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Best Online Learn-To-Read Program for Kids 2020

Learning to Read Is Easy with the Right Support

Reading at an early age has been shown to improve a child's creativity, imagination, and concentration. There are thousands of early learning apps and online programs focused on developing reading skills. With so many programs available, how do you know which one to choose?

The ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) and numerous studies confirm that to be effective, reading programs should be step-by-step, personalized, and motivating. That's where HOMER comes in. HOMER is the essential early learning program for kids 2-8. Their expert-designed, proprietary learning framework is research-backed and kid-tested.

When you sign up for HOMER, your child gets a personalized reading pathway that builds foundational skills in a proven order: from letters and sounds, to sounding out short words and spelling them, to learning sight words and reading books. Focused on both academic and personal skills, HOMER develops confident learners prepared for both school and life.

Teaching The Fun(damentals)

When looking for an online reading program for kids, it's important to remember, our brains aren't wired to learn to read. Even if an app teaches skills you remember learning in school, it doesn't mean it's the best solution for your child. Teaching kids to read is a science.

The first step in learning to read is unlocking the individual letter sounds in words— a process known as phonemic awareness. The individual steps that make up phonemic awareness— identifying letter sounds, blending letter-sounds together, and breaking words into sounds— are key in helping children learn to read and spell.

HOMER's program starts with the fundamentals. It builds phonemic awareness by teaching children to identify letter sounds through fun games, stories, and songs. Children start by linking letters with sounds and then progress to hearing those sounds in words. HOMER's personalized, step-by-step learning pathway then moves on to blending sounds together to read words and picking apart the sounds in those words apart in order to spell.

Motivating Kids to Learn

Many early learning apps and online programs focus on gamified reward systems to keep kids motivated. This is great at the moment but doesn't help kids develop a love of learning. HOMER is focused on fostering intrinsic motivation, helping kids become lifelong learners. When a parent sets up their child's HOMER profile, they add their child's interests. HOMER then uses those interests, along with the child's age and reading level, to personalize their learning journey.

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When kids are learning about topics they love, they love learning. By personalizing the content, HOMER keeps kids wanting more— whether it's discovering dinosaurs, bragging about bugs, or pirouetting with princesses, HOMER has thousands of stories, songs, and games for every child. By customizing their reading content to each child's individual needs, HOMER gives kids countless "I did it!" moments that build confidence and get them excited to learn new skills.

Kid-Approved Content with Proven Results

HOMER's approach— using personalized learning and research to build essential skills step-by-step— is proven to work. Not many early learning programs can say that! According to a study conducted by NYU, just 15 minutes of HOMER a day is proven to increase early reading scores by 74%.

These results can be attributed to the HOMER Method, HOMER's learning proprietary framework, which has been designed to teach the most essential skills for early learning. Part of that design is kid-testing. Before they implement any learning game, story, or activity in their program, HOMER makes sure kids love playing it!

HOMER's team knows that when kids love learning, progress follows. Their method is research-backed and includes activities designed around the optimal way kids learn specific skills. With thousands of playful experiences that capture children's innate motivation and curiosity, HOMER builds confident learners.

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