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Sleep Meditation Not Working? Follow These Steps

If meditation is failing you, here's what you can do.

Sleep Meditation Not Working? Follow These Steps

So you tried sleep meditation. Maybe you have been at it for a couple of weeks now, or maybe even months. But the reason why you are reading this is that it's not working for you.

There are great articles and videos about the different kinds of sleep meditation out there and you have probably tried them all. There are also remarkably effective sleep supplements in the market today, but you gave sleep meditation a try because it's the cheapest way to find that much-desired sleep that your body is craving for.

You tried all the steps the videos and articles asked you to do. You meticulously made sure that there are no distractions inside your room before you start meditating. Minutes go by, and then they become hours, yet you are still awake.

Sleep meditation worked for your friends, so why is it not working for you?

Reasons Why Sleep Meditation is Not Working for You

Sleep Meditation Not Working? Follow These Steps

Meditation is not up to your expectations

When you started this journey, you were probably looking forward to the moment that you will finally be able to get a good night's sleep, every day, for the rest of your life. As long as you do what the meditation guide asks you to do. You harbor these preconceived notions about what sleep meditation can do for you, but when it failed you the first time you tried it, and then again on the second time, your disappointment begins to outweigh the benefits that you thought you would be reaping.

Anybody can do meditation, but it does not mean that meditation will live up to everybody's expectations. This is why some people may opt to try alternative sleep aid solutions.

You are overdoing it

They say nothing worth having comes easy. You desperately want this sleep meditation to work and like with all the things you have achieved in life, you get right to it and give it your best. But have you ever stopped to think that maybe you are obsessing over every step while meditating?

Sleep meditation is actually one of those activities with many lenient boundaries. Relaxation is the essence of sleep meditation so if you are engrossed with getting every step perfectly, you're likely overthinking what's supposed to be a relaxing activity.

It can be hard for some of us not to overthink situations, especially when we are go-getters. Calm your brain waves with GABA Calming Support before starting your sleep meditation.

You are judging yourself

Whenever things are not going the way we expect them to, we sometimes think about whether we are to blame. The first time you tried sleep meditation and then it didn't work, you decided to try again the next day. You have been at it for a while now, but you are still as far from the promise of deep sleep as you were when you started on this meditation journey.

This gets you thinking whether there is something wrong with you for real. Self-judgement comes from unsuccessful experiences, and this could even lead to more unwanted thoughts in the future. Encourage positive thinking with magnesium-focused supplements whenever you are hounded by self-judgment.

Patience is key. If you still want to keep going through the sleep meditation journey, here are some tips to help you successfully achieve your goal.

6 Self-help Guidance for Effective Sleep Meditation

Sleep Meditation Not Working? Follow These Steps

Acknowledge your emotions

Be honest with yourself. What are you feeling at the moment? Is there something in your mind that is consuming your thoughts and emotions? Before meditating, make it a habit to check your emotional state.

Sleep meditation won't work if your thoughts are too preoccupied with emotions that will prevent you from going to sleep. Tyrosine is an amino acid that is crucial to emotional balance especially when under mental strain.

Consider taking Tyrosine to help calm your mood when emotions are keeping you from a successful sleep meditation.

Spend your excess energy

Maybe the reason why sleep meditation hasn't been working on you the way it should be is that you have too much energy left on your body. The calories that we feed our bodies are turned to energy. This energy acts as a fuel for the body to answer exams, go on a 5km jog, or work on a corporate project.

At the end of each day, if there is too much unspent fuel left in your body, restful sleep can often be hard to attain. Your body would be looking for more activities to spend excess energy on before allowing itself to rest and recharge, so go ahead and finish an exercise routine.

Better yet, you can also spend your excess energy by cleaning your room – hitting two birds with one stone – which will ultimately add up to feeling good about yourself and help you get into that positive thinking spirit needed for successful sleep meditation.

Believe in what you do

Have you ever talked to a salesperson trying to sell you something, but you can clearly see that he does not believe in the very product that he is selling? You see that he's delivering the sales pitch, but he's not really achieving the purpose of selling, right?

Similarly, you cannot simply go through your sleep meditation journey when you do not believe in its effects. If you are going to willingly invest your time in sleep meditation, make sure that you genuinely believe that it will work on you.

Sleep meditation is a process that involves allowing your mind to surrender, and the mind cannot surrender to something that it does not have faith in. If you have reservations about the effectivity of sleep meditation, you might as well stop spending time doing an activity that is clearly not benefitting you.

Try filling the gap with science-backed sleep aids instead.

Let go of expectations

If you're going through with sleep meditation because you genuinely believe in its effects, it is also possible that you are religiously sticking to your own expectations.

Sleep meditation is a different experience for every person, so the immediate effects that you read from websites or watch from guided meditation videos might not necessarily be the same for you. There's no doubt that sleep meditation has helped thousands of people who used to be sleep deprived like you.

However, holding on to expectations might be hindering your mind from fully surrendering to the relaxing flow of sleep meditation. Before meditating, clear your mind of expectations about what you are supposed to feel or experience. Do not count the time during meditation.

If you believe in the process, simply let it be without the pressures of predicting what is supposed to happen every minute.

Give yourself some time to rest before meditating

We know you are looking forward to sleep, but do not get right into the act of meditating for sleep purposes because it will not work. Your mind and body need to be in a state of peace and relaxation before you start meditating.

If you've just finished eating, taking a shower, or watching your favorite TV series, sit down on the sofa or on the bed and do nothing. This will give you some time to get into the right mindset before diving into sleep meditation.

Instead of engaging in other activities, take this time to acknowledge your emotions and let go of expectations. Make sure to take your vitamins beforehand so that you do not have to worry about it when you are in the middle of meditating.

Let your breaths take over your conscious thoughts

The most important part of sleep meditation is the rhythm of your breaths. If you are the kind of person who likes to stay in control of every situation, it will take some time for you to master letting your breathing take over your entire consciousness.

Always exhale through your mouth and focus on listening to your breaths. If counting helps your mind veer away from all other thoughts, then you may also count each breath as it comes.

We understand that this is not an easy task for some, especially to those who have a lot of things on their mind, so we recommend taking Serotonin Mood Support to promote calmness and help you surrender to the rhythm of your breaths.

When all else fails... Maybe you were meant for something else

Sleep Meditation Not Working? Follow These Steps

If you've tried all the self-help guidance above and sleep meditation is still not doing it for you, it might be time to consider other options. We have another article that contains 5 questions to ask yourself to determine why you cannot sleep.

You may also take a look at the oral sleep aids by BrainMD, each specialized to treat different issues related to deep and quality sleep management. These supplements have helped thousands of people who are suffering from lack of sleep like you, and they never needed to keep trying for weeks.

If sleep meditation is not working for you, trust science-backed sleep aids by BrainMD today.