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19 Reasons Why These 4 Tools Will Make Your Online Experience Better

Make Your Computer Experience Significantly Better and Seamless

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Picture a forest, a forest so wide and dense that there is no way for you to know anything about it except what's two steps in front of you. Something that's extremely difficult to navigate and very easy to get lost in. Congratulations, you just pictured what the modern-day Internet looks like.

With several millions of web pages, apps, advertisements, and restrictions, it is easy to get lost on the Internet. It is, however, even easier to go down the wrong lane. What most people need while browsing the Internet is a guidebook to help them ensure their own safety, as well as that of their family members.

Luckily, this article will do just that. From VPN to mask your location to erasing your contact details from data brokers to prevent identity theft, here are 4 tools you should be aware of while using the Internet, and 19 reasons why you need to use these tools.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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As the name suggests, the function of a VPN is to provide you with a private virtual network that you can use to safely and securely browse the Internet. VPN software like CyberGhost offers a wide variety of advantages to their users:

Access to Variety of Servers

VPN companies normally have many servers in different countries so that they can offer you a large number of options to choose from. For example, CyberGhost has around 6,500 servers in more than 88 countries. By choosing one of these servers, you can easily access whatever you need to access on the Internet.

No Internet Censorship

Sometimes, certain websites and webpages might be banned by the government or by the Internet provider in your region. While this might be due to a variety of reasons, you can circumvent this censorship by using a VPN. By allowing you to use the Internet through a different server, it bypasses the censorship by masking your online location. Thus, VPN is a useful way to watch or browse anything that has been censored in your own country.

Masking Your Location

Newsweek Amplify - Avoiding Censorship

Do you wish to keep your online behavior safe from the government and other organizations that might be prying? With VPN services like CyberGhost VPN, you can do just that.

By altering your digital IP address and allowing you to use a different server, a VPN ensures that no one can access your online data. This is especially useful for those who live in countries where there is strict data monitoring by the government.

Web Anonymity

Using your IP address, a hacker sitting in any corner of the world can instantly figure out your location, and then use it for nefarious activities.

Several thousands of addresses are sold every day on the Dark Web, and yours could be one of them. To avoid that, you need to use a VPN while browsing. CyberGhost VPN masks your true location so that even if a hacker can identify what IP address you're browsing from, it won't make much of a difference since it won't be your true location anyway.

Over 90 Countries to Choose From

By offering a choice of 90+ countries, CyberGhost allows you to choose the area where you can get the maximum Internet speed while also being free from any censorship rules. Thus, it offers you a plethora of choices that you can sift through before making the decision that best suits your browsing needs and requirements.

Parental Control Apps

Newsweek Amplify - Parental Control Applications

If you have a kid who's old enough to use the Internet, then your apprehension about their safety and concern is well-justified. But merely worrying won't do the trick, so why not get a parental control app like NetNanny that can help you monitor their online behavior and ensure their digital wellbeing.

Pornography Blocker

While the average age at which a child first views or comes into contact with pornographic material on the Internet is 11 years old, certain studies have even suggested that the actual age might be as low as 8.

NetNanny's advanced pornographic filter does not make use of blacklists which can be fooled by advanced websites. Rather, it uses Artificial Intelligence to scan the page and ascertain the type of content that the page contains. It also identifies the context in which certain words are being used, thereby ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Screen Time Management

They say time and tide wait for no man, and what better way to teach your child time management than to set a time limit for their apps and internet usage? With NetNanny, you can remotely turn off their Internet and ensure that they are not spending all their time using their devices. This will not only keep their health intact but also teach them to manage their time.

App Management

Newsweek Amplify - Monitoring Children's Online Behavior

There are millions of apps on any app store, and it is difficult for any parent to be able to keep track of the apps that your child is using. Also, as a parent, you might not know what a particular app does or what it is used for. Worry not, because NetNanny has already thought about all of this beforehand. Not only does it provide a summary of every app and its functionality, but it also allows you to monitor the app usage, and block it if you think it is inappropriate for your child.

Website Blocker

The Internet, like most other things, is a beautiful yet dangerous place, especially for a child. To ensure that your child does not accidentally stumble upon something they're not supposed to see, you can make use of NetNanny website blockers which ensure that all inappropriate websites such as gambling, illegal activities, and violence are blocked from their computer. The app will also notify you if they try to access any such websites.

Geolocation and Panic Buttons

Half of parenting is constantly worrying about your child, but if you know exactly where they are at all times, you don't have to do that. With NetNanny's geolocation tracker and panic button, your child's live location will be visible to you at all times, and they can also call out to you for help using the panic button in case they are in any trouble.

Monitoring Their Phone Usage

Newsweek Amplify - Pornography Blocker

Sometimes, as a parent, it becomes important to know what your child is spending their time on, and this applies to their online behavior as well. With a parental control app like NetNanny, you can easily check which apps they're spending the majority of their time on, and how they're using this time. This will allow you to understand them and their behavior better, which will improve communication between you and your child.

Scrutinize their Calls and Messages

Any individual is the sum total of the five people they spend their maximum time around, and as a teenager, there are always so many ways to fall into the wrong company and be led astray. Through NetNanny, you can monitor their calls and messages to see who they're talking to, and therefore you can keep a close eye on their friend circle, ensuring that they maintain a good social circle.

Monitoring Their Search History

Even if your kids are reluctant to tell you what they're going through, their search history can. By filtering their search history for keywords and phrases such as self-harm, depression, suicide, violence, or bullying, you can easily get an idea if they're going through something that you need to be concerned about. This will enable you to take further steps to comfort them accordingly.

Keep Your Data Safe From Data Brokers

Newsweek Amplify - Data Protection From Brokers

Did you know that data brokers all over the world make money from selling your personal data to advertisement companies and other third parties that might use it to spam you, or worse? Information like your email address, phone number, address, and even the photographs that you upload on the Internet aren't safe. To safeguard yourself against this, you need to use software like Abine to ensure that no data broker has your details:

Delete Your Personal Information

Your personal information on the web could be used for a variety of nefarious purposes, the most common among them being identity theft. Usually, every individual using social media has already posted enough about themselves on the web that stealing their identity becomes an easy task for most professionals. To avoid this, use Abine to ensure that your personal data isn't publicly available for people to use.

Ensure that Data Brokers Cannot Access Your Information

Newsweek Amplify - Keeping Personal Data Safe

Even if you delete it once, it's not enough. You need to make sure that data brokers cannot access your information again. Luckily, most data privacy software like Abine comes with that feature as well. By encrypting your data, they ensure that it is rendered inaccessible to most data brokers, thus protecting your data in the future as well.

Help Keep Your Life to Yourself

Not just identity theft, but revealing information like your address and contact details online could also potentially expose you to stalkers. This is a scenario that almost never ends well, therefore you must avoid putting in your address or contact details on the internet unless absolutely necessary. Abine can also erase these details from data brokers' websites, ensuring that you don't get any unwanted visitors or calls.

Make Your Computer Experience More Seamless

Newsweek Amplify - Protect Yourself From Hackers

Running into computer trouble is inevitable while using it, especially if you're not a tech genius. While most of the software available online are either too expensive or require too much technical knowledge, Ashampoo is the middle ground, offering affordably priced software at low prices.

There are several Ashampoo software products that will ensure your safety and make your experience more enjoyable:

Anti-Spy Software to Prevent Windows From Using Your Data

Windows, just like any other user-oriented technology, needs to collect a large amount of data from your browsing and user sessions in order to tailor its suggestions and advertisements to your needs and preferences. Some people might not be comfortable with Windows assuming permission and collecting so much data. Therefore, the easiest way to stop that is to use Ashampoo Anti-Spy, which prevents Windows from collecting your data, thereby ensuring your privacy.

Antivirus Software to Protect from External Threats

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The importance of an antivirus software on a computer cannot be overstated. However, people frequently spend hundreds of dollars every year on outdated antivirus software. Instead of doing that, why not opt for the latest antivirus software from Ashampoo, at just $30 a year. Through its 4 layered protection, it keeps you safe from all sorts of threats, thereby protecting your data.

Head over to NetNanny and Abine today to keep your children and personal data safe on the Internet.

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