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10 Ways Chegg Helps Millions of Students Study And Perform Better In School

Chegg is ready to help you tackle all aspects of student life

College Students
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If you clicked on this article, you might be one of the countless students struggling a bit in school. Or maybe your grades are good, but you feel like there are strategies out there to help you study more effectively. No matter what your situation is, we can all agree that school can be challenging. But with all the resources available, there is no need to suffer on your own!

Chegg is ready to help you tackle all aspects of student life; from grammar checks to blog posts about making friends in a new city, Chegg has got you covered. Don't believe us? Check out all the ways Chegg is helping students tackle school:

1. Cheap Textbooks

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Frankly, you probably won't do well in many of your classes if you don't have the textbook for it. Most of us probably first heard of Chegg while desperately trying to find alternatives to the campus bookstore's astronomical prices. After a month of competing to check out one of five copies of your chemistry textbook at the campus library, you will have realized there had to be a better way. And that's where Chegg first came into many of our lives. With discounts of up to 90% off of almost any textbook, Chegg is the game-changer you've needed all this time!

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2. Textbook Solutions

Now that you finally have the textbook you need for Calculus or General Chemistry, you're ready to hit the books! But after your first end of a chapter homework assignment, you may have noticed many textbooks only give you the solutions to odd number questions (or some similar alternative). But when you're trying to learn how to solve a difficult concept, you might need to double-check all your work. Chegg's Textbook Solutions help you not only answer that question you're stuck on but also support you as you learn how to answer it on your own. Textbook Solutions show you step-by-step how to solve tough problems. But that's not all; you can learn how to solve it yourself with guided video walkthroughs and test your new skills with practice sets for thousands of problems.

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3. Expert Q&A

You've been stuck on the same question forever, and you just can't figure it out. You've already asked your friends, your mom, and Google for help, and you haven't caught a break yet. With expert Q&A, you can take a picture of your question and get help from a subject expert in as little as 30 minutes. Send the picture in, make a cup of coffee, and by the time you're finished, you'll be ready to hit the ground running with expert feedback.

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4. Grammar Checks

Just because your paper is free of little squiggly red and green lines doesn't mean it is completely grammatically correct. Unfortunately, computers can't catch every mistake. You can trust us when we say sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to look over your paper. Thankfully, Chegg Writing has one of the most advanced grammar checks available. They'll help you strengthen your writing skills by catching over 200 types of common grammar mistakes.

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5. Expert Proofreaders

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Whether you're writing about Darwinian theories of evolution or Jan van Eyck's influence on Northern Renaissance art, Chegg Writing has an expert ready to review your work. No matter the topic, Chegg Writing's seasoned specialists will proofread your paper within 24 hours. They'll get back to you not just on grammar but also provide astute, constructive comments on your main idea, conclusion, and more.

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6. Flashcards

With Chegg Prep, you can make your own set of flashcards or search from over 500 million flashcards to find decks most relevant to your courses. With the app on your phone, you can study anytime, anywhere. Taking a break from work? Walking across the quad on the way to take your test? Squeeze in a few flashcards whenever you want! With expert content on every subject - from veterinary medicine to finance - there is the perfect set of flashcards waiting for you. And if there isn't, you can make it and take it with you anywhere you go!

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7. Plagiarism Checks

In many schools, even a hint of plagiarism results in an automatic failure on that assignment, and sometimes the punishment can be even worse. You want to make sure the essay you're handing in is 100% your original work. Thanks to Chegg Writing, you can. Submit your paper, and they'll check it against millions of sources, ensuring that your work is as original as you are.

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8. Math Solver

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Honestly, your parents probably haven't been able to help you with your math homework since you got to fractions. Don't stress them out with calculus. Let Chegg's Math Solver help you tackle your equations. Chegg's Math Solver does what a calculator won't: breaking down key steps into smaller sub-steps to show you every part of the solution. You'll never be confused again; it helps you understand how and why to use certain methods to solve your math problems.

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9. Automatic Citations

You've got your thesis, body paragraphs, and conclusion all down. You know the argument you want to make and the sources you need to support it. But do you know how to format your references correctly? If you thought Chicago style had to do with deep-dish pizza and not your citations' format, let Chegg Writing help you out. They automatically generate citations for you in thousands of your choice styles, from APA, MLA, and yes, Chicago. Let them sort out your bibliography while you get a bib and dig into some deep-dish pizza.

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10. Blog

Looking at Chegg Play is like looking at the Pinterest board of your favorite life coach. Seriously, it's full of real, helpful advice about dealing with various aspects of student life. Yes, that includes some studying-related topics, but it also understands that you are a person outside of school. This holistic approach is incredibly refreshing, especially when your mental, physical, and emotional health are so much more important than a grade on a homework assignment (although we understand that the latter can impact the former, and vice versa). With topics ranging from Alternatives To An Expensive SAT/ACT Tutor to Guilt-Free Ways To Treat Yo' Self On A Budget, Chegg Play is the resource we all wish we had in college.

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