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7 Wines That Perfectly Describe Your Personality

You didn't choose wine. Wine chose you.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

Have you experienced having a sip of wine and thinking, "This wine has the same vibe as me!" That is how most wine lovers pick out their favorite wine. This also allows you to understand a little bit more about yourself, and eventually becomes the means to pick out the perfect wine for your friends or family.

There are still other types of wine that might perfectly describe you or your friends' personality, and wine clubs like Firstleaf offer a personalized wine delivery service catered to your own preferences. But to keep the ball rolling, here are 7 most common types of wine that say a lot about someone's personality.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

The Stoic: Cabernet Sauvignon

Grown in the French region of Bordeaux, the Cabernet Sauvignon is the beloved grape that Americans have loved throughout the years. It was conceived by accidentally breeding a red Cabernet Franc grape plant and the white Sauvignon Blanc. It is a thick grape with a durable skin, which makes it resistant to any outside conflict.

It is a robust variety of red grape with its abundant level of tannins. This allowed the wine to be stored for a long time and still develop its flavor. With proper storing conditions, such as the container where it is stored in to age, it can bring out vibrant flavors. Its flavor profile is full-bodied with an acidity that is compatible for drinking and for meals and is mostly recommended to be sipped alongside food rather than on its own as it has an overwhelming mouthfeel.

Like the Cabernet Sauvignon, you can become quite a strong character, unfazed by conflict but full of wisdom. You are not affected by outside forces and can thrive in solitude. You can easily adapt to new surroundings and can even stand out, given that you are in an ideal situation where your strengths can be cultivated.

People welcome you to be a part of their circle, but would rather interact with you in a group setting than with you alone. But you don't need to be worried about this condition as people consider you to be a great authority in what you do. This makes up for you being a great listener and people turn to you for advice. Nonetheless, there are still people who would love to know more about you, and even if they are a few, they are the ones that you will cherish and will definitely be for keeps.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

The Kickstarter: Sauvignon Blanc

The Sauvignon Blanc, also called the "Wild White," is the most common white grape planted all over the world. It has a very distinct flavor from other white wines as it has flavors of herbs and greens. The secret of its taste lies in the aromatic compound pyrazine.

Other than its unique herbaceous flavor profile, it also has hints of fruity lime, green, and kiwi flavors. It is a dry wine that is paired perfectly with salads and white meat. It is perfect as a starter wine for a full course meal.

This wine resembles those who are able to lead the course of action of any plan or project. If you are the kind of person who knows they can lead but aren't willing to take initiative, then try out the Sauvignon Blanc. While it is a great wine to begin a meal, it doesn't hold much towards the next courses. But it makes a great deal of letting people settle in and begin to realize that they are in for a great dinner.

You might not be the kind that can push through projects to the end, and your crisp sense of direction allows others to know how to begin their first move. People need someone who will help them kick start their career or life decisions, and you are the person that they find the motivation to start. It doesn't matter if a plan was finished successfully or not, but your ability to mobilize when uncertainty is present is an asset that not everyone has.

So do not worry if, in the long run, they start to forget you or leave you behind when they started their journey. You helped them start their journey, and they will forever be grateful to you for doing just that.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

The Connoisseur: Chardonnay

This type of wine complements a fancier taste and is reserved for those with high standards. This dry wine made from Blanc de Blancs has made its home in New Zealand, though it is still being sold worldwide.

It's usually the first type of wine that winemakers produce as it is the easiest entry into the wine market. However, several disputes occurred in the processes involved in its production, as the trend of using oak has caused the product to taste like butter rather than have hints of it. There are now varied techniques used in order to produce that exquisite flavor profile.

If you believe that you are a connoisseur, then you have quite a delicate palette. You have specific preferences that are mostly on the expensive side, such as raw seafood and lobster, the perfect complement for Chardonnay. Your high standards can make you a bit delicate for others to manage, and if ever you are put in a situation that isn't in your favor, you might leave a bad taste in people's mouths. But this quality is still necessary for helping other people explore finer tastes, and your adherence to quality is something that will always be admirable for those who are yet to discover more of the world.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

The Mediator: Merlot

This medium-full bodied red wine is the perfect everyday wine that complements almost any kind of food. Sometimes called "little blackbird," its color ranges from a dark blue to almost black coloring due to its high tannin content. It also has a medium acidity and very dry texture, which is great for meats.

Like the Merlot, mediators can easily make connections with anyone. Their approachable demeanor and welcoming presence allow for wide acceptance with little to no disapproval. Due to their friendliness, some people tend to distance themselves while maintaining their relationships, as they equate your wide network as having no space for an "inner circle", which most mediators think otherwise.

But as Merlot's compatibility with any kind of food and beverage have equal footing, they have more of an edge to being paired with meat like steak or lamb. So it is with the mediator: once they've known who compliments them well, their desire to connect becomes more intentional.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

The Romantic: Pinot Noir

The Pinot Noir is a product of passion and devotion, as it is one of the most difficult grapes to cultivate. It is considered a grand feast to be served Pinot Noir, and it is loved by many (and dreaded by some) during big occasions.

Pinot Noir enthusiasts are perceived to be highly idealistic as they see this light-bodied wine to be the best among other wines. This causes them to look down on others who prefer wine other than Pinot Noir.

They share similar characteristics to Romantics, who are very invested in their ideals and devoted to their passions. They see their pursuit as cut above the rest, and is a cause for concern for others and some a cause for distress. But for the number of times they have been scorned at, the chances of seeing their passion succeed or encountering people with the same sentiments is a joy that is peace amidst the chaos.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

The Conservator: Malbec

This very popular wine was made in France and is a cheaper alternative to other expensive varieties like Pinot Noir and Merlot. It has the essential components of wine and is mass-produced, allowing those who just want to enjoy a glass of wine at a much reasonable price to have it on the daily. It's a relatively easier wine to drink, making it the "Working Man's Merlot" and the choice of many households today.

While people see the norm as something that doesn't hold much excitement, conservators are great at keeping with the status quo. They are keen to keep the tradition alive and well while still allowing some room for innovation. This is due to their commitment to their community, much like the Malbec's inability to be grown outside of France. They thrive in their roots and will always make sure that you have something to come back to after going out in the world. WIthout conservators (and Malbecs, too) in a person's life, there might no be a place where they can call home.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Wines For Your Personality

The Adventurer: Riesling

Riesling wines are considered one of the rarest white wines in the world. Its flavor profiles vary from sweet to very dry depending on their place of origin. But it's conception began in Germany in 1435, where the wine is used as an elixir for German nobility.

What makes them stand out among other wines is its unique pairing with spicy food. The semi-sweet acidity of the Riesling complements well with anything that is hot and spicy. What was once used for royal kingdoms has now become a sensation in wild food pairings.

And that's what makes adventurers authentic. They are able to adjust themselves in whatever environment they have and still make a lasting impact. People would love to spend time with adventurers to hear their stories and crazy encounters. They can easily be part of any social group, but it is not in their nature to remain in one place. They are here to explore new tastes and experiences, and their time with you is another entry in their journal. As sad as it may seem, the time spent with adventurers are actually enough to have meaningful moments that both can cherish.

Have you found the perfect wine that fits your personality? Don't worry if you don't fit in the categories above. Wineries like Firstleaf will help you know more about yourself through wine. Their online personality tests will help them to pick the perfect bottles of wine that you can identify with.

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