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These Antibacterial Hand Wipes Kill 99.99 Percent of Germs

Antibacterial wipes are one of the most convenient ways to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends washing your hands with soap and water to avoid getting sick and spreading germs, you may not always have the option or the time to do so. This is why people nowadays carry either hand sanitizers or antibacterial wipes.

Both of these sanitizing methods are equally effective. However, liquid sanitizers come with a spill risk when kept in your handbag or pocket, making a good quality antibacterial wipe one of the best and most convenient ways to keep yourself and others safe during the pandemic.

G&Y Antibacterial Hand Wipes from DMB Supply kills 99.99% of germs and keeps you safe on the go, making it a convenient "new normal" must-have. The pleasant fragrance and the moisturizing effects of these hand wipes are bonuses.

When to Use Antibacterial Hand Wipes?

Before and After Dining Out

With lockdown measures lifted and restaurants opening up for indoor dining, there are plenty of steps you can take for everyone's safety.

One is to use an antibacterial wipe to wipe your hands and your dining area since public spaces can have contaminated surfaces. If you are with your child, make sure to assist them so that they do this properly.

After Using a Public Toilet

Make it a habit to use an antibacterial wipe after you wash hands with soap and water. This is an added safety measure since the surfaces of the taps, sinks, and hand wash dispensers can be contaminated. Make sure you wipe your hand's nooks and crevices, including between fingers, under your nails, and around your wrists. Better safe than sorry!

After Coughing, Blowing Your Nose, or Sneezing

If you cough or sneeze in public, use an antibacterial wipe to clean your hands, around your mouth, and nasal area to stop the spreading of germs. Ensure you avoid the eye area, though, as the skin there is more delicate than the rest of your face. After wiping down, continue to keep safe and wear your mask to avoid spreading your illness to others.

After Touching Open Surfaces in a Public Setting

Germs and viruses spread when people touch contaminated surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, or railings, and then touch their face, nose, or mouth. Keep your antibacterial wipes in an easily accessible place such as your bag or the pocket to use them regularly after you touch a public surface.

What is the Best Antibacterial Hand Wipe?

We recommend G&Y Antibacterial Hand Wipes due to their high quality and affordability. They offer full protection from 99.99% of germs and bacteria. They are soft on your skin and pleasantly non-sticky unlike many other similar products in the market. Oh, and they smell great!

You can get your G&Y Antibacterial Hand Wipes from DMB Supply, an established supplier of health, safety, and sanitation products with a warehouse based in New York.

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