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Alo Yoga Clothes for Men: 10 Outfits Perfect for the Studio to the Streets

Here Are Some Pieces From Alo Yoga's Men's Collection You Can Mix and Match

Alo Yoga Men's Clothes: Studio to Streets
Alo Yoga

Even up until a few years ago, many men didn't consider yoga as an activity they'd pursue. But times have changed. Now, more and more men are enjoying the benefits of the practice, which includes flexibility, strength, body conditioning, and mindfulness.

This is where Alo Yoga comes in—a brand that not only offers comfortable and durable yoga clothes for men but also outfits you can wear anywhere, from the yoga studio to the streets. Here are 10 different outfits from Alo Yoga's men's collection to get you started.

The Triumph Crew Neck Tee Paired With the Highline Cargo Sweatpant

Triumph Crew Neck Tee with Highline Cargo
Alo Yoga

Active men might love this ensemble. Cut from a refreshing, blue tri-blend jersey, the easygoing The Triumph Crew Neck Tee in Chalk Blue is a great throw-on-and-go piece. Partner it with the multipocketed Highline Cargo Sweatpant and you're ready to brave the streets with your valuables safe and secured.

Buy the Triumph Crew Neck Tee in Chalk Blue and the Highline Cargo Sweatpant here.

Airwave Tee Paired With the Revitalize Pant

Airwave Tee paired with the Revitalize Pant
Alo Yoga

Let's start with the basics with this nice-fitting shirt paired with these street-smart pants. Both pieces are made from performance jersey, designed for comfort and performance. The Airwave Tee has a breathable mesh detail to help keep you cool while working out or hanging out. On the other hand, the Revitalize Pant has moisture-wicking technology that could help keep you dry even after an intense session and zip pockets to keep your belongings safe.

Buy the Airwave Tee and the Revitalize Pant here.

1/2 Zip Mammoth Polar Pullover Paired With the Torrent Track Sweatpant

Zip Mammoth Polar Pullover Torrent Track Sweatpant
Alo Yoga

The 1/2 Zip Mammoth Polar Pullover is made of polar fleece and features ripstop pockets and a heat-preserving drawcord that could help keep you feeling toasty even on cold days. On the other hand, the odor-resistant Torrent Track Sweatpant is created from lightweight woven fabric and features reflective piping.

Buy the 1/2 Zip Mammoth Polar Pullover and the Torrent Track Sweatpant here.

Idol Performance Tank Paired With the 7" Repetition Short

Alo Yoga Men's Clothes: Studio to Streets
Alo Yoga

Get ready for summer with this sleeveless tank and these shorts. The Idol Performance Tank is said to be ultralightweight, made possible by the fabric it's made of. Meanwhile, the 7" Repetition Short is designed to wick moisture and help enhance your performance. When worn together, this outfit could help you stay cool even on the hottest of days, whether while exercising or running errands.

Buy the Idol Performance Tank and the 7" Repetition Short here.

Impel Sweatshirt Paired With the Impel Sweatpant

Impel Sweatshirt paired with the Impel Sweatpant
Alo Yoga

Jacquard fabric, zipped pockets, and elastic cuffs on the sleeves and pants—this set is designed to provide you the comfort you need from the studio to the streets. The Impel Sweatshirt and Impel Sweatpant are on-the-go essentials for busy men who enjoy their time stretching it out on the mat and hustling it outdoors. Aside from the classic black, heather gray, and dark navy, the Impel Set is now also available in bone color.

Buy the Impel Sweatshirt and the Impel Sweatpant here.

Amplify Seamless Short Sleeve Tee Paired With the Renew Lounge Pant and Division Field Jacket

Amplify Short Sleeve Tee Renew Lounge Pant
Alo Yoga

The best thing about studio-to-street wear is the ability to maintain a stylish look without having to put in too much effort. This trifecta might just prove that's possible. Start with the Amplify Seamless Short Sleeve Tee, which is breathable, smooth, and easy to wear. Pair it with the Renew Lounge Pant, which gives off a relaxed yet edgy vibe. Complete the look (and keep warm) with the heavy-duty Division Field Jacket.

Buy the Amplify Seamless Short Sleeve Tee, the Renew Lounge Pant, and the Division Field Jacket here.

Central Hoodie Paired With the Triumph Crew Neck Tee

Central Hoodie and Triumph Crew Neck Tee
Alo Yoga

Two versatile staples in one ensemble, the soft Triumph Crew Neck Tee and the stylish Central Hoodie go together so well there is no denying this is an outfit that could go beyond yoga. Both styles are made to fit every size. Like all items from Alo Yoga's collection, these designs were wear tested by the company's in-house team to ensure a good fit on any body size.

Buy the Central Hoodie and the Triumph Crew Neck Tee here.

Core Hooded Runner Paired With the Chill Short

Core Hooded Runner and Chill Short
Alo Yoga

Look stylish yet casual in this chill combination. The Core Hooded Runner, made of suede tri-blend jersey, is designed to help sustain intense workouts. On the other hand, the Chill Short, made of comfortable French terry, is meant for slow workout days and resting easy. Both are designed to feel soft on the skin, providing you ease of movement no matter the type of workout you perform.

Buy the Core Hooded Runner and the Chill Short here.

Truth Long Sleeve Tee Paired With the 7" Advance 2-in-1 Short

Truth Long Sleeve Tee Advance 2-in-1 Short
Alo Yoga

Love Alo? Show your love for the brand with this graphic tee that reminds you to "raise your vibration." The Truth Long Sleeve Tee indeed keeps the vibe going with its odor-resistant cotton jersey material. Pair it with the 7" Advance 2-in-1 Short, with its stretchy layered interior in the new chalk blue color, which is refreshing to the eyes. Together, this combination could help you turn heads.

Buy the Truth Long Sleeve Tee and the 7" Advance 2-in-1 Short here.

Vail Puffer Vest Paired With the Triumph Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Vail Puffer Vest Triumph Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Alo Yoga

Suitable from practice to pavement, this Vail Puffer Vest could give you an extra layer of warmth (and style) while you hold your poses on colder days. Underneath, pair it with the Triumph Crew Neck Sweatshirt that's made with soft tri-blend fleece and reversed panels. The best thing about both items? Despite being stylish, these pieces are designed to not limit your mobility and to help you feel comfortable even during your practice.

Buy the Vail Puffer Vest and the Triumph Crew Neck Sweatshirt here.

At the core of Alo Yoga's products is the purpose of inspiring mindful movement, which the brand believes leads to better living. This is what Alo Yoga seeks—to continue inspiring yogis, starting with clothes they can wear proudly, in the studio and on the streets.

Like mixing and matching? Shop outfits from Alo Yoga's men's collection here.

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