or closed dollar sales volume. Applicants must submit verification including business tax returns. The local or state Realtor association must confirm the data.

When an agent represents both sides of a transaction, both sides are counted. When one side is handled, only one side can be included. Co-listings count as one-half of a transaction; referrals are not included.

All residential sales of 1 to 4 unit buildings, including single family, condominium and co-op units and lots sold for residential uses are included.

REAL Trends carefully reviews related websites and other sources to ensure the accurate description of individual sales (as opposed to team or brokerage sales).