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As Tony Robbins says, "We're not in an information age, we're in an entertainment age." Whether it's movies or shows you're looking for, our column has the perfect list of recommendations for you based on your preferences. Compiled after hours of research, reading reviews, and watching hundreds of these movies and shows, these lists are definitely going to give you food for thought or tickle your funny bones, depending on the genre you choose. From Hulu to FuboTV, no matter what subscription you have, there's always that one perfect movie for you, and you can trust us for finding that for you.

Looking for Amazing TV Shows? Wait No More!

Are you bored at home and you have got nothing to watch? Is your mind also blank when it comes to choosing a particular show? Are you struggling with choosing one streaming site and sticking to it?

30 Best Movies on Hulu Right Now

From classic comedies to award-winning dramas, here are the 30 must-watch titles that are available on the streaming service.