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12 MCT Oils Facts to Know Before You Include It in Your Ketogenic Diet

Because MCT Oils do more than just help in weight loss

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Keeping your weight in check is crucial to your overall fitness, in times of pandemic or not. And the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to follow a keto diet. But how much do you know about keto diets? Well, for one, the primary source of fats and energy in keto diets comes from MCT oils. MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, a form of fat that make up a significant part of the keto diet program.

However, MCT oils are not just useful for your weight and fitness concerns. They also serve a variety of other purposes, including keeping your gut and brain in top-notch working condition. Before you decide to add Bulletproof's variety of MCT oils to your diet, here is a list of 12 facts that you probably didn't know about MCT oils:

MCT Oils Are Saturated Fat, but That's Not a Bad Thing

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Perhaps the biggest controversy about MCT oils is that it is saturated fat, and that's supposed to be bad for your body, right? Well, as research by the CDC shows, not really! Saturated fat releases the good and bad cholesterol: the HDL and LDL, respectively. LDL (low-density lipoprotein) clogs up your arteries and contributes significantly to heart disease. Meanwhile, HDL (high-density lipoprotein) reduces the chance of heart disease.

Not to mention, no form of experimental study has ever proven a direct relationship between saturated fat and heart disease. What does this mean for you as a consumer? Well, to put it quite simply, most of the myths flying around about MCT oils and saturated fat are unfounded and have no basis in reality. While scientists are still in a discussion on whether or not saturated fat is harmful to the body, an increasing number of researchers are now accepting the school of thought, suggesting that saturated fat present in Bulletproof's MCT oils might actually be useful to the body by lowering the risk of stroke.

The bottom line: Don't stress too much about saturated fat adversely affecting your heart.

MCT Oils Encourage Ketosis to Help Lose Weight

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Well, duh! This seems like an obvious fact to state, considering weight loss as the number one reason people include MCTs into their ketogenic diets. However, there is more to this than mere observation. In fact, there is a scientific reason why MCT oils form a huge part of most weight-loss diets. The basic idea behind a keto diet plan is for dieters to get the majority of their calories from fats instead of carbohydrates.

By replacing carbohydrates with MCTs, the body burns a huge amount of excess fat during the ketosis process, which facilitates weight loss. Studies have also suggested that when MCTs replaces LCTs in a person's diet, it causes the reduction of body fat as well as the overall weight of an individual, particularly if the individual in question happens to be overweight.

MCTs also help people feel full, which in turn contributes to lower consumption levels along with increased energy expenditure. Thus, MCTs are very popular with those relying on keto diets.

MCT Oils Enhance Brain Health

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Several independent studies and researches have shown that there is a direct correlation between increased consumption of MCT oils and better brain health. Put simply, more MCT oils means a more enhanced and healthier brain. By acting as a fuel for the central nervous system, MCTs penetrate the barrier between the blood and brain, thus, help your brain work efficiently.

For example, a certain study was conducted on patients with mild to moderate occurrences of Alzheimer's Disease. It was observed that adding MCT to their diet resulted in improved cognitive functions. It has also been proven that MCT oils counteract and prevent glucose functions, which might result in the deterioration of brain functions. Thus, for better brain health and a higher level of brain prowess, you must definitely consider switching to Bulletproof's MCT oils for your keto diet.

MCT Oils Ward Off Cancer

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This is a huge yet relatively unknown advantage that regular consumption of MCT oils offers you. MCT oils might have a tumor-suppressant quality that might prevent and inhibit the growth of tumors or any malignant developments in your body, warding off cancer in the early stages. When MCT cells were exposed to human tumor cells, a compelling and extremely powerful anti-tumor effect was observed.

While there is a lot of ongoing research to determine the reasons behind this behavior, scientists are in consensus that MCTs might be the key to slower tumor growth in the human body. This hypothesis has already been successfully tested on mice. Initial findings are very promising, and this serves as an icing on the cake alongside all the other advantages experienced by regular MCT consumers.

MCT Oils Contain Antimicrobial Properties

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Since MCT oils have antimicrobial properties, they are particularly used as an effective treatment for acne as well as other minor skin irritations by several dermatologists. This is because some of the acids that constitute MCTs, such as lauric acid, are predominantly used in large quantities while making coconut oils due to their healing properties in most minor skin problems.

MCT oils can also limit the growth of oral bacteria in the mouth and the gums, thus making it an essential part of maintaining oral hygiene. Research has shown that most forms of MCT oils restrict the spreading of harmful microorganisms in one way or the other. This is especially true of Bulletproof's Brain Octane Oils.

MCT Oils Improve Athletic Performance

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Athletes around the world adopt MCT oils as a workout supplement, and the results so far have been extremely encouraging. Most users tout it as an effective tool for boosting performances, increasing stamina, and weight loss. It has also been proven to help decrease body fat without increasing the lean muscle in an individual.

Studies have shown that MCTs are an effective tool to decrease and slow down the buildup of lactic acid, thus reducing the perceived exertion during workouts. This is a massive asset during high-intensity workouts by boosting stamina. While more scientific studies are needed, results so far have been very encouraging.

MCT Oils Might Help With Autism

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Based on one particular study, it was shown that among children diagnosed with the Autism Spectrum Disorder, those that had diets where gluten-based diets were replaced with ketogenic diets featuring MCT oils showed distinct and significant improvements. These improvements were observed with respect to several behaviors associated with ASD, including nervousness and even fear.

The study was focused on 15 participants, and 10 showed improvements after they were put on the diet for six months. Though further research is probably needed to substantiate this, the individual study has concluded that a modified and individually designed keto diet that is supplemented by MCT oils might be beneficial for people, and especially children, suffering from autism.

MCT Oils Boost Gut Health

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In addition to the aforementioned benefits such as helping lose weight and enhancing the athletic stamina, MCT oils might also aid in digestion and improve your digestive system. Research has shown that MCT oils might serve as a probiotic in the gut by improving your general immunity and indirectly helping with gut health.

This is possible because the antimicrobial properties of MCT oils target the harmful bacteria in your stomach while steering clear of the good bacteria. It has been shown that MCT oils are effective in inhibiting the growth of even antibiotic-resistant bacteria, some of which are known to cause diarrhea and a variety of other gut-related problems. This also contributes to an amelioration in the overall gastrointestinal health of Bulletproof MCT oil users and is especially useful for those suffering from gastrointestinal illnesses such as inflammatory bowel disease and gallbladder infections.

MCT Oils Improve Diabetic Risk Factors

Newsweek Amplify - Diabetic Risk Factors

This is a little different than most other facts stated in this article. Different how you may ask? Well, whether or not this works depends on the level of control you have on your diabetes. In case you have uncontrolled diabetes, you would do best to stay away from keto diets altogether, as they may increase complications and unnecessarily cause you with more problems. However, if your diabetes is under control, then you might experience significant health improvements by increasing your MCT consumption.

Some patients from China found that through their high usage of MCT in accordance with keto diet requirements, their cholesterol levels decreased, as did their weight and waist circumference. Hence, if you're diabetic, it is always best to consult your doctor before switching to a keto diet. If and when your doctor gives the go-ahead, you can then include more keto products in your diet, along with Bulletproof's Brain Octane Oils.

MCT Oils Prevent Seizures, Especially in Children

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While the keto diet has become an increasingly popular way to control weight loss in recent times, this was not always the case. Originally, keto diets were developed for an entirely different purpose. In the 1920s, doctors observed that a keto diet was effective in preventing seizures in children. As anti-epileptic drugs had not yet been developed at the time, MCT oils were widely used as a means of preventing seizures, until they were replaced by more effective medical alternatives.

However, the fact remains that MCT oils are still effective in controlling and avoiding seizures, and several patients have benefitted from a ketogenic diet. The best results were seen when MCTs made up around 60% or more of all the fats consumed.

There Is More Than One Way to Add MCT Oils to Your Diet

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Since MCT oils are flavorless and tasteless, adding it to your diet is a very simple option. A few tablespoons of the oil you use can be added to any dish you like, and you'll enjoy all their health benefits. Some of the most commonly used means to integrate MCT oils into your diet include:

  • Blend it into your coffee. Bulletproof's Brain Octane Oils are best for this purpose.
  • Stir it into your cereals
  • Blend it into your smoothies
  • Mix it into your salad dressing
  • Use it to top your popcorn
  • Spread it on your toast as a replacement for butter

MCT Oils Can Be Used for Your Beauty Products

Newsweek Amplify - Beauty Products

In addition to being flavorless and tasteless, MCT oils also have the distinct advantage of being free from odor and color. This means that they can easily be incorporated into your beauty products, and the effect will be mostly the same as adding it to your food. MCT oils can be used as a moisturizer to reduce stretch marks, as a hair conditioner before you shampoo, and as a massage oil if you're looking for non-petroleum based alternatives.

Other beauty products that can be used with MCT oils include lip balms and makeup removers, as well as natural throat lozenges and shaving oils. MCT oils provide a more natural and healthier, not to mention cheaper, alternative to your conventional beauty products, enabling you to save money and take care of your health, all at the same time. With the Bulletproof range of Brain Octane Oils, you can do all this and more.

Take care of every aspect of your health with Bulletproof's Brain Octane MCT Oil. Order today!

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