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3 Testimonials From Noomers Who Have Improved Their Relationship With Food Through Noom

These All-Star Noomers Share How Noom Has Helped Them Lead Healthier Lives

Leading healthier lives: Noomers Nyla Watson, Gary Paul Wright, and Martha Cameron (left to right).

It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

Your relationships are critical for your wellness. Those with friends, family, loved ones, and others are each a reflection of you, your values, behaviors, and your feelings. But what about your relationship with your wellness? Do you feel stuck in unhealthy food and exercise habits? Noom, a consumer-first digital health platform on a mission to help people lead healthier lives, could help with that.

Noom is rooted in science and leverages behavior change to help users identify and modify key unhealthy habits while building sustainable behaviors that support their wellness goals. It utilizes an engaging core curriculum designed to help increase user understanding of psychology and habit formation through bite-size readings and activities. You'll also be matched with a peer support group and paired with a coach. Together, the goal is to help keep you on track and guide you through your wellness journey.

But does Noom really help improve your relationship with food? We spoke with three all-star Noomers about their experiences with the program.

"I Am Truly Blooming Into the Person Who I've Always Wanted To Be"

Nyla Watson Noom
Nyla Watson before joining Noom (left) and since joining Noom (right).

Nyla Watson, 30, is a Brooklyn, New York, based teacher and performer who discovered Noom while watching vegan YouTubers. She always enjoyed being active, but she was also frustrated because she felt her size held her back from activities she knew she was capable of. Before starting Noom, Nyla described her relationship with food as a "very unhealthy codependency" and says that she used food as a crutch to deal with her emotions.

"There have been many times where I've labeled sadness, irritability, fatigue, or frustration as hunger because I was used to stuffing those emotions," Nyla reflects. Since joining Noom, she says that learning how to decipher what her body is truly asking for has been "revolutionary." She adds, "My body didn't need food at those moments. I needed to journal, meditate, cry, ask for a hug, be vulnerable."

Nyla also shares, "Noom gives you room to grow and bloom at your pace. I love it, though, because it really is a pace that allows for behavioral changes to become a lifestyle and not just a means to an end." She enjoys how the lessons connect and how the tools build on each other. Moreover, she appreciates the support and motivation she receives from her peer group and coach.

"I am truly blooming into the person who I've always wanted to be, and I'm grateful to my mentors, my accountability partner, my Noom coach, and my Noom group for really transforming me into someone that I'm proud to be."

"It Was Like an Epiphany: I Looked in the Mirror and Really Liked What I Saw"

Gary Paul Wright Noom
Gary Paul Wright before joining Noom (left) and since joining Noom (right).

Gary Paul Wright, 67, is the executive director of the African American Office of Gay Concerns (AAOGC), a community-based nonprofit dedicated to HIV prevention in Newark, New Jersey. "I'm originally from Texas," he shares. "I love beef, barbecue ribs, and an occasional chef's salad." He added that while he has incorporated physical activities like running on a treadmill, doing free weight exercises, and biking into his routine, he could never get his body to look the way he wanted it to. "But I didn't care because I considered myself 'healthy.'"

While looking at some photos of himself at a community march, Gary Paul saw something that made him want to take a hard look at his physical fitness. "What I noticed was that my stomach was actually leading the march—not the banner!" he exclaims. "I hadn't realized just how I looked to others, and it didn't dawn on me that I had gotten so big. It was time for some action." After first hearing about Noom a couple of years earlier, he decided it was time to take the first step and join the program.

Gary Paul admits that he was skeptical about whether Noom's behavior change methodology could work for him. He says, "Once I got the hang of 'Noomology,' I didn't even pay attention to any changes—it was so subtle." He says he started noticing changes after about one month after having joined Noom. At that point, he realized that preparing smaller portion sizes at meals became the norm, and he would focus on eating until he was satisfied, not until his plate was empty. From there, he started seeing the weighing scale as his friend.

"I liked the feeling that every day, I was moving closer to my goal weight," he shares. "What a joy to see it go from 205 pounds to 190 pounds, and then to 180 pounds." Part of Gary Paul's journey is charting his weight daily, which is how he saw the results unfold right before his eyes. "But the biggest change," he says, "was looking at my stomach get smaller and smaller. I didn't notice it at first. But then, it was like an epiphany: I looked in the mirror and really liked what I saw." His belly had finally shrunk.

"After a while, it all just sank in," he says, "and I realized that each small step led to big results." Gary Paul said that the journey to physical fitness became easier for him by following the various tools Noom offers. He adds that being into it 100 percent helped. "The changes I made continued far after my initial goal was reached," he says. And he calls Noom the "best decision [he's] made in years."

"My Life, Emotions, and Thoughts About Foods Have Completely Changed"

Martha Cameron Noom
Martha Cameron before joining Noom (left) and since joining Noom (right).

Martha Cameron, 36, is a blogger from Rolla, Missouri, who says she had been on a vicious cycle of dieting to lose weight, and then routinely failed to keep it off. Before starting Noom, she says her relationships with food and exercise were "very black and white." She labeled every food as either good or bad and thought of working out simply as a means to burn off the calories she consumed.

"Looking back, it was a terrible way to live," Martha reflects. But similar to Gary Paul, she says she started noticing differences after a month of being a Noomer. She notes that's when she stopped imposing strict rules on herself with regard to food and exercise, improving her relationship with both in the process. "It all serves a different purpose in my life," she explains. "Sometimes I eat for nutrition, but sometimes I eat for fun. I no longer feel any guilt, regret—or like I've failed—no matter what or how much I eat." As for exercising, Martha shares, "Now, I work out because I enjoy it—not as a punishment for unhealthy food choices."

"Noom guided me away from a diet mentality, where foods are 'good' or 'bad,' and steered me toward a more relaxed attitude of losing weight on my own terms while eating the foods I love," Martha says. She says that she no longer stresses over holidays, outings with friends, or gaining weight in general. She adds that Noom has helped shift her relationship with food away from guilt and into a positive place.

Her experience with the program has also allowed her to learn more about why her wellness journey had taken the turns that it did in the past. "It was illuminating to learn more about why weight loss had been so hard for me and how to overcome some of those obstacles," she reflects. She enjoys that the psychology lessons were delivered daily in short, "digestible doses." Martha explains that she has incorporated Noom into her morning routine. "I'd wake up, read for 10 minutes, get my mind right, and get through my day," she says, adding that nothing about the program was overwhelming for her.

After a year and a half of using Noom, Martha confidently shares, "There's zero fear about weight regain because my life, emotions, and thoughts about foods have completely changed."

Are you ready to improve your relationships with food and exercise? Click here to get started with Noom by taking a short questionnaire.

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