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5 Tips to Help You Take Better Care of Your Hair This Summer

Keep Your Locks From Being Fried Under the Sun

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It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

From playing at the beach to fun times lounging near the pool, summer is synonymous with long days under the sun for most people. The impact of sun exposure on your skin is well-documented, but what about the effects on your hair? Could it take a toll on your luscious locks, too?

Let's take a dive into some research on the topic and see what scientists are saying about the effects of summer activities on your lovely tresses.

Can the Summer Season Impact Your Hair's Health?

SugarBear Hair

Prolonged exposure to the sun could negatively affect your hair. The sources of damage are twofold: ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation. According to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, these are the two main types of radiation that reach the Earth's surface. It explains that UVB radiation is primarily responsible for sunburns, while UVA radiation penetrates more deeply into the skin and could cause photoaging effects like wrinkles.

Dr. Wilma Bergfeld, a dermatologist, told the Cleveland Clinic that UVA and UVB radiation could damage the cuticle or the outside cover of the hair strand. She explains that damage from the sun might come in different forms including dry and brittle hair strands, broken or split ends, discoloration, thinning, and frizziness. "Damaged hair has a dry look and feel, is unmanageable, and won't hold a curl or style," she adds. "Damaged hair usually dries quickly, too."

Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Hair

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Cover Your Hair

Some people picture themselves letting their beautiful, wavy hair down during the summer. However, if you want to protect your hair from UV radiation, you might want to reach for your favorite hat as you head to the beach. Bergfeld recommends wrapping a scarf around your hair, using an umbrella when going out, or donning a wide-brimmed hat.

Keep It Covered Even Underwater

If you'll be swimming in a chlorinated pool, Bergfeld also recommends putting on a swimming cap or keeping your hair tied in a high bun so it stays dry. If your hair gets wet, she said it's important to wash the pool water out of your hair with clear water. That's because the pool water has chemicals like chlorine in it, which might remove your hair's natural protective oils, potentially exposing it to damage.

Avoid or Lessen Using Hot Tools

The Cleveland Clinic also mentions that using hot flat irons or rollers or coloring your hair could make your hair more susceptible to damage from the sun. These chemicals or tools could potentially "cook" your hair follicles. If you know you'll be spending excessive amounts of time under the sun, you might want to consider skipping the styling tools.

Skip the Shampoo

Robert H. Shmerling, M.D., the Senior Faculty Editor of Harvard Health Publishing, points out that there really isn't any concrete information that justifies the instructions "lather, rinse, repeat," which can be found on most shampoo bottles. He wrote that following these directions just results in higher shampoo sales. He does add, however, that oils, perfumes, and other additives in shampoos and conditioners might cause allergic reactions and other possible damage to your hair.

Get a Trim

You've probably heard this one a million times from your trusted hairstylist, but a regular trim could help your hair look healthier. This study published in the International Journal of Women's Dermatology in 2017 suggests that longer hair strands that have sustained environmental damage from factors like grooming and sun exposure are more likely to have visible signs of wear, like split ends. It says microscopic imagery reveals that hair is healthier at the root, showing progressively more damage toward the tip. If you want your hair to appear healthier this summer, you might want to consider trimming off those damaged ends.

SugarBear Hair Gummies Could Also Help

SugarBear Hair
SugarBear Hair

If you plan on spending significant time exposed to the summer sun, whether it's at the beach or at the pool, you might want to consider extra steps to support your hair health. A hair growth supplement, such as SugarBear Hair Vitamins, could also help provide you with the important nutrients for hair health. With SugarBear Hair Vitamins, you won't have to worry about large, chalky pills anymore. You can simply chew two delicious, vegan, gluten-free gummies instead. They're flavored with natural berries for a sweet taste without artificial flavors.

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