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Does Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Really Work? + 3 Quick Tips on Effectively Detoxing Your Body

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It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

You know what they say, for a happier and healthier life, you need to detox your body, mind, AND your contact list! Well, cleansing your contact list of all the numbers of your toxic exes and ex-friends is a topic for another day. This is about detoxing or cleansing your body of toxins through dietary interventions for better health. Detoxification or detoxing has been quite a buzzword in the past few years. Apple Cider Vinegar detox or the ACV detox is perhaps the most popular detoxing method especially when it comes to targeting weight loss.

And Now to Our Question, Does Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Really Work?

Let us dive into the science behind this drink with supposedly miraculous results on your body. While there are different varieties to the method, the most common way of doing an ACV detox is mixing organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar with warm water and drinking it throughout the day, especially before every heavy meal. Herbs and spices such as ginger, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper are also added to this mix often for better flavor and results. The acidic nature of the apple cider vinegar infusion is expected to mainly aid weight loss and wash out toxins in the body.

When looking at the weight-loss claims, apple cider vinegar detox does appear to deliver results. When drunk before a meal, it usually suppresses the appetite due to its sour taste. Moreover, studies say that the acetic acid in the drink may suppress the enzymes that harbor fat in our body. It can also contribute to lowering blood pressure, and block the absorption of carbohydrates. All in all, there seem to be good short term results when it comes to apple cider vinegar detox, however, the long term health benefits of this method are yet to be proven.

Now that you have a clearer idea about ACV—the hottest detoxing method out there,

Here are 3 Quick Tips on Effectively Detoxing Your Body the Right Way.

Tip 1: Do Not Overdo It

When it comes to all kinds of dietary detoxing methods, less is always more. Our body naturally has an excellent internal detoxification system. A dietary detox program should be done only to give added support to the body's natural cleansing process. Always keep a generous pause in between when you are doing a detoxing method that contains acidic elements.

Tip 2: Maintain a Good Diet, Sleep, and Exercise Schedule

While a good detox regimen may make you feel good instantly, you should always complement it with a good diet, sleep, and exercise schedule for better long term results. Depriving any of these things lead to your body becoming weaker and vulnerable to harmful invaders in the form of microorganisms. A balanced combination of a good diet, sleep, and exercise including a healthy detoxing regimen will increase your immunity and overall health.

Tip 3: Focus on Wholesome Nutrition

Ultimately, the most important aspect of ridding your body of toxins is feeding it with good, wholesome nutrition. Texas SuperFood includes a combination of essential nutrients that come from naturally grown, raw fruits and vegetables, picked at the peak of nutritional perfection. They are available in both capsule and powder form for more convenient consumption. Texas Superfood aid in the natural detoxification process of the body, and supports proper nutrition of the body for long-term health benefits.

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