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Home Learning: 5 Ways HOMER Is an Essential Learning Partner for Parents

The Essential Early Learning Program You Need Right Now

Learning at home has become part of our new normal... for now. It isn't easy, as parents we've done our best and risen to the challenge like the superheroes we are. Like all parents, I want my kids to have the best start possible, but I'm not a teacher. I've been searching high and low for resources to support my child's learning at home, and I've finally found one that we all love. HOMER is the essential early learning program for kids 2-8.

Powered by the HOMER Method, the most effective way for your child to learn—their expert-designed proprietary learning framework is research-backed and kid-tested to give your child the best start to their learning journey. Focused on both academic and personal skills, HOMER develops confident learners and makes learning at home easier (and more effective) than ever before.

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Here are 5 ways HOMER is essential for learning in my home.

1. It's Personalized to My Child!

HOMER uses each child's interests, age, and learning level to create a personalized reading plan. In my home, my little one learns through playful activities that speak to his interests, with a program that grows with him as he builds skills. This personalization gives my little one the support and motivation he needs to feel confident as a learner. HOMER's learning plan takes him through the skills he needs step by step, so he is building on what he has just learned.

2. Learning is Fun(damental)

When learning is fun, kids want to learn. By including activities that encourage open-ended play, HOMER allows my child to get the benefits of play as he learns from home. These activities improve confidence, encourage imagination, and develop social-emotional skills. As Fred Rogers once said, "for children, play is serious learning."

HOMER's program is thoughtfully designed to include playful learning activities that are kid-tested to ensure that those activities capture the attention of young learners. My child can play (and learn) all by himself, which is great for when I need to get some things done at home!

3. Kids Fall in Love with Reading

As kids get swept up in wonderful tales, their vocabularies increase, their understanding of story structure evolves, and their imaginations soar. They learn about different times, places, and people, and their ability to empathize grows. This is true whether a story is fiction or nonfiction. Kids who love listening to stories typically love to read and to write their own ideas, too. This is why it is so crucial to read aloud to kids at a young age. HOMER's "Read to Me" setting enables my child to listen to stories on his own, replaying his favorites over and over. From classic fairy tales to modern favorites, HOMER's library is full of interactive stories to choose from.

4. Proven to Increase Early Reading Scores

We all know practice builds skills and, more importantly, confidence. With just 15 minutes a day, HOMER is proven to increase early reading scores by 74%. By creating "I did it!" moments throughout the learning experience, HOMER builds confidence. As my kiddo becomes more confident, he wants to practice more and more. And as he practices, he builds skills. And with each new skill, I've seen his confidence soar! According to HOMER, this cycle is the key to creating intrinsic motivation for learning.

5. Prepares Kids for School and Life

HOMER's program is powered by the HOMER Method, the most effective way for your child to learn. It focuses on the academic and social-emotional skills that prepare kids for both school and life. Their learning experts have designed each child's learning plan specifically around the optimal way kids learn specific skills. These playful experiences tap into my child's innate motivation and curiosity, building his confidence, helping him to love learning, and setting him up for success later in life!

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