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How Exercise Improves Your Mental Health

Don't let the stress of everyday life get to you. Here's how exercise can help you get out of that dark cloud of depression!


Months of being cooped up at home have their pros and cons. On the one hand, we are able to work in the environment we're most comfortable in, while on the other, we face a whole new set of anxieties, potentially leading to a bad mood or even depression.

Everyone has been coping differently with the situation of the worldwide pandemic. Some require their space or find themselves buried in activities and work, others simply give into the lazy bug of doing nothing. While there are numerous ways to get over a slump, some days are always harder to move on from than others. The question is: how do we snap out of it?

Move Away To Get Closer


As the old saying goes: check yourself before you wreck yourself! As much as you may be prone to sweeping issues under the rug in the hope of keeping anxieties at bay, it only delays the inevitable: facing your problems.

While healing isn't a one-way street, accepting that you have a problem is usually the first step to getting better. Acknowledging that you are not okay gives you the chance to analyze your situation, and seek help if necessary. And by slowing down, you get to identify where the issues lie, without the fear of judgment.

What To Do When It All Becomes Too Much


Despite mental health advocates highlighting the importance for those struggling emotionally and mentally of finding solace in the hands of a professional, the negative connotation of therapy makes it hard for some to take that first step.

Whether you should consider seeking professional mental health help is for you to decide. What we can advocate for, however, is what everyone can do to improve their mood, alleviate depression, and support their overall health: by breaking a sweat! Not only will getting your heartbeat up burn calories, but you also benefit from an endorphin high that will keep those cloudy days at bay!

Break a Sweat To Break Free


We already know how working out keeps us physically healthy, but it usually isn't discussed enough how it also works as a great sanity break. Aside from seeking professional help and guided medication, studies show that exercising can help treat chronic mental issues. It is even considered an excellent way to treat certain levels of depression and schizophrenia, letting patients veer away from medication grogginess.

While it is given that the treatment for varying mental health conditions isn't the same, exercising gives everyone a general sense of well-being. Recent reports show that running for at least 15 minutes a day significantly reduces the chances of depression. If running's a tad much, walking for an hour works too, letting your body release stress sans the panting. Making time for a quick workout also prevents you from getting a relapse. The uniformity, along with the release of hormones that will help your tired self recharge lets you avoid falling into a slump once more.

What makes exercising an effective treatment is its ability to let you focus on the present. Keeping your thoughts to what simply is happening - the way your arms tremble as you hit the punching bag, the feeling of your feet touching the ground when you run, or even simply stretching your limbs. Letting yourself sink into every moment, every movement quiets down your restless mind and gives you a moment of peace which can result in a clearer and more peaceful head.

How Happy Hormones Help


It goes without saying that working out releases endorphins that basically work as our body's main stress reliever. While it always works on a case to case basis, the idea of endorphin intoxication is the blocking out of negative thoughts that cause overthinking and anxiety. Blasting our brains with happy hormones and our bodies with a jolt of energy gives our entire being the boost it needs to keep us grounded.

The thing about activating your endorphins is that it doesn't take much to do. A few minutes of exercise everyday releases enough of those positive vibes to lighten your mood from morning 'til night. Unlike taxing sessions of therapy that sometimes feel like they're leading nowhere, exercising lets you pick up the pace and celebrate the small wins and progress.

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We all have our own ways of dealing with stress, but one thing is for sure: exercise should be considered by everyone for its many benefits! Not only will your body thank you, but your mind, emotional state, and mental health will thank you, too!

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