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5 Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

Sleep Deprivation Can Cause These Issues to Your Body

Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

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We all want to stay healthy up to a ripe old age. The thing is, there are occasions in life that cause the health to deteriorate.

The wear and tear of the body is intensified when it does not get enough nutrients and sleep to reenergize. Over time, the body gets flogged by diseases that could have been avoided had we taken care of our body more.

Certain health issues are intensified, if not caused by lack of sleep. Here are some of them, in hopes of encouraging you, the reader, to give the body more time to rest in order to live a longer, healthier, life.

Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep


Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

A person's weight does not necessarily translate to an equivalent health diagnosis. Some people are naturally petite while some are naturally more muscular. There are, however, undeniable health issues that come with obesity or excessive weight gain.

Lack of sleep can deeply impact appetite regulation and impair glucose metabolism. Not getting enough sleep can cause obesity because being tired and cranky increases levels of hunger hormone and cravings. It also decreases levels of fullness hormone, tricking the body to eat more than what it really needs.

Sleep deprivation may also cause a person to be too tired to exercise or do other activities that would shed excess carbohydrates, inevitably leading to weight gain.

Clinical Depression

Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

Individuals who are diagnosed with clinical depression are found to be sleeping too much as a coping mechanism for troubled mental health. Conversely, sleeping too little can be a contributing factor to negative feelings in the first place.

To differentiate, clinical depression is a more severe form of depression. It is different from depression caused by the loss of a loved one or a medical condition such as a thyroid disorder.

Signs and symptoms of clinical depression may include feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed, and trouble remembering things – all of which are symptoms that could be greatly improved if one gets enough sleep.

This is not to say, however, that sleep is the number one solution to curing clinical depression. Rather, it would help lift one's mood and encourage a positive mindset if the mind and body are given enough rest to reenergize.

Heart Disease

Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep increases blood pressure because of two things. One, not getting enough sleep limits the body from regulating stress hormones. Second, blood pressure and heart rate go down at night during sleep, so the lack of it would eventually cause the blood pressure to increase.

With high blood pressure and an increased heart rate, certain heart diseases are sure to be intensified such as cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease, regardless of age, weight, and exercise habits.


Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

Type 2 Diabetes is a hereditary disease that is impacted by what you eat and how much you weigh. It is uncommon knowledge, however, that sleep deprivation also plays an important role in the development of type 2 diabetes.

Not getting enough sleep decreases the production of good hormones in the body, such as insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar. Meanwhile, lack of sleep also increases stress hormones in the body, such as cortisol, which makes it harder for insulin to do its job effectively.

This means that if you have diabetic genes, it could be triggered and worsen in the long run from lack of sleep, regardless of how much you control your weight and eating habits.

People with diabetes, however, are often restless and get insufficient sleep as a result. Try healthy herbal sleep aids to veer away from restlessness and promote mental relaxation.

Alzheimer's Disease

Health Issues Intensified by Lack of Sleep

Sleep contributes to poor memory and cognitive dysfunctions, both symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease, the most common type of Dementia.

The exact reason why lack of sleep greatly accelerates the progress of Alzheimer's is yet to be defined. It could either be because of oxygen deprivation or by some other consequences, but the knowledge remains that losing just one night of sleep may lead to an increase in beta-amyloid, a protein in the brain that is associated with Alzheimer's disease.

For most people, Alzheimer's disease is caused by a combination of genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors, so if one is diagnosed with this disease, it could also mean that sleeplessness is already a symptom and not just a cause. Help yourself get proper sleep and relaxation with melatonin free supplements.

A Gentle Sleep Aid to Encourage Easy, Restful Sleep

One can fulfill the hopes of leading a healthy life by ensuring that the body gets enough sleep and nutrients. Most diseases can be abated, if not prevented when the body stays energized to protect itself against viruses and bad hormones.

Since increasing melatonin in the body makes some people feel even more restless and groggy in the morning, we recommend Nested Naturals' LUNA Melatonin Free, a non-habit-forming herbal sleeping aid that encourages easy, restful sleep.

Nested Naturals' LUNA Melatonin Free includes a blend of herbs that people have been using for centuries to sleep better, including a boost of L-Theanine, an amino acid that helps promote a state of relaxation.

Prevent the development of health issues by getting enough sleep. Do it with Nested Naturals.

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