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How You Can Contribute to COVID-19 Relief Efforts Through #Sewforacause

Arrow Cabinets announced Sew For A Cause, a promotion to benefit World Central Kitchen - Chefs For America and their food focused relief efforts. All you need to do is buy a Gidget I or Gidget II sewing table and Arrow donates $20 to World Central Kitchen to help their COVID-19 relief efforts.

9 Signs Your Cat Has COVID-19 and What to Do About It

Veterinarians believe cats are at a higher risk than dogs for contracting SARS-CoV-2, but do you know how to recognize the symptoms? We know the 9 signs your cat is infected and what to do if they are.

Eyeglass Wearers Are 5x Less Likely To Get COVID, Study

Your favorite spectacles could also be one of your new defenses against contracting the novel coronavirus, according to a recent study from China. Researchers found that the general population is 5.4 times more likely to wear eyeglasses daily than those diagnosed with coronavirus.

Where To Buy Bernie Sanders' Jacket From Viral Meme

The new POTUS' inauguration wasn't the only amazing thing to happen to the Capitol, there was also Bernie Sanders' viral photo during the ceremony. Here's how you can get the look (or just simply get the cozy jacket), along with a way to participate in Biden's new challenge.

Increase Fat Loss With More Protein

Never deprive yourself of that perfectly cooked steak again! Here's how increasing your protein intake actually helps you lose fat faster.