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5 Things Seniors Should Do to Boost Their Energy Levels

Boost your energy levels with ease

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It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns and before adding supplements to your health plan.

As you get older, you are sure to notice certain changes in your energy levels. You get tired more easily. Your joints no longer feel and work the way they used to. You might even need assistance for physically demanding activities like lifting heavy boxes or even just walking. Seniors are at particular risk of leading inactive lifestyles, and the pandemic has made things even harder.

With the need to stay home and socially distance from other people, it isn't any wonder why older adults are having trouble maintaining physically active lifestyles during this time. If this sounds anything like you or anyone you know, this is the time to take charge of your life and boost your energy levels so you can live life to the fullest.

5 Things Seniors Should Do To Boost Their Energy Levels

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1. Exercise Your Mind

When you're mentally exhausted, you could in turn end up feeling physically exhausted. So, if you want to keep sluggishness and laziness at bay, make it a point to exercise your mind every day. Fortunately, this is easy to do. You can play games like Scrabble or chess, which require you to really use your brain to win, or download apps designed to keep your brain healthy and engaged. As an added bonus, brain games can also help improve one's memory, particularly in older people.

2. Start a New Hobby

Perhaps the reason why you are feeling lethargic is that you don't have anything new in your life to get excited about. This is understandable given the current pandemic, but there are many hobbies you can start from the safety and comfort of your home that can challenge you and relieve you of stress and boredom at the same time. Try creating something that you can use around the house, learn new recipes for your family to enjoy, or do something more active like online exercise classes or gardening. Either way, having something to get excited about every day is sure to boost your energy levels in no time.

3. Create a Proper Sleeping Schedule

You cannot expect to wake up full of energy if you never get enough sleep. Unfortunately, a lot of seniors suffer from sleep problems that prevent them from waking up feeling refreshed. As people age, the body's circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle naturally change, and this could result in ongoing sleep issues. To combat this, try to create a fixed bedtime routine, and make sure your sleeping environment is dark, quiet, and comfortable so you don't end up waking up in the middle of the night.

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4. Socialize

Activities and Adult Day Supervisor Tara Burrow points out the importance of socializing, saying that seniors who don't socialize regularly tend to become inactive and reclusive, causing their health to decline. She adds that seniors with active social lives have better mental and physical health. Generally speaking, seniors who are socially active are happier and more upbeat, so try to spend more time with your loved ones if you can. If you can't physically be with them because of the pandemic, a simple phone call may be enough to keep your spirits and energy levels up.

5. Eat Right

No matter what your age, eating the right foods will keep you healthy and help you prevent illnesses. If it's an energy boost you need, avoid eating foods rich in carbohydrates as they could make you feel tired and sleepy. To keep your energy levels high and to avoid fatigue, stick to a high-protein diet instead. Protein takes longer to break down in the body, helping you feel energetic for longer. Some great protein-rich foods that you can add to your diet include turkey, chicken, tuna, quinoa, spinach, and eggs.

Is a protein-rich diet not doing the trick for you? Then you might want to look into energy drinks.

What Are Energy Drinks?

Celltrient Energy Drinks

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health defines energy drinks as "products that increase energy and enhance mental alertness and physical performance", and that is exactly what Celltrient's Cellular Energy drink mixes aim to do.

Celltrient knows that our energy levels dip as we get older and that the same thing happens within our cells. Deep inside our bodies at the cellular level, an important molecule called NAD+ declines as we age. This can in turn limit the body's production of cellular energy. Celltrient's Cellular Energy Drink Mixes aim to reawaken the vitality in our bodies, particularly in seniors.

Celltrient Cellular Energy drink mixes contain Tru Niagen Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), which has been clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels in as soon as two weeks, helping you feel more energetic and more capable of completing your daily activities. Adding this energy drink to your diet will also give you your daily dose of Vitamin C and B to improve energy metabolism.

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