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How to Get Followers on Instagram: 12+ Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real Organic Instagram Growth)

Get ready to see your numbers go up!


I feel you, finding a trustworthy site to purchase Instagram followers can be a real pain. And it doesn't help that some of these sites sell fake Instagram followers/bots, which doesn't help much. But guess what?

You made the right choice! We've done deep research and figured out the best reputable websites to get high-quality Instagram followers for your page. We review the top platforms to Buy Instagram Followers right now:

Top Sites To Buy Instagram Followers: First Look

  1. Overall site - Media Mister
  2. Targeted followers - Mr Insta
  3. Real user reviews - Famoid
  4. Great satisfaction guarantee - Ampfluence
  5. High retention rate - Instamama

1. Media Mister – All-Round Site To Buy Instagram Followers

There's a reason why Media Mister takes the top spot, and it's because they understand that great engagement is important for social media success.

Not only can you buy Instagram followers, you can buy likes, views, mentions and more to find that sweet spot between followers and great interaction to help grow your Instagram naturally and organically over time. Cool, eh?

If you are looking to buy real followers for IG, especially in bulk, Media Mister awaits. Getting started is easy, all you have to do is select the followers type you want and put in your Instagram URL.

Why have followers from all over the world if you want to focus on a niche audience? With a targeted followers feature, you can have followers from a specific country! Which is quite helpful if you need to have influence in a specific region.

Also, Media Master understands the importance of trust. Hence, a satisfaction and 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. Mr. Insta - Get Instagram Followers for Niche Accounts

How does free targeted followers and a delivery guarantee sound for a start?

Yes. For 48 hours, you can get 25 followers without breaking a sweat or bank. You can then get 250 more followers for $10.

Better yet, with targeted followers, you can have followers from a specific country within 24-72 hours. And Mr. Insta makes sure that all the followers you get have an interest in what your page offers to help give you the muscle to grow followers organically.

Have I told you there's a refill guarantee? Yes. All the followers you lose will be automatically replaced. And just in case of inquiries, there's 24/7 customer support on standby.

3. Famoid - Real Customer Reviews

Famoid understands that growing your Instagram page is urgent, and works by boosting your followers' likes and even views instantly.

For $3.95 you get 100 real and active followers and up to 15,000 followers for $199.95.

All transactions are 100% secure and genuine. So you won't have to worry about the safety of your personal/financial information.

If you're feeling skeptical, there are a lot of real user reviews and testimonials to get you started with assurance.

4. Ampfluence - Buy Real Instagram Followers

First, let's just marvel at how cool Ampfluence's website is.

Ampfluence touts itself as a 100% human-powered social media marketing growth service for all popular social media platforms, and they work using a targeted approach.

They interact with specific IG users on your behalf using targeted hashtags and specific locations to build a rapport and help grow your IG organically.

To give you some assurance, you get a 100% money-back guarantee to fall back on.

5. Instamama - Organic Instagram Growth Service

InstaMama believes in giving your business credibility by getting you the best quality Instagram followers from social media forums, search engines, and even with a team of influencers.

You only pay for what you'll use. Choose a plan that best suits you, give your Instagram handle, pay, lay back, and watch your Instagram notifications go off with more IG followers.

To get how the service works. There's a free trial to boost your followers, with a complimentary 10 free Instagram likes to spice things up.

To cap it off, you get 24/7 support in case of any queries and a safe delivery follower guarantee.

6. Buzzoid - Top-Notch Customer Care (Get Followers Fast)

Buzzoid aims to boost the interaction in your Instagram account with real followers and likes fast. And by fast, we mean in minutes!

All you need to get started is to select a package, enter a couple of details and wait for the instant Instagram boost magic.

For just $2.97 you get 100 Instagram followers. With a satisfaction guarantee to allow you to grow your followers with some confidence.

And just in case you encounter an issue, there's responsive 24/7 customer care at your service.

Instagram Followers

How to Get Followers on Instagram: Our Runner Ups

7. Famups - Boost Instagram Followers Safely

If security and privacy are some of the main factors you consider before settling on a website to purchase followers, then Famups it is.

Deadweight followers are baggage, hence why Famups seeks to only give you vibrant followers, who would help give your page towards organic growth while still keeping prices affordable.

Want 500 followers? $7 will do, and you can get up to 50,000 followers for $430.

Better still, all purchases are backed by an on-time delivery guarantee.

8. iDigic - Guides on How to Get More Followers on Instagram

iDigic bills itself as a one-stop website for your followers, likes, and views growth instantly.

Are you new? Great. You get a risk-free trial to reap the IG growth benefits without committing.

From just $2.95 you get 100 real Instagram followers. With additional tips and guides to help you retain new followers.

9. Viralyft - Reputable Provider of Real Instagram Followers

Viralyft is the old-timer here, with over 50 years of marketing experience. So you can trust their ability to bring good engagement to your IG page.

You get 100 followers for $2.89 and up to 10,000 for just $94.99.

Even better, everything is covered with a 100% secure payment guarantee.

10. Follower Packages - Buy Instagram Followers Cheap

If you want to buy cheap Instagram followers, look no further than Follower Packages.

$15 gets you 500 active followers, and $119 can get you a massive 10,000 followers. Still, all orders come with a fast delivery and quality guarantee.

11. Twicsy - Custom Plans to Buy Instagram Likes, Views & Followers

With Twicsy, you can give your Instagram visibility with high quality and premium followers in minutes. And while at it, maybe buy likes and views for that engagement.

$2.97 can get you 100 high-quality followers. Although you can create a custom plan for yourself by calling customer care. And all orders come with instant delivery.

12. Get Viral - Reliable Site To Increase Instagram Followers

Get Viral tout themselves as the most reliable marketing service for popular social media platforms.

To get started, all you need is to select a package that's best suited for you.

$3.99 gets you 250 followers. And they are so transparent that you get a tracking number to monitor and make sure you got all followers.

13. Social Empire - Fab Auto-Refill Guarantee (Gain Instagram Followers)

Social Empire has helped over 2 million individuals and companies boost their social media.

After you pick a plan and order. You'll get all followers within 12-24 hours or less. From $4.49 you can start getting real followers.

With an auto-refill guarantee in case you lose any Instagram accounts in your followers.

What To Consider Before Buying Instagram Followers

How Many Followers Do You Need?

The number of followers you need should determine which platform you use to grow your Instagram account followers. If you want many followers, you might want to use a website that adds followers gradually to avoid being flagged by Instagram.

Is Organic Growth Important to You?

Organic growth lets other IG users see your page and naturally follow without being directly prompted. Consider if you would like the option of watching your followers attract organic followers naturally over a period of time, or if you want spontaneous growth.

Do You Want Compensation if You Lose Followers?

Losing followers is normal when boosting your followers. Some websites guarantee to replace all lost followers with new ones. However, some don't. Check the features of the websites to see what they offer.

Do You Want Free Instagram Likes and Comments?

Engagement is built on likes and comments. Some Instagram account growth platforms offer additional likes and comments to help boost your engagement. Still, some platforms only offer followers. Consider checking the packages to find what's best for you.

Instagram Followers 2

Top Websites To Buy Instagram Followers: FAQ

Can I Buy Real Followers on Instagram?

Yes. You can buy real followers on Instagram. To avoid fake Instagram followers, make sure to buy from a reputable and trustworthy site. A great website to start would be with Likes.IO for its smart targeting of potential followers.

Is It Safe To Buy Followers on Instagram?

Yes, it is generally safe to buy followers on Instagram. Most trustworthy sites avoid bot followers, offer secure payment methods, and don't require your Instagram password to boost your follower count.

How Can You Tell If an Influencer Has Fake Followers?

The simple answer is yes. You can tell if an influencer has fake account followers by comparing the engagements of their posts to their number of followers. If they have many followers and low engagements, they might be having followers from fake accounts.

How Can I Increase My Real Followers on Instagram?

Make Consistent Uploads - Consistency is the key to visibility. The more you upload, the more people can see your Instagram posts on their feed and possibly follow you.

Use Popular Hashtags - Using the right hashtags, especially popular ones, can make other people interested in the same things you like/offer to see your posts.

Make Things Interesting - Keep things light and engaging to resonate with the majority of average Instagrammers. Over time, new followers will start trickling in.

Know What Viewers Want - Instagram is a visual app. Try and post interesting videos and pictures more often to make more people notice your page.

Use a Service - You can use an Instagram growth service to help you increase followers on your behalf. Media Mister has awesome custom plans and can help bring in interested followers.

Should You Remove Inactive IG Followers?

The choice of removing inactive followers depends on preference. Some prefer keeping their followers whether they're active or not. Others prefer only having active followers. However, if you might want the Instagram algorithm to increase your engagements, you might want to remove inactive or fake followers.

Are Instagram Followers Worth Buying?

Yes. Instagram followers are worth buying. If you're looking to get that follower count boost to help grow your business/individual Instagram account, especially organically, then buying followers is rewarding.

Instagram Followers 3

How To Buy Instagram Followers: Buying Guide


Reputation shows how able a platform is in growing an Instagram account. A newer site with little to no proven record of boosting Instagram pages can be a hit or miss.

While a reputable service has a proven record of helping pages get high-quality real followers. To gauge reputation, you can read real customer reviews and determine the best ones.

Customer Support

Customer support is one of the most important things to consider when choosing an Instagram growth service.

To get a follower count boost website with great customer support, try calling, sending an email, or online texting out the customer support of the websites by sending questions or emails and checking the response time. It would also be better to get a site that offers 24/7 support.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy should not be compromised when buying Instagram followers. To protect your privacy, try and get a site that does not require your IG password to grow more followers. And use a site that offers secure payment methods and safety guarantees. Which you would usually see on the end of the homepages.

Real Customer Reviews

Customer reviews help determine the reputation and quality of websites to purchase followers. Check popular online forums and communities like Quora and Reddit for real user website reviews. Be wary of sites with too many negative comments.

New Follower Guarantees

Follower guarantees are a measure of the dedication of an Instagram growth service to its clients. Gauge the sites and pick one that offers clear new follower guarantees. It would be better if they also offer replacement or auto-fills for lost followers.

Know What You Want

Instagram follower count boosting websites either help boost Instagram follower growth spontaneously or they work towards giving your Instagram profile the kick to grow more followers organically.

Generally, organic growth is slower but might have more engagement. Determine if you want spontaneous or organic growth and choose a website that offers that.

The Takeaway: Where Can I Buy Genuine Instagram Followers?

Having a good number of followers isn't only for celebrities and powerful companies. With this review of the top websites to grow follower count, you too are well on your way to more Instagram followers.

Media Mister is the top site for buying followers; and it comes with affordable pricing and an awesome follower guarantee.

However, be careful not to reveal your Instagram profile's sensitive information to anyone to keep safe from identity theft.

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