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The Role Sensuality Plays in Women's Body Confidence

To be sensual means to be in touch with the senses. Some studies suggest that by focusing on the senses, the reawakening of sexual feelings and, ultimately, one's perception of their body could be increased.

Where to Find CBD Pens for Relaxation

If you are having trouble coping with the stress of daily life, here's where you can find CBD vape pens that aim to provide relaxation.

Best Hybrid Mattresses 2021

Looking to upgrade to a hybrid? We reviewed and listed all the best hybrid mattresses of 2021.

Best Mattresses in a Box (2021)

Shopping for a bed online is easier than ever, but all the options can be overwhelming. We'll share our picks for the best mattress in a box to help.

The Benefits of Female Solo Sex

There's no shame in finding your own sensuality, exploring it and absolutely owning it. The Enigma G-spot and clit vibrator from Lelo could help you with this.

Why You Might Get Razor Bumps and How You Could Prevent Them

From unsightly bumps to itchy rashes, your personal grooming practices might be leaving you with uncomfortable razor bumps or burn. No matter the cause—from your face to your bikini line—the irritation could be uncomfortable and might make you insecure.

These Pens Could Remove Years' Worth of Stains on Your Teeth

From your morning coffee to your sneaky cigarette to genetics, various factors could cause your teeth to stain and darken. The AsaVea Teeth Whitening Pen claims to quickly and effectively remove years of stains caused by coffee, soda, tea, wine, smoking, and more.

This Breakthrough Treatment Could Help Give You Healthy and Calm Skin

Sometimes it seems like everything you do causes redness to creep across your face. From red wine to cold weather, you might find it difficult to escape triggering that constant blushing. If you're tired of looking perpetually flushed, it's probably time to change your treatment regimen.

Does HIMS Work for Erectile Dysfunction? What You Need to Know

In the United States, an estimated 30 million men are affected by erectile dysfunction. For some, this may be an uncomfortable topic. However, it's essential to understand how and why erectile dysfunction happens, and what your treatment or management options are.