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Why Are Long, Thick Eyelashes Considered Attractive?

Having dark, luscious eyelashes is a highly sought-after beauty trait by many. But why exactly are long, thick eyelashes considered conventionally attractive? We break down some of the evolutionary and cultural significance of having long lashes.

Is It Safe to Go Back to the Barber? 7 Factors to Consider

Those among us with longer hair these days are probably wondering when it could be safe to go back to the barber. If you're debating whether it's finally time, we've got a list of seven factors you might want to consider.

How To Get Skin So Glowing It Looks Photoshopped

The quest for "glass skin" originated in Korea and first hit the U.S. a few years ago. "Glass skin" describes skin so luminous and glowing it puts babies to shame. Do you want skin so dewy you look filtered? Read this to find out how

How Do I Start an Anti-Aging Skincare Routine?

There are many anti-aging skincare brands and products available in the market, but if you're dabbling with these for the first time, starting with a set that's tried and tested to work is a good way to go.