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4 Benefits of Using a Bidet for the Elderly and Disabled

Help Your Loved Ones Maintain Their Privacy, Dignity, and Autonomy With This Handy Bathroom Fixture

Newsweek Amplify - Benefits of Tushy Bidet

When it comes to disabled and elderly care, maintaining their privacy, dignity, and autonomy is extremely important. It is about sustaining their sense of self-respect, making them feel truly valued and cared for at all times. It is also about allowing them to make decisions for themselves and being allowed to perform certain tasks by themselves if they wish. One of the most common and significant challenges faced by elderly and disabled individuals is the daily and frequent activity of using the toilet. Naturally, as it is a highly private matter, it may feel like a source of embarrassment for both the caregiver and the person needing care.

The best way to address common toileting issues in caregiving is to give them the help and support necessary while adjusting their environment and the equipment used in a way they feel more independent and are more in control of what they do. A bidet is a useful bathroom fixture that helps you get cleaned easily after using the toilet. It is particularly helpful for those with mobility and flexibility issues. Tushy is a small and convenient bidet attachment that can make washing up after using the toilet better and easier for the elderly and disabled individuals.

Here are 5 benefits of using a bidet for the elderly and disabled.

Reducing the Risk of Falling

According to the CDC, each year, millions of older people fall for various reasons—one out of five of them experience serious injuries such as broken bones. Due to the bending and other movements required in cleaning up after using the toilet in a slippery environment, there is always a risk of falling in a toilet. A bidet eliminates the need to shift on the toilet seat to clean up with toilet paper. It saves the elderly or the disabled person's energy to focus on safely sitting, comfortably relieving themselves, properly cleaning up and standing, or using a mobility aid after.

Better Personal Hygiene

Having good personal hygiene is an extremely important, yet often challenging aspect in the lives of the elderly and disabled individuals due to their physical limitations. As the body ages or fights a disability, the immune system also tends to be weaker, hence making them even more vulnerable to a germ or virus attack.

Wiping oneself with only toilet paper after going to the toilet does not manage to clean all the traces of fecal matter, especially when done by someone with mobility issues. This can lead to many infections, unpleasant odors, and overall poor hygiene. Using a bidet is not only easier, but it manages to fully clean the posterior area which will reduce the risk of infections and other problems that comes with poor hygiene.

Newsweek Amplify - Benefits of Tushy Bidet

Better for Delicate Skin

Skin, being the largest organ in the human body, performs many regularity functions. However, as we age, and especially when we are on medications, our skin tends to become more fragile. The sensitive aging skin that has lost its elasticity can be damaged easily, making it easier to get skin infections. Regular rubbing and wiping with toilet paper can make the skin around the genital and anal area damage and tear. Using a bidet to clean up and a soft cloth to dry eliminates this risk.

More Independence

Ultimately, it all comes down to dignity, autonomy, and independence in elderly and disabled care. Having a bidet that can be used with ease gives them much needed privacy to do something private and intimate safely and well. It minimizes their feelings of the embarrassment of having someone to clean them up after relieving themselves, or not being able to clean up properly due to restricted movement. Even with full-time care, elderly and disabled individuals tend to be happier and healthier when they are more in control of the private aspects of their lives.

Tushy bidet attachment can be installed in any toilet in less than 10 minutes. It requires no electricity or plumbing and has a self-cleaning nozzle. Due to the pressure and angle controller that is easily within reach can be operated with one hand, it can be used by anyone without difficulty.

Get your elderly and disabled loved ones the Tushy bidet attachment to make their lives easier, healthier, and more pleasant!

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