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3 Ways to Get the Worst Night's Sleep [And How to Fix It]

Are You Also Not Able to Function Properly Because of Sleepless Night?

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Are you reading this while waiting for another sleepless night to pass? Hmm? Or Are you reading this knowing you genuinely suck at sleeping well at night and want to get better at having a healthy lifestyle?

Continually staying up at night and staring at your ceiling while the minutes trickle down to hours can have a disastrous impact on your immune system. Especially considering the current pandemic days, doctors suggest having a quiet and good night's sleep to properly fight the virus. This is how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle, which leads to improving your health day by day.

Ever Wondered Why You Have Been Getting The Worst Night's Sleep?

There can be many reasons for it, but most importantly, the main reason lies in not having a healthy lifestyle. The way you have laid out a week for yourself determines how you feel throughout the days. If you are big on staying late at night and binge-watching series and movies, you will probably have trouble falling asleep.

It should not come to you as a surprise that your lifestyle is also getting affected by it due to not sleeping well. You start feeling cranky early in the morning. It feels like a hangover from a rock and roll night out, but you just do not have any good memories to hold on to not regret the hangover. Sleeping late till afternoon and functioning like a zombie only results in having a really terrible day at work and with your friends and family.

One of the core reasons why you are not able to sleep comfortably is because of the lack of interest taken in improving your health concerns. Eating healthy, doing yoga or exercises, having something to look forward to can help in being healthy. It is also essential for you to have a good sleep cycle and a decent mattress to sleep in.

Here Are Few Ways You Can Have The Worst Night's Sleep.

1. Not Knowing Your Sleep Cycle

Ever heard of the term' sleep cycle'? Never, huh? Well, let us explain it to you.

Sleep Cycle is how your body sleeps throughout the different phases of your sleeping schedule. Knowing your sleeping cycle is extremely important and essential to your health. It enables you to understand your body and mind better.

Every phase of the sleep cycle is beneficial to your health in terms of improving your thinking capabilities, enabling you to make better decisions, recharging your strength and power, helping you move from point A to point B, and increasing the strength in your immune system.

When your body is going through a good night's sleep, it passes through many cycles, each cycle containing a different role in helping you achieve greatness and health in life. It varies from person to person about how their sleep cycle changes throughout the night, but this is why doctors emphasize having an excellent eight-hour sleep on an average day.

There are mainly 4 stages of the sleep cycle.

1. Stage 0: Wake

This stage is focused on the time you spend before and after falling asleep. It is the transitional period you spend between knowing when you are awake and falling asleep. It lasts for about 5-10 minutes. This is not a sign of having a wrong sleep cycle, but it is normal for any healthy person.

2. Stages 1 & 2: Light Sleep

In this stage, the real deal happens. This stage prepares you for deep sleep. Your heart slows down, your muscles are now relaxing, your breathing has evened out, and you can wake up quickly. Light Sleep can last for approximately 20 minutes, give or take. It takes about 55% of your sleep cycle.

3. Stages 3 & 4: Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep is essential for leading a healthy lifestyle. It enables growth in your brain. In a Deep Sleep, you can expect to have a drop in your blood pressure level, your muscles will repair and grow, your growth hormones will be released, tissues and cells are made and repaired, your brain releases toxic waste, and you grow healthy as an individual.

If someone wakes you up during Deep Sleep, you will feel tired and cranky. It will take you time to adjust to reality.

4. Stage R: REM Sleep

REM Sleep is where the dreaming part happens. Your brain re-energizes itself. In this stage, your heart rate increases, and your body becomes immobilized to function. You are deep into the land of dreams.

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2. Not Having The Right Bed & Mattress

It's funny that you did not think about this yet, but having the right thing to sleep on is extremely important to have a night of great sleep at night. Your mattress is where you are spending most of your time, and if you have a lumpy or uncomfortable mattress, you are bound to have a disturbing sleep at night.

Investing in the right mattress is the right thing to do. Choose from a wide range of mattresses like Coil Mattress, Latex, Pillowtalk, or Memory Foam. If you get the right bed and mattress, you will have a good night's sleep.

3. Not Having Healthy Food

Do we even need to mention this? Of course, if you keep having tater tots and junk food, you are already on your way to leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Change your lifestyle by having proteins, iron, a decent amount of carbohydrates, and trying to exercise as much as possible.

Start with small changes in your lifestyle, and you will soon find yourself adjusting to the new normal. Go for a walk or a jog, and let those muscles relax. One of the best ways to get good sleep is to tire yourself with a workout. The more you release your muscles with pressure, the more quickly you will fall asleep.

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