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10 Deals to Help You Boost Your Self-Care Routine That Will Leave You Feeling Good

Because self-care comes before everything else

Newsweek Amplify - Self Care Programmes

Lucile Ball says, "Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world." And what better way to love yourself than to take proper care of your health and fitness? In these tumultuous times, self-care becomes a challenge. But it really shouldn't, because no matter what, essential things like meditation and your diet should never take a back seat.

We have curated 10 online deals for you to step up your self-care routine. And to sweeten the offer a little, each of these deals also comes with a special discount of up to 90% from Groupon, to make this just the perfect list to feel good about yourself.

Eye Pads Preventing Wrinkles and Black Circles

Newsweek Amplify - Wrinkles and Dark Circles

Constantly being sleep-deprived is part and parcel of being an adult. Most people would agree that 24 hours is just too little to do everything you want to and still have enough time to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. But not getting enough sleep might affect your body in more ways than just causing stress, irritability, and increasing mental exertion. If this continues for a prolonged period of time, it might also cause an effect of premature aging on your face in the form of wrinkles.

Eye pads might be the solution for you. Groupon offers discounts on eye pads that have developed natural ingredients and are very similar in composition and structure to the human tissue. Containing high-density plant collagen, the ingredients present in these pads can be easily absorbed by the tissues. These pads can help deal with eye fatigue, black circles, as well as wrinkles under your eyes.

Deal: You can get 20 pairs of eye pads, usually costing $29, at just $11.45 with free shipping anywhere in the United States.

Learn How to Make Your Own Essential Oils

Newsweek Amplify - Essential Oils

Your bath and the oils that you use form a huge part of your self-care routine, and the kind of oils that you use should depend on your age, medical conditions, and your personal preferences. These essential oils not only serve the purpose of providing natural and pleasing scents, but some also have medicinal properties. For example, lavender is known to aid with relaxation and stress relief. Similarly, based on your mood and the state of your life, the right oil for you might differ.

But is it really affordable or even possible to have all the different kinds of oils available at all times? Such a proposition is definitely as expensive as it is absurd. A better and easier alternative is for you to learn how to prepare these essential oils yourself. With the Essential Oils Course from the Centre of Excellence, you can do just that. Focusing on tons of different essential oils, this course is useful whether you're planning to start a business or are simply looking to up your self-care game. Rated 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot, this course will take you from beginning to end on your journey to preparing different oils.

Deal: Originally costing $158, this course is available on Groupon for only $19 at over an 85% discount.

Organic Juices: Perfect Balance Between Taste and Health

Newsweek Amplify - Organic Juices

Summer is at its peak right now, and the importance of keeping your body hydrated cannot possibly be overstated, especially if you spend a lot of time in the Sun. But water doesn't always cut it, and often you might find yourself craving for something tastier than just water. Juices and soft drinks are the first solutions that come to mind, but what if there was another option: much much tastier than simple juice, and which was also full of essential nutrients? Organic juices are just that, and with 3 or 5-day packages by Juices From the Raw, you can get a different flavor for each day of the week.

Deals: Through Groupon, you can get a discount on one of four different plans:

  1. The Standard 3-Day Organic Juice Cleanse comes with 3 bottles containing several essential vitamins and minerals that remove harmful bacteria from the gut and also rehydrate your body cells. Originally costing $169, you can get it for just $69 on Groupon.
  2. The Premium Organic 3-Day Juice Cleanse with Probiotics contain combinations of fruit and veggie juices, designed to fortify and protect your immune system from harm. With a discount of 70%, you can get it for just $79 instead of the usual $199.
  3. The 3-Day Collagen-Infused Cleanse contains marine collagen, which cannot only strengthen your bones, but also protect your nails, hair, and improve your skin. This plan has been priced at merely $85 on Groupon instead of the usual $210 if you were to buy this directly from the website.
  4. The 5-Day Juice Cleanse n' Lunch incorporates all the other plans and contains a mixture of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and essential proteins. While the listed price of this plan on the website is $220, you can get it on Groupon at just $89, at a 60% discount.

Go Vegan With the Right Diet Plan

Newsweek Amplify - Vegan Diet

Going vegan has several health advantages, including but not limited to the following:

  • Vegan diets usually provide better nutrition to the body
  • They help prevent and protect the body from several diseases such as cancer and other chronic diseases.
  • They can also help in boosting your mood.

Given all these advantages, it is easy to understand why so many people around the world are now wanting to convert to veganism. However, changing to a vegan diet requires lots of discipline and dedication. Besides that, maintaining a proper balance between all the nutrients that your body needs is crucial for your health and the success of your diet. To ensure that this balance is being maintained, it is best to get your diet designed from a professional dietitian.

However, most dietitians charge exorbitant amounts of fees for preparing your diet plan. Is there an alternative that is safe yet cheap? Definitely! Through the Veganism and Diet Preparation course by the Centre of Excellence, you can get started on your journey to becoming a vegan. At the end of the course, you will be able to prepare a balanced diet plan, not just for yourself but also for others. This provides you with a potential future side hustle. The course starts with the importance and benefits of veganism, then goes on to discuss the various nutrients needed by your body and how you can go about ingesting them. Switch to veganism today to have a healthier and balanced lifestyle with this course at a discount from Groupon.

Deal: Originally costing $158, this course is available on Groupon for just $19.

Grow Your Eyelashes Like a Model

Newsweek Amplify - Eyelash Growth

Besides being among the most important organs of the body, eyes also happen to be the most beautiful part of the body. The reason for the enormous aesthetic appeal of the eyes is that they're supported by the eyelashes and the eyebrows. However, if you or your partner is having problems with eyelash growth, then this might be cause for concern. In such a situation, you must definitely consider getting the problem reviewed by a doctor. Through CosmeticRx, you can do just that.

CosmeticRx provides you with an opportunity to order an eyelash growth serum online, which also comes with a free online consultation with a professional. Several customer reviews talk about how they have flexible shipment options if you require the serum regularly and about how their customer service is prompt in their replies. You can order the serum in either 3 or 5 ml bottles, at discounts of up to 36% if you buy this through Groupon. Achieve top-notch eye beauty easily through CosmeticRx's eyelash growth serum.

Deal: The 3ml bottle, originally costing $155, can be bought at just $99 through Groupon's deals. Similarly, the 5ml bottle costs $134 on Groupon instead of the original $199.

Go Herbal for Your Medicines

Newsweek Amplify - Herbal Medicines

The usage of plants and plant-related products to get rid of various diseases and ailments is not a new concept. In fact, most cultures around the world have relied on Nature for their medicinal requirements since time immemorial. Several modern products such as toothpaste and bath oils frequently make use of herbal products such as charcoal and eucalyptus leaves to increase their potency and effectiveness. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could also learn how to prepare herbal remedies for various illnesses and ailments so that you didn't have to foot large bills every time you fall sick? Well, you can.

Through the Master Herbalist course by the Centre of Excellence, you can become a master of using different herbs and plants to prepare various medicines and cures for common ailments. Using knowledge from two unique medicinal systems, namely the Chinese Medicine system and the Indian Ayurveda, you will learn about many different herbs that are frequently used in medicine. This ancient knowledge will then be linked to modern Western herbalism and scientific discoveries, guiding you on the course to rightly analyse, diagnose, and treat simple ailments by choosing the right selection of herbs. Treat yourself and your loved ones at home using the knowledge of Mother Nature, through the Master Herbalist course.

Deal: Usually costing approximately $199, this course is available on discount at Groupon at just $19.

Relaxing Mood Humidifiers That Soothe Coughs

Newsweek Amplify - Mood Humidifiers

Scents matter a lot, and not just when you're going on a date or you're in the bath. Even in your room, having the right scent can make a huge difference. In addition to making your room smell pleasant so you don't want to ever leave, some scents can also be incredibly therapeutic. Certain mood humidifying scents are also known to soothe coughs, dry skin, or even sinus irritations. By adding certain essential oils to your scents, you can diffuse the scent in the entire room easily in a matter of a few seconds.

By getting yourself an aroma diffuser and humidifier along with the right combination of oils, you will be converting your room into a literal paradise for your nose and health. Groupon is offering an 80% discount on the Aesthetic Aroma Diffuser, that has 6 adjustable levels and 4 refill timer settings: 30, 60, 120, and 180 minutes before the diffuser shuts off after ensuring that the scent has been well dispersed throughout the room. The tank functions without any noise so it's not disruptive in case you work in your room. Get yourself soothing and medically enhanced scents and a diffuser at a discount of over 80%.

Deal: Accompanied by a 9-piece oil set with different scents, the combined set costs only $30 compared to the $130 you would normally spend on a similar product from any other brand.

Accelerated Teeth Whitening Through LED Light

Newsweek Amplify - Teeth Whitening

A smile is the best accessory anyone can wear. However, there is no denying that a smile looks better if your teeth are sparkling white rather than yellow. Even with regular brushing and the proper maintenance of oral hygiene, maintaining white teeth is a very daunting task. Presenting to your rescue: a teeth whitening program from Truewhite, which guarantees noticeable results within a matter of just a week.

Scientifically designed in a way to be gentle on your enamel and cause no teeth sensitivity, unlike other common teeth whitening programs. Using LED technology, the whitening process can be accelerated to show quicker results. This teeth whitening kit comes with 2 10ml teeth whitening gel syringes and a mouth tray. The tray fits in mouths of all sizes, enabling you to easily apply the gel to both the top and bottom of your teeth. Show off your beautiful smile with even more confidence with whiter teeth through Truewhite.

Deal: Normally costing $120 plus shipping, this deal is available on Groupon for just $19 including shipping.

Meditation: The Best Stress-Buster

Newsweek Amplify - Meditation

If your work and personal life are causing stress, anxiety, and undue worry, you really should consider meditation as a possible solution to this. Regularly taking short meditation breaks has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, improve concentration, and even improve your mood significantly. However, like most other good things in life, meditation is not easy, as it requires total detachment from your worries and problems for a short period of time. However, you can master the art of meditation in order to achieve maximum effectiveness very easily through the Meditation Course offered by the Centre of Excellence.

The course not only focuses on the various types of meditations, but also enables you to get your posture, positioning, and breathing techniques right. The course also has an entire module dedicated to different ways of integrating meditation into your day to day lives. The course has been designed and curated in such a way that you can even start your own meditation classes after taking this course. The material touches on the evolution of meditation over the ages, so you can better understand how the technique was perfected. Start meditating today for greater peace of mind, through meditation lessons from the experts.

Deal: Originally priced at $245 by the Centre of Excellence and rated 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot, you can get the course on Groupon at just $19.

Hair Care: Cleanser and Scalp Therapy Duo

Newsweek Amplify - Caring For Your Hair

Taking care of your hair is just as important, if not more, as any other part of your body. Contrary to popular belief, hair care does not end with just shampooing your hair. Depending on the type, thickness, and texture of your hair, the kind of hair care products you should use change. However, it has been widely accepted by experts that the best combination is to use a shampoo in addition to a cleanser. In case of any substantial damage to your scalp or hair loss, it is advisable to use scalp therapy treatments. Nioxin offers a bundle pack of a cleanser and scalp therapy to repair any old damage, and strengthen your hair.

There are 6 different packages you can choose from depending on your hair type:

  1. System 1 is for fine hair that's either normal or thin-looking.
  2. System 2 is for fine hair that has been showing signs of noticeable thinning.
  3. System 3 is for chemically treated fine hair that's either normal or thin-looking.
  4. System 4 is for chemically treated fine hair that has been showing signs of noticeable thinning.
  5. System 5 is for chemically treated medium to coarse hair that's either normal or thin-looking.
  6. System 6 is for chemically treated medium to coarse hair that has been showing signs of noticeable thinning.

Each system comes with a 1-liter bottle each of the products, and is available on a 62% discount. Care for your hair with the right kind of products, through Nioxin with discounts from Groupon.

Deal: While the listed price of these products is $99, you can get them on Groupon at just $34.

BONUS: A Costco Gold Card Membership

Newsweek Amplify - Costco Membership

As a reward for making it all the way down to the bottom of this article, here's something you'll definitely love: how about a Costco Gold Card Membership that allows you to purchase products from any Costco warehouse around the world for yourself and your family through the Household Card. Normally costing $120 per year, you can get yourself a new membership through Groupon for just $60. But it doesn't end here. For your $60, in addition to the Gold Card Membership you'll also receive a $40 gift card and $40 discount on shopping online.

However, this deal is available only to new users or to users whose memberships expired before 1st April 2020. This offer cannot be availed on membership renewals. Since this offer is only available for a limited time period, and the potential benefits from the membership and the gift card far outweigh the cost, you should definitely get this for yourself if you're an avid shopper. The offer is valid between August 10 and August 30.

Deal: Save money on shopping by getting Costco's Gold Membership at a 70% discount.

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