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6 Major Reasons Your Dog Keeps Running Away and What You Can Do

Does your dog keep running away? Here are six major reasons why and how you can deal with them.

Two dogs smiling

Recently, Orlando Bloom made headlines when he finally called off the search for his missing dog, Mighty. The teacup poodle ran out of the yard behind the house Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry stayed at. After a week of searching, Orlando finally found Mighty's collar, which forced him to accept that his pet was dead.

The issue that brought all this pain is a common issue that many dog owners deal with - their dog running away. There are several reasons why a dog might do so, but here are the most common ones and what you can do about it:

1. Mating

When dogs have the urge to mate, they may wander off to find a mate to satisfy their needs. Dogs will do anything to make this happen, including jumping over fences, roaming around traffic, and possibly getting into fights with other dogs.

The best way to address this is by having your dog spayed or neutered. This can also curb unplanned litters, prevent testicular cancer in male dogs, and avoid uterine infections in female dogs.

Tip: If you'd rather not cut or snip, you can buy a durable leash with shock-absorbing spring, a swivel clamp that reduces tangling, and a comfort snap that protects your dog's neck.

2. Trying to Find Their Way Home

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If you've moved homes, you must ease your dog into it instead of suddenly uprooting them from their comfort zone. Dogs don't understand the concept of moving, so all they know is that they're in an unfamiliar place and need to go home.

Ease your dog into his new home by surrounding him with his favorite toys. Also, it would help if you took them around on a leash to explore, sniff everything, and get acquainted with their new space.

Tip: Take your dog around your new neighborhood before moving in. Use a retractable leash to give your dog enough length to move while you stay in control with an easy-to-use brake system.

3. Your Dog Finds Something Exciting

When walking your dog, it may seem like your dog is capable of ripping your arm off if they suddenly see a squirrel or anything else they want to chase. To deal with this, you will have to train your dog to learn that it isn't okay to pursue something suddenly.

If your dog likes to chase squirrels or rabbits, then use a similar stuffed toy during training. It is also essential to reward your dog with food treats, verbal praise, or petting whenever they follow your instructions.

Tip: For food rewards, you can give natural beef grain chews that have no additives or preservatives, and are a natural source of protein and energy.

4. Your Dog is Bored or Lonely

Brown dog bored in bed

If your dog is continuously left alone, they may resort to destructive behavior such as chewing up things or running off. Given that you may have a busy schedule, setting aside time to make sure you provide your dog with affection is one way to address this.

Some of the things you can do are play nose games with your dog. Easy to set up, all you have to do is hide treats around your house to find. Or, you can physically challenge them and play short games of tug of war. You can also go on daily walks.

Tip: Keep your dog busy with an engaging toy like Quizl. Designed to release the scent and taste of the treat hiding inside, your dog will keep chewing the toy until the entire treat comes out.

5. Because Your Dog Can

If your dog sees an opportunity to leave your yard, they will. One way to deal with this is to make the yard a fun place to be - play with them, make sure there are plenty of toys to keep them busy, and leave food and water out for them.

Another way to address this is by figuring out how your dog is sneaking out. Are they using items to hop over the fence like flower pots or patio furniture? Move them away. Are they chewing through the fence? Reinforce the area with sturdier material.

Tip: If your dog tends to dig under the fence, then line the bottom of it with heavy-duty chicken wire. Dig down and place the chicken wire at least a meter down to deter your dog's escape.

6. Your Dog is Scared

White dog staring at camera

If your dog is scared of loud noises or thunderstorms - they might run off to hide. You may want to comfort them but by doing so, you are rewarding them for being scared. Instead, remain calm and assertive; when they see you aren't afraid - it makes them confident.

As a dog lover, you do what you can to ensure that your fur baby is safe. Put all these preventive measures in place and keep your dog safe!

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