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Got Period Cramps? Here's How To Stop The Pain Fast

How To Stop Period Pain Fast

Got Period Cramps Here’s How To Stop

It's important to consult your doctors with any medical concerns, and before making any changes or adding supplements to your health plan.

Menstrual cramps affect many people during their period. It is common for women to experience mild cramps, while others aren't quite as lucky. In some cases, the pain they experience from menstrual cramps can be severe. While you can opt for pain killers, it's not exactly a long-term solution and can also be detrimental to your liver health. There are many natural remedies that can help with period cramps, but they aren't as useful for all.

If you're looking for a drug-free menstrual cramp treatment that has no side-effects and provides immediate relief, Livia is your best bet.

What is Livia?

Livia is a small wearable device placed on your lower abdomen that helps alleviate period pain. The device stimulates the nerves by blocking "pain gates" to the brain. It is a TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation that works by sending continuous, mild electrical pulses through electrodes and into your skin along your nerve pathways.

This device reduces period cramps by sending signals between your reproductive system and your brain. In an independent clinical study, 163 women who suffered from severe menstrual pain were given a Livia device to test out. 80% of those who joined the study allowed them to significantly or entirely shift from using pain killers as a form of relief. The electrical pulses emitted by the device blocked the pain signals of menstrual cramps that travel via your nerves.

There are various TENS devices online, but compared to its competition, Livia's frequency and wave shape are uniquely optimized to directly address pain associated with menstruation. At first glance, it looks like a second-generation iPod shuffle given its small dimensions. This 55 by 55mm device is travel friendly and easy to use. The Livia unit has a power button, a plus and minus controller to adjust the intensity, and a clip you can use to hook it up. It also has a port to plug in the electrodes and another for its micro USB charging cable.

Got Period Cramps? Here's How To Stop

The science behind Livia

IPulse Medical (the company behind Livia) states that the Livia device was designed to relieve the discomfort of menstrual pain and has no known side effects. A study done by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, shows that "Both HF (high frequency) and LF (low frequency) TENS (have) been shown to provide analgesia specifically when applied at a robust and non-painful intensity." Livia also claims that their device improves a person's well-being. The same report substantiates this claim that TENS can increase the concentration of endorphins in the bloodstream.

TENS devices work by the "pain-gate theory" and uses a non-invasive technology that sends out impulses to the lower abdomen to stop the pain. But how does that exactly work? Our nervous system cannot process two types of signals at the same time, so Livia uses this to emit one similar to the menstrual frequency. So, when the frequency from the device is transmitted faster than the pain emission, the brain processes Livia's signal first, which blocks out the pain alert.

How to use the Livia device

Livia was designed to be user-friendly with a straight-forward and minimalistic style. The device comes with two small electrode flower pads that already have pre-applied gel. The package includes four gel stickers for every device wherein each pair last up to six months.

All you have to do is charge the device for it to be ready to use, one charge lasts for 15 hours. It has a small LED indicator above the power button that indicates the level that the device is set to; which can be adjusted from a low to high intensity. The Livia device currently has 16 levels of intensity.

To use the device, plug the electrodes into the port, remove the protective plastic, and place the two electrodes on your abdomen. Since women experience menstrual cramps in different areas, you may explore which placement works for you best.

Given Livia's small size profile, no one will notice that you're actually wearing it. You can easily clip the device onto your jeans or pants while going about your daily activities. It can be comfortably worn to work, at the gym, or even at home. It is advised to wear the device only up to 10 hours at a time.

Does it actually relieve period pain?

The Livia device has helped various women shift from using menstrual relief medications. The placement of the electrodes and intensity setting differs for each individual, nevertheless, period cramps were reduced significantly. Here are some notable reviews from women with various backgrounds and experiences.

"I am a sufferer of endometriosis, and it has debilitated me for a good amount of my adult life. I tried Livia about 5 months ago, and I really couldn't believe the result! I am no longer in a hot shower at 3 am shivering in pain, I am no longer dreading that painful time of the month. It has really enhanced my life beyond anything, I wish someone introduced this to me years ago" - Marie (Verified Reviewer)
"I have endometriosis, adenomyosis, and recurring ovarian cysts. This little device is truly a lifesaver. I am constantly switching it from my lower back to my lower stomach. I can't even explain what a good distraction the tingles are from the somewhat constant pain I am in. I had my first excision lap about a month ago and have loved utilizing Livia during my recovery. I work as a dance teacher, so the clip is my favorite feature. I can clip it onto my pants and use it discreetly at work, while grocery shopping, and even while doing housework. I highly recommend Livia, and I think it's worth every penny. I chose the subscription route as it worked better for me financially, and I found it convenient to get replacement pads when I need them since I utilize the device often" - Auriel (Verified Reviewer)
"Since having my son my period has been excruciating. I have had to miss work due to cramps so violent they make me extremely nauseous. No medication was working to help with the pain. Livia has made a massive difference! It relieves pretty much all of my pain, and I am able to get through my days!" - Cait (Verified Reviewer)

Should you get one?

Should you join the bandwagon and get a Livia for yourself? It is FDA, CE, and Health Canada certified. Each individual is unique, and Livia may have a different effect on some people, which is why the device has a liberal 120-day money-back guarantee for products that are bought on their site. This guarantee allows women to really experience the product and give them a chance to decide where it is a fit for them or not.

Got Period Cramps? Here's How To Stop

With Livia, women can now have a more comfortable period. For people who are looking for a drug-free remedy, Livia is a natural step to relieve those debilitating menstrual cramps.

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