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10 Tips To Create Engaging And Click-worthy Newsletters

Did you know that for every $1 spent, email marketing can generate $44 in ROI?

10 Clickworthy Newsletters

Email is not dead. For starters, it remains a powerful marketing tool for communicating with customers and brands have recognized that it is an effective method to drive conversion. Did you know that for every $1 spent, email marketing can generate $44 in ROI?

This is why many brands have invested in designing the perfect email newsletter for their subscriber list. With all these competitors sending multiple newsletters, how do you make sure you stand out from the crowd?

To help you create engaging and click-worthy newsletters, here are some tried and tested tips for a newsletter campaign done right.

1. Write a punchy subject line

Even if your target audience signs up for your newsletter, there's no guarantee that they will bother opening your emails. So how do you get them to click on your email? Subject headlines have the power to make or break your newsletter campaigns so keep your subject lines punchy and creative. You can even explore emojis in your subject headline - studies show that emojis increase open rates by 45%! Get crafty and start plugging in those emojis!

2. Choose your sender name wisely

Before you choose the sender name for your newsletter, ask yourself if the receiver will immediately recognize that name. Chances are when people get an email from someone they've never heard of, they won't open the email. So make sure that you use one that's easily recognizable, whether it be your brand name or someone with a certain level of popularity.

3. Elevate your design with images and graphics

To make sure your email newsletter looks good once they open their inbox, you'll need to level it up by adding images and graphics. There are different ways to enhance your newsletter with graphics! You can either use a photo as a background, add GIFs, or make it pop with your product shots. Newsletters are the perfect way to build hype and drive sales for your brand—but you've got to be creative about it! Canva Pro has a library of 75+ million images with no additional costs, which you can use to spruce up your newsletters.

4. Use desktop and mobile-optimized fonts

The readability of your email is crucial to the effectiveness of your newsletter. Keep in mind that when designing your newsletter, you need to double-check how it is displayed on web browsers and mobile devices. To ensure that your subscribers can read your newsletter, stick to simple and readable fonts. With Canva Pro, you have over 3,000 fonts to choose from. You can even opt to upload your own font if you would like to!

5. Brand your emails

As with all your marketing materials, consistency is key, even for emails. Since your newsletter is an extension of your brand, make sure you include your logo or your brand's color palette. Doing so will help your subscribers recognize you and create a sense of familiarity.

6. Keep texts short and simple

The rule of thumb for an effective email is to keep your copy short and sweet. People often get overwhelmed with too much text, so make sure your newsletter cuts to the chase and grabs the attention of the reader the entire time. However, the best way to find out what works for your audience would be to do some A/B testing.

7. Design an eye-catching call-to-action

For those who aren't familiar with the term, a call-to-action is a phrase that is used to guide the user into taking an action or encourage clicks. The call-to-action is very useful especially when you want your reader to go to a certain link, whether it be for a promotion or a new product launch. Most of the time, brands tend to design the call-to-action as an afterthought, but if you want to engage your audience, create a bold and striking one that will get your reader's attention.

Canva Pro has various newsletter templates that you can easily adapt and rebrand to your colors.

8. Add a pop of color

Color is a vital aspect of any email newsletter design. Not only does it create brand recognition, but it is also aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The pops of color from your background, product photos, or fonts will add visual interest, therefore engaging your audience. But make sure that the colors you use are cohesive, after all, you don't want a cluttered newsletter.

9. Make your email scannable

Let's be honest; we all know that readers usually scan through branded newsletters. Instead of trying to change their behavior, create a newsletter that's scannable. Place your content in sections so it's visually guided. Adding subheads and bullet points will also help them get through your email.

10. Use a ready-made template

To make sure that your newsletter is engaging, it would make your life much easier if you use ready-made templates from Canva. They have a variety of email templates that are engaging, click-worthy, and easy to use. The free version of Canva is already impressive in itself, but if you want to have more options, you can upgrade to Pro for $12.95 per month (or $119.40 per year, which is equivalent to $9.95 per month with annual billing).

Tired of having multiple platforms for your newsletters? Don't worry, Canva has partnered with Mailchimp and Hubspot to give you a seamless experience. You can easily design quality newsletters and can publish them with the click of a button, all from within the same platform.

Canva offers a 30-day free trial of Canva Pro, which requires you to input your card details, but you won't be billed until the trial is over. What are you waiting for? Optimize your email newsletter now with Canva!

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