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13 Fashion Trends Women Can Disregard

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Almost any woman wants to put on some kind of joyful, bold attire to halt in her path and reckon: "Hold on—is that encouraged?"

You know how this goes: "Can you wear polka dots with different stripes?" "Can you put on white jeans during the winter?" And, most notably: "Can you wear denim jeans with denim jackets—is that something anyone will look good in, or just only Instagram fashion bloggers?

In 2020, you no longer need to worry. Fashion has changed. You can dress up however you like. This generation has brought up some best clothing trends hard to imagine. You don't even have to pay attention to your grandma's verdict that putting on a skirt is indecent. If people want, they can blend gold and platinum jewelry. Moreover, nowadays, you can consider leggings as pants.

Whose Expectations Are You Following When You Wear a Particular Dress?

The clothes that you wear and the way you look in it determines your clothing skills. Women of all different sizes refuse to strictly adhere to a single thought on how to look "fantastic." Clothing skills are about articulation. Women can put on dresses that are a mirror-reflection of their personality traits, and therefore not a predetermined idea.

Repudiate the perceptions of others. People-it 's time to wear dresses as you like! Now, let's talk about outdated fashion trends that women may feel encouraged to disregard.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Always Wear Clothes That Impress Your Body

Fashion sense now lingers around plus-sized models. However, there's a long road ahead. Nevertheless, there exists a core assumption of dressing up to "impress" your body. This means putting on dresses that make them look thin and attractive. Step out of this thought. It's perfectly fine if you have curves and you expose them through your fashion sense.

Dress up to show your preferred body assets or play around with a fashion trend you are curious to try. It doesn't matter what clothes you put on if you adore yourself it will emanate for everyone to see.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Conceal Your Physical Flaws

The side of flattery is to conceal or mask the physical flaws. But who concluded what "faults" are, then again? Any woman can put on shape-fitting clothing and expose some skin. Is there anything to say? Everybody is an Instagram model! You should not be guilty of wearing shorts, short tops, or two-piece swimsuits, regardless of whether you are curvy or slim.

Never believe the need to "conceal" your physical imperfections. If you hide, your fashion sense won't preach.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Short Tops Are Made for Flat Bellies

Cleavage-showing tops were fashionable for some time. It was believed ladies of all shapes and sizes can't wear them. There's always a cropped fashion out there exclusively for you, whether your size is 2, 20, or somewhere in the middle.

Put on your crop top and a high skirt or wear a shorter top with low-rise cargo pants to highlight the belly button. The idea is to wear anything in a way that puts you at ease.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Fashion Trends Are for Youngsters

When it gets down to fashion trends, age is not a factor. The conception that they're just for youngsters is a complete misapprehension. Optimism is perhaps the only element for every woman to rock a fashion trend; a completely everlasting characteristic.

If you've just reached 24 or 42, go forth and wear those high-waist skirts with bold designs, and earrings that you admire—they will look amazing on you!

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Shapewear Is Mandatory Under Tight Clothing

It's 2020, ladies! The days of the waist-clutching corset are over. Surprisingly, many women still want to squeeze into tightening shapewear to appear slimmer when donning shape-fitting clothes, especially short dresses.

There is no disappointment in donning shapewear if that will bolster your confidence. Conversely, choose wisely between getting squeezed and breathing normally. Oxygen is more important—and if you've got curves, why hide them?

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Short Women Must Wear High Heels

It is not about your height that will decide what you can wear on your feet. Taller women, rather than feeling self-conscious regarding their height, have the right to flap joyfully into a pair of heels. In the meantime, shorter women can stick to flats if they prefer that way and likewise!

If putting on high heels empowers you to be strong, or if you wear flats and feel beautiful and relaxed, pick the shoes that best match you. It does not matter what your height is.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Menswear Is Exclusively for Men

Menswear, contrary to popular belief, is not exclusive to men! The clothing skill to put on both attractive feminine dresses and organized menswear into your wardrobe is indeed the best aspect of becoming a female. Women's menswear is a fashion trend right now, such as boxy blazers, loafers, and loose-fitting trousers.

You can always combine male and feminine clothing, like abstract skirts with a trench coat, or a head-to-toe skin-tight suit with even a striped lace dress. This is a trendy way to achieve some of your artsy feels.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Leggings Are Still Too Extravagant to Be Pants

The topic of discussion, "are leggings considered as pants?" The easy
answer: if you think so, then yes, they are.

If you feel relaxed by wearing leggings as pants, go ahead, do it! A question might arise, what if you become too susceptible? So don't! Leggings have little or no limits on size. They are created for different body shapes and sizes.

Those seeking less coverage may go for a thicker fabric. The idea is if you like the way your leggings look, and if it fits your fashion taste, you can wear leggings as pants.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Navy and Black Don't Go Well

This concept is so universal that sometimes the picture of a black-heeled navy dress might cringe a few people. Nobody's assuming you are a professional stylist. You have your fashion sense and that's the way you dress. Empower yourself to put on the combination of clothing you like. You are you, so be yourself.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Horizontal Stripes Give You an Inferior Look

There was a time when women were persuaded they would appear large when donning horizontal stripes. However, that's false—even science suggests that. For example, Helmholtz illusion mentions a square with horizontal lines seems to be much narrower and smaller compared to a similar square made up of vertical lines. This is the only evidence you might need to grab every horizontal-striped tops and skirts you have been looking for.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Red and Pink Don't Go Well

For many years, women put aside reds and pinks from each other. Most women felt uncomfortable wearing red with pink and that was the norm. Recently, however, coupling colors that lay on the color spectrum side by side has become a fashion trend. Start pairing with green and yellow, red and pink, or even navy and turquoise. Conversely, you shouldn't don such an outfit when you are doing nine-to-five at the very least.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Short Women Can't Put on a Maxi

For women not that tall, maxi or skirts which touch the floor or extend just under the knee was thought of as off-limits. Having said that, even short women are allowed to wear maxi pieces. All you need to do is put on your skirt combined with a tight top to make it work. Make sure you are not submerged in clothing.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Stop Donning MIX Patterns

In the past, women disliked matching side by side colors such as red and pink. Moreover, they denied putting on clothes with mixed patterns. In 2020, the greatest achievement is the lucrative mixing of patterns. It's pretty simple. Ensure that your prints contain a common color then combine patterns of different sizes to match your look. To be honest, you can wear anything with an adequate amount of passion and confidence.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Fashion Women Can Disregard

Final Thoughts: Confidence Is Key

No matter what clothing you put on, you need to be confident. Stella & Dot encourages your fashion sense to mix and match any piece of clothing you like. Women's choices are prioritized so that they are independent enough to express their own fashion choice.

It is necessary to believe in your fashion sense and move forward. Feel empowered to run your own business and live life according to your terms. It's high time to stop putting ears on other people's taste of fashion. Find your unique balance of fashion with Stella & Dot.

Many women find it difficult to balance personal life and productive career, so Stella & Dot started with a simple mission to set the best clothing trends. They aim to empower women to become leaders with their terms.

Stella & Dot is very much a culture than a corporation. Every woman should believe they are more fashionable than they were before. No one should change their thinking.

Pick the right fashion trend to empower your fashion sense with Stella & Dot.

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