Searching for your home sweet home can be daunting. The long list of "musts" and "wants" paired with limits of price range and location make it difficult to sort through the many homes listed for sale. The most successful realtors are the ones who alleviate your stress by showing that they have your best interests in mind: the ones who make you feel they are truly working for you.

That's why it's good to know which realtors have a record of success - especially in today's fluctuating housing market. Newsweek partnered with REAL Trends –the trusted source of news, analysis, and information on the residential brokerage industry since 1987– to sort through the data and provide you with a list of America's Best Real Estate Professionals. We highlight the top real estate professionals by volume within each state. You can select the states on the interactive map or in the table below. If your company is listed below, you can get in touch to find out more about the licensing options.

Nancy Cooper - Global Editor in Chief Newsweek

1Joel CarsonUtah Real EstateCottonwood HeightsUT161.00$75,677,719.00
2Matthew MagnottaBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT48.00$74,520,333.33
3Ryan KramerRE/MAX AssociatesSt GeorgeUT215.00$71,577,613.00
4Jim MoranSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT49.18$66,292,355.63
5Julie HopkinsKeller Williams RealtyPark CityUT48.00$62,175,470.00
6Shelly TrippColdwell Banker Residential BrokerageDraperUT49.00$61,823,574.00
7Mark RodeheaverBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT76.00$60,992,791.67
8Bryan BurnettCENTURY 21 EverestSaint GeorgeUT151.16$55,568,791.70
9Michael LapaySummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT41.25$55,350,950.00
10Stephen OlsonRE/MAX EquityProvoUT71.50$49,975,224.00
11Christine GrenneySummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT36.65$48,993,439.00
12Sherida ZengerRE/MAX EquityProvoUT71.00$48,284,595.00
13Chase LeavittRE/MAX EquityProvoUT64.50$44,888,748.50
14Negar ChevreBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT47.00$43,801,291.67
15Cindy CorbinSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT36.00$43,499,500.00
16Nancy TallmanSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT47.36$43,035,793.50
17Heidi GatchBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT20.00$42,254,833.33
18Brian WilsonSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT23.25$42,148,540.00
19Michael SwanSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT32.00$39,804,000.00
20Liz SlagerSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT35.81$36,635,602.50
21Mike LindsayColdwell Banker Residential BrokerageMidvaleUT35.00$36,486,500.00
22Rich FineBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT49.00$34,509,166.67
23Kerry OmanSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT56.75$34,115,169.60
24Brett SellickSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT62.00$33,040,138.00
25Molly CampbellSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT13.25$32,281,000.00
26Joe HoldenBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesOgdenUT89.00$31,438,666.67
27Garrett NoelSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT25.67$31,350,535.10
28Daintrie ZegaSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT24.20$30,018,778.30
29Ben FisherSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT12.73$29,894,549.50
30Stan FisherSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT12.72$29,887,449.50
31Sharon EastmanSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT25.50$29,734,499.00
32Josh CottleSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT61.00$29,620,277.00
33Judy GlauserBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT11.00$28,756,166.67
34Mary CiminelliSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT23.51$28,491,200.00
35Toni FaulkBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT30.00$28,131,166.67
36Devin HaubRE/MAX ResultsOremUT87.00$28,094,151.00
37Steve McHenryBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT13.00$28,018,625.00
38Molly CrosswhiteSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT29.40$27,462,231.00
39Marcie DavisSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT20.06$27,032,913.62
40Jamison FrostSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT11.78$26,542,381.00
41Valen LindnerSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT10.78$26,397,981.00
42Leanne ParrySummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT37.94$25,982,710.00
43Michael HatzEngel & Völkers Park CityPark CityUT25.50$25,939,038.00
44Kerri WhippleBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT13.00$25,459,541.67
45Walt PlumbSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT9.67$25,368,417.33
46Blake SmithingRE/MAX AssociatesLaytonUT64.00$25,292,608.00
47Sheila HallSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT17.00$25,181,247.00
48Andy LevineEngel & Völkers Park CityPark CityUT20.00$24,467,750.00
49Sam CubisSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT25.87$23,721,180.00
50Gregg SimonsBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT15.00$22,713,500.00
51Thomas WrightSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT23.84$22,605,125.00
52Caren McClellandSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT19.25$22,567,117.83
53Staci McCormickSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT13.00$22,414,250.00
54Jillene CahillSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT12.30$22,297,900.00
55Lindsey BagbyKeller Williams RealtySouth OgdenUT75.80$21,968,950.00
56Jennifer CallERA Brokers ConsolidatedLehiUT50.00$21,740,071.00
57Heidi InghamBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesSalt Lake CityUT21.00$21,578,041.67
58Scott MaruriKeller Williams RealtySLCUT53.00$21,022,874.00
59Jen KellyBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT13.00$20,947,500.00
60Karen CurtisColdwell Banker Residential BrokerageOremUT53.00$20,720,022.00
61Craig HawkerAction Team RealtyDraperUT57.00$20,592,916.00
62Candice KunzBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesOgdenUT61.00$20,549,708.33
63Laurie WingSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT16.50$20,440,740.00
64David DowieSummit Sotheby's International RealtySalt Lake CityUT16.50$20,440,740.00
65Jenny RobertsBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesPark CityUT9.00$20,169,666.67
66Mari EddyERA Realty CenterCedar CityUT98.00$20,016,799.00
67Dustin PoulsenColdwell Banker Gold Key Realty, Inc.LoganUT65.00$19,736,997.86
68Donna ChristensenERA Realty CenterCedar CityUT94.00$19,406,998.92
69Marlene RitzmanRE/MAX AssociatesSt GeorgeUT65.00$18,705,795.00
70Stan LarimerKeller Williams RealtyOremUT52.15$18,677,225.50
71Emily HayesKeller Williams RealtySouth JordanUT54.00$18,516,667.00
72Adam SpethRE/MAX AssociatesLaytonUT54.00$18,309,336.00
73Kade EnceKeller Williams RealtySAINT GEORGEUT55.00$17,904,676.76
74Andy GuntherRE/MAX AssociatesFarmingtonUT63.00$16,612,850.00
75Shauna Jo LarkinERA Brokers ConsolidatedSaint GeorgeUT51.50$16,430,929.06
76Jacob HowellCENTURY 21 N&N, RealtorsLoganUT85.00$13,766,201.95
77Landon AnglinRE/MAX PropertiesCedar CityUT86.00$12,307,055.95
78Stormy BullochCENTURY 21 1st Choice RealtyCedar CityUT51.00$12,096,150.00
79Jill NeilsenERA Brokers ConsolidatedBeaverUT86.00$11,943,850.00
80Brayden GardnerERA Brokers ConsolidatedRichfieldUT64.00$11,509,505.00
81Bill SpanglerBerkshire Hathaway HomeServices Utah PropertiesOgdenUT61.00$10,954,291.67
82Ruth Ann BeardsleyColdwell Banker Residential BrokerageOgdenUT59.00$10,725,874.00
83Nathan SnowCENTURY 21 Country RealtyRooseveltUT58.00$9,778,496.00


Applicants submit an application; the fee does not guarantee placement. An individual must have closed at least 50 sides OR $20 million in sales volume in calendar year 2019. All supplied figures need to be based on closed residential business for calendar year 2019. Figures submitted can be for closed transaction sides and/or closed dollar sales volume. Applicants must submit verification including business tax returns. The local or state Realtor association must confirm the data.

When an agent represents both sides of a transaction, both sides are counted. When one side is handled, only one side can be included. Co-listings count as one-half of a transaction; referrals are not included.

All residential sales of 1 to 4 unit buildings, including single family, condominium and co-op units and lots sold for residential uses are included.

REAL Trends carefully reviews related websites and other sources to ensure the accurate description of individual sales (as opposed to team or brokerage sales).