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Does Your Fur Baby Have a Chewing Problem? Here's How to Stop It!

How to Keep Your Puppy from Chewing Everything Around Them

Newsweek Amplify - Dog Chewing Problem

It's important to consult your pet's veterinarian with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your pet's health plan.

Ah, pets—the journey of life is much sweeter when traveled with them! While they may not be our whole world, they do make our lives whole in many ways, making us feel happier, safer, and loved. However, those little furballs can also make our lives a whole lot messier and difficult with their naughty shenanigans. Do you have a pup or a kitten that treats everything in their sight as a chew toy? Well, you are not alone. Most importantly, just because they like to sink their little teeth into everything, does not mean they are a bad pet!

Chewing, licking, and smelling things is how your fur baby explores and understands the world around them. If they are still a growing pup, chewing happens as a way of relieving pain when they have teeth sprouting—just like a human baby. Chewing can also be a way to relieve their anxiety or frustration as well. Or maybe they're just feeling hungry!

All those things considered, you probably still don't want to have bite marks and shredded legs in all your furniture. As you patiently work on the underlying issue that makes your pet get into destructive chewing, you can turn to Charlie and Max Premium Anti-Chew Spray for Dogs and Cats to deter them from chewing your furniture, carpet, clothing and basically everything they can get their teeth into!

Here are some of the problems that can cause your pets to get into excessive destructive chewing.

Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety, or pets showing distress and behavior problems when they are away from you, is one of the most common causes of destructive chewing. It happens when they are hyper-attached to their owner and are unable to comprehend or tolerate being alone or away from them. Apart from chewing, shredding, or other destructive behavior, they may howl, urinate, defecate, or even try to escape due to the severe stress that they may feel.

Treating the separation anxiety of pets is about making them understand that they are safe when they are alone. Counterconditioning, or relating the situation that causes them stress with something pleasant or more agreeable is a good way of approaching separation anxiety-related chewing. This means leaving them with their favorite food, toy, or something they love before you leave home. It conditions them to associate your leaving with something they enjoy, reducing their stress and anxiety.

Newsweek Amplify - Dog Chewing Problem


If your puppy starts excessively chewing things around the house when they are around 5-7 months old, it is quite likely that they are teething. This duration may vary depending on the breed, but it is something you have to be prepared for. Just like any other mammal including humans, teething is often a painful and uncomfortable process. It can lead to your pet chewing things simply to get rid of the discomfort of teething. This problem can be solved by giving them a puppy teething ring or a toy that is designed specifically for this purpose. Put it in the freezer for a few minutes before giving it to your pet so it helps numb the pain of teething as well. This will motivate them to stick to the teething toy instead of chewing on other things.

Normal Chewing

Sometimes, your pet chewing on something is just that—something perfectly normal that they do to keep their jaws strong. Any normal pet loves to chew on bones, sticks, or anything that feel good on their teeth. If not for stimulation, they do it for fun! Most of the time, giving them some appropriate chewing toys deter them from attacking your furniture. However, if your pup is a little too hyper and enthusiastic about chewing everything even with enough toys around (being a CHEW-bacca, if you will!), you can end it by simply making sure they don't enjoy the taste and feel of what they sink their teeth into. That is where Charlie and Max Premium Anti-Chew Spray for Dogs and Cats come in.

It is a perfectly safe spray with a potent formula that has no alcohol or propylene glycol. It has a direct and fast-acting effect on your chew-happy fur baby. You can safely use it on the legs of your furniture, carpet, upholstery, electric cords, or your favorite shoes!

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