'Amish' TikTok Star Was Pretending To Be From Community

A TikTok account allegedly belonging to an ex-Amish community member named Jedediah blew up on the platform when a video of him trying his first-ever milkshake went viral, but there's questions over its legitimacy. The clip, which was paired with "Weird" Al Yankovic's parody of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise" "Amish Paradise," has already gained over one million likes.

The account, @jeds_adventures, has amassed over 120,000 followers in just the three days since its first upload on May 9. Followers of the account have witnessed his alleged change from life in the Amish community to the world of "English," the term used for non-Amish people, including trying Takis chips and riding a roller-coaster for the first time.

One video gives a backstory to the account, with an off-camera voice explaining: "He was in the Amish community. He's 28 years old. Due to some crap that happened, he is no longer part of the Amish community and he is no longer married." The person then explains that she met Jedediah through a "college friend who lives in Ethridge, Tennessee."

Followers of @jeds_adventures had enjoyed seeing his "pureness" as he found joy in the simple things of "English" life. "I wish I could see the world through your eyes. Thank you for sharing your experiences," commented one TikTok user.

"I am so humbled and I am so thankful and appreciative of all the new followers I have that wanna follow me and know my story," says Jedediah in one video shared to the TikTok account.


Jedediah trying a milkshake for the first time. He’s out out here living his best life. #amish #escapetheamish #fypシ

♬ Amish Paradise (Parody of "Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio) - "Weird Al" Yankovic

However, an anonymous account on TikTok feels differently about its popularity, and revealed that Jedediah is not Amish at all. @iseeyou3156's account shows three videos containing photos of Jedediah, who the account alleges is actually a non-Amish man named Ethan Linder from South Carolina.

Said images show him with a woman and two children, as posted on the woman's private Instagram account, who is alleged to be his wife Kaitlyn Linder. "Married. From South Carolina. Not Amish," reads on-screen text.

Online records prove the existence of an Ethan and Kaitlyn Linder in South Carolina with lives and jobs that are clearly not Amish.

Although @iseeyou3156 alleges the account previously shared a Venmo link in a post for "Jed's next adventure," no such post can currently be found on the page.

Newsweek contacted Kaitlyn Linder who denied any Venmo scam, but confirmed in an Instagram DM that the account was a joke created by Ethan's sister. "There is no scam, his sister literally posted a stupid video that took off unintentionally," she wrote.

"Nothing has been scammed from anyone. This is absolutely ridiculous over a stupid TikTok," she continued.

Newsweek also contacted "Jedediah" and @iseeyou3156 for comment.

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The Amish are a tight-knit cultural and ethnic group, with Swiss-German origins. Anabaptists, they are noted for their restrictions with regard to modern inventions, such as cars and electricity. A TikTok has been revealed to be pretending to be an ex-Amish community member. (Photo by jean-Louis Atlan/Sygma via Getty Images) Jean-Louis Atlan/Getty Images