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America's Most Responsible Companies 2020

Companies, we all know, need to make a profit to prosper and survive. Making a buck, after all, is important to investors, employees and vendors. But over the years, executives have come to realize that they need to do much more. That is, by giving back to the communities they operate in and standing up as good neighbors and citizens.

Newsweek partnered with global data research firm Statista Inc. to publish our first ranking of America's Most Responsible Companies. As you will see from our description of the methodology, Statista worked from a universe of 2000 public companies to determine which firms were tops when it came to doing good.

Here are the 300 best.

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Environmental Score
Social Score
Corporate Governance
1Emerson ElectricMissouriCapital Goods82.974.884.389.7
2First SolarArizonaCapital Goods80.870.084.488.0
3United TechnologiesConnecticutCapital Goods80.090.878.171.4
4XylemNew YorkCapital Goods77.864.279.290.1
53MMinnesotaCapital Goods77.557.190.984.7
6Fluor CorporationTexasCapital Goods76.982.479.369.0
7Owens CorningOhioCapital Goods75.659.984.582.6
8GraingerIllinoisCapital Goods74.564.382.376.8
9Deere & CompanyIllinoisCapital Goods70.555.480.775.4
10BizLink HoldingCaliforniaCapital Goods70.254.468.987.5
11MascoMichiganCapital Goods68.847.079.080.6
12TextronRhode IslandCapital Goods68.366.868.469.6
13FortiveWashingtonCapital Goods67.653.976.073.0
14OshkoshWisconsinCapital Goods67.343.575.383.2
15UnivarWashingtonCapital Goods66.454.368.376.7
16FlowserveTexasCapital Goods66.456.665.677.0
17TennantMinnesotaCapital Goods65.857.756.383.5
18Illinois Tool WorksIllinoisCapital Goods64.955.372.666.7
19Rockwell AutomationWisconsinCapital Goods64.763.661.169.5
20Watts Water TechnologiesMassachusettsCapital Goods63.439.371.379.7
21Parker HannifinOhioCapital Goods63.456.559.574.3
22ITTNew YorkCapital Goods61.745.264.175.9
23CaterpillarIllinoisCapital Goods61.541.764.678.3
24SPXNorth CarolinaCapital Goods61.449.662.072.5
25DonaldsonMinnesotaCapital Goods60.547.564.170.0
26RegalWisconsinCapital Goods60.333.668.079.3
The analysis was carried out in a 4 phase process, with a pool of over 2,000 companies that were screened by different criteria. The detailed analysis consisted of an independent survey among 6,500 U.S. citizens and research based on publicly available key performance indicators derived from Corporate Annual Reports, CSR Reports, Sustainability Reports, and Corporate Citizenship Reports. The independent survey was administered using an online access panel. The full methodology is available here.

Visit the Statista site to get more information about licensing.