Professional Services

Environmental Score
Social Score
Corporate Governance
1NielsenNew YorkProfessional Services88.490.388.087.1
2Omnicom GroupNew YorkProfessional Services82.067.587.990.5
3ItronWashingtonProfessional Services76.872.583.174.9
4ManpowerGroupWisconsinProfessional Services76.780.883.066.5
5United RentalsConnecticutProfessional Services73.559.585.575.6
6Alliance Data SystemsOhioProfessional Services71.465.970.977.4
7ABM IndustriesNew YorkProfessional Services68.547.875.382.5
8Verisk AnalyticsNew JerseyProfessional Services68.357.179.668.4
9AECOMCaliforniaProfessional Services67.954.966.482.4
10Tetra TechCaliforniaProfessional Services66.639.874.185.9
11Adtalem Global EducationIllinoisProfessional Services65.737.386.073.8
12HarscoPennsylvaniaProfessional Services65.433.770.891.7
13CoreCivicTennesseeProfessional Services65.
14Waste ManagementTexasProfessional Services62.959.264.565.2
15Robert HalfCaliforniaProfessional Services59.442.971.763.7
Our corporate ranking was a four-phase process. First, we created a pool of candidates. We selected the 2,000 largest public companies by revenue in the U.S.—banks and insurance companies were measured by total assets more than $50 billion. Next we screened. Only companies that had published a document the same or similar to a Corporate Responsibility Report were considered (Corporate Citizen Report or Sustainability Report, for example). Some companies whose primary business is in the defense industry were eliminated as were companies involved in lawsuits or government regulatory actions. Part three of the process was a detailed analysis of the companies consisting of two parts. The first: We focused on publicly available performance data in the environmental, social and corporate governance categories. We also conducted a survey, asking 7,500 U.S. citizens about their perceptions of the companies related to corporate social responsibility. All elements were weighted to produce a final score. For the methodology in detail please download this document.

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Illustrations by OKSANA GRIVINA

We continue to review these companies and rankings may be adjusted or deleted.