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What is Canva Pro and Is It Worth Purchasing?

Canva Pro can be the ultimate all-in-one tool that can work best for remote teams, businesses, social media influencers, students, and even artists who create digital art.

6 Easy Tips on How to Buy Your Next Pair of Gym-Friendly Headphones

Cordless earbuds have changed the workout game by allowing us to keep listening to our music in a hassle-free way while we're working out. We've looked into the best sports headphones in the market and below are the things you should consider before checking out your first pair.

Tips to Keep You Safe while Online Shopping

2020 saw online shopping grow enormously. However, this convenience comes with a price: cybercriminals. So before you embark on your online shopping spree, make sure you're not putting yourself at risk.

Does Your Mac Really Need Antivirus? Yes - Here's Why

The rules of malware attacks have changed now that Mac users are on the rise. MacOS boasts a wide range of protective barriers, but are these measures enough to keep malware out of your Mac? The short answer: Not exactly.