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The Hidden Dangers of Sitting All Day

Just like smoking cigarettes, sitting all day can be hazardous to your health.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Dangers Sitting All Day

Ever heard of the new age saying, "Sitting is the new smoking"? The idea behind it is that experts are finding evidence linking sitting all day to various health risks. It's a problem that sprouted out over the last decade and a half, around the time desk jobs became the go-to option for most people looking for work.

Now, you might ask yourself, "what exactly are the health risks involved?" and "how severe are they?" As it turns out, there's a lot more than you think. Really bad ones at that.

Especially during these times in quarantine, many people tend to lounge around the couch the entire day. Some can even go for hours on end without getting up at all.

If you're one of those people, do yourself a favor and read this article. Because towards the end, we will provide a working solution that would get you off the couch and into a more active lifestyle.

The Staggering Statistics

Just how bad is it to keep a sedentary lifestyle? Here are some statistics to put things into perspective:

  • As of 2008, 31% of people aged 15 and above lack physical activity. 28% are men, while 34% are women.
  • Physical inactivity kills around 3.2 million people each year, the fourth-leading cause among all non-communicable diseases.
  • In Australia, it is the second-highest cause of cancer, right behind smoking cigarettes.

The World Health Organization points out that more people would choose a non-physical activity during their leisure time. Another conclusion is that many prefer "passive" modes of transportation like driving a car over walking, which can take a few hours in really bad traffic.

But this is all just the tip of the iceberg. You'd be surprised at the kind of illnesses one may acquire, just by sitting down all day.

The Hidden Dangers

So what are the long-term consequences of keeping a seated sedentary lifestyle? Apart from tight hips and a bad back, here are some that are worth looking out for.

Premature Disc Degeneration

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Dangers Sitting All Day

If you work at a desk for eight to ten hours per day, what are the chances that you're keeping correct posture? Do you use an ergonomic chair?

The answer would be slim to none, especially if you're not that mindful enough and you don't have the budget. That also means you're putting yourself at risk for premature disc degeneration.

Sounds both fancy and scary at the same time, but the poor posture may cause some compression and degeneration on the discs of your spine. The end result? Chronic pain you could've avoided, to begin with.

Depression and Anxiety

Living an active lifestyle not only benefits both physical and mental health. Unbeknownst to many, any form of exercise can actually promote positive changes within the brain. It also releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone to lift your spirits.

On the flip side, take away exercise and you've got a pile-up of cortisol, which leads to brain fog, and in worse cases, mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Rid yourself the burden of such conditions and try not to sit too much all-day. Your brain will thank you for it.

Heart Disease

Whether you inherited it through genetics or you acquired it through poor health choices, heart disease is never a laughing matter. Just ask some of the families of the 17.9 million people who die from it each year.

Let's dive into the numbers a little further: according to a 2010 study, men who sat in front of the TV more than 23 hours per week increased their risk for heart disease death by 64 percent. Another study in 2015 also reveals that those who prefer to be seated more have a 145 percent higher risk of suffering from a stroke or heart attack.

Nowadays, heart disease chooses no age, especially for those who live in physical inactivity. Don't be part of that statistic.


Newsweek AMPLIFY - Dangers Sitting All Day

Contrary to common belief, diabetes isn't just about the overindulgence of sugar. In some cases, the disease develops because of an increase in insulin resistance.

This is exactly what happens when you sit around all day, according to this 2007 study on healthy volunteers. They had no clinical history of diabetes or hypertension. The research also revealed signs of increased cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Diabetes is a debilitating disease with dire consequences at worst. Why would you want to subject yourself to that kind of ordeal?

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Among all the diseases in this list, this one is probably the most concerning. Deep Vein Thrombosis happens when blood clots form in the legs.

Once it breaks off from within, the clot can travel to vital organs like the lungs. Larger clots may result in death.

It's why passengers are encouraged to walk around and stretch during a long-haul flight. The human body is designed to move around, and keeping it in a seated position for a long-time bears hefty repercussions.

Get Off Your Seat With the Help of Find Your Trainer

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Dangers Sitting All Day

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