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Infuse CBD Into Your Food With This Kitchen Appliance

More and more people are infusing their food with CBD. But have you ever tried adding them to your favorite homecooked meal? Luckily there is a better alternative! LEVO Oil offers kitchen appliances that will dry, activate, and infuse.

Love To Drink? Here's What Your Favorite Liquor Says About You

Your poison of choice often speaks louder in more ways than one. Instead of drinking your chosen booze just to get yourself buzzing, you could get a deeper appreciation from knowing the history of your chosen liquor and what it might say about you.

30 Fascinating Facts About Wine That You Never Knew

Wine is an old-age tradition that has been around for centuries. It is a sophisticated drink that takes years to produce to achieve the perfect taste. Every bottle is fermented with science and history. Here are some fun, weird, and amusing facts about wines.

8 Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine Backed by Science

Drinking red wine has been part of religious, social, and cultural traditions for centuries. There have been full reports about the health benefits of drinking wine since the 1990s. While this has been a debatable issue in recent years, modern studies seem to indicate truth to these claims.

An Ode to Chicken on National Chicken Wing Day

The end of July marks National Chicken Wing Day, a holiday devoted to one of the most popular cuts of Chicken. This delicious holiday was first established back in 1977 by the Mayor of Buffalo, NY.

Should We Refrigerate Organic Food?

More often than not, you find yourself freezing and refrigerating all kinds of food, sometimes for days on end. But when it comes to organic food, you should give the cold storage a second thought if you want your food to retain flavor and freshness.