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How to Remove Body Odor Naturally in 7 Days

Get Rid Of Your Body Odor With These Natural Ways

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Ever felt that you are suffering from body odor? Maybe you are out in public and you have watery eyes due to body odor only to find out it's coming from you! At some point, you have been there, whether after a long workout, a big performance, or just a dry, sweaty, humid day. However, you don't have to hide from everyone.

You can take simple steps to get rid of body odor. With Puracy's Natural Deodorant and Natural Body Wash, you can say "bye-bye" to your body odor for sure. Don't let your body odor make you feel vulnerable. Always take quick actions to get rid of it.

The most common answer to the cause of body odor is sweat. Almost everyone will come up with this answer most of the time. You should know that's only partially true. So keep reading to get some unique ideas to get rid of body odor easily even when you are sweating the most.

Causes of Body Odor

Firstly, you need to know the cause of body odor. Sweat itself doesn't have any odor. It takes place when the moisture from your sweat blends in with bacteria on your skin. This mixed moisture gives room to bacteria to quickly multiply resulting in body odor.

The human body has two forms of sweat gland creating different types of sweat. Sweat from exertion or physical exercise is distinctly different from sweat from anxiety, fear, or stress. Stress sweat arises from the apocrine glands that secrete a fatty liquid where bacteria find their comfort zone.

By comparison, the sweat formed by your eccrine glands is often water and salt. Eccrine glands are located on most of the surface of your bodies, while apocrine glands are situated in some of the more hairy or private regions, such as armpits and groin.

It is true, however, not all body odor is directly linked to sweat. Some people smell because they have poor hygiene habits, allowing bacteria to live on their bodies. Others may have a medical condition or take a particular drug that contributes to body odor. Some foods in your diet can
also lead to body odor.

Can Your Body Odor Change?

There are also more subtle explanations behind variations in body odor. For example, diabetes causes certain people to have a fruity smell. When you experience this kind of change, be sure to speak to the doctor immediately.

Furthermore, your body odor increases as you get older—there's an odor-related chemical substance 2-Nonenal in human sweat that rises as you tend to age. This gives sweat an awful smell—a meadow, stinky smell—and is typically only found in the sweat of those aged 40 and over. You should prepare for some scenarios beforehand and make sure you are well-armed with what you need to fight against body odor, particularly when you are growing old.

Follow some tips below to better regulate the constant sweating and body odor.

1. Keep Yourself Clean

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Suffering From Body Odor

Shower at least once a day to get rid of some of the bacteria settling on your skin. Sweat is practically odorless. But when the skin's bacteria combine with sweat, they grow rapidly and cause quite an odor. Scrubbing thoroughly, especially where you seem to sweat, will improve body odor.

Puracy's Natural Body Wash provides a rich, hydrating, and purifying bath experience for even the most sensitive skin. It is specially formulated by the team of Ph.D. chemists of Puracy. This world-class blend of ingredients features Pink Himalayan Sea Salt which naturally exfoliates, hydrates, and balances your skin. Washing thoroughly with a natural body wash will help get rid of some bacteria and it can help improve body odor.

2. Dry Yourself Properly

After taking a shower, dry yourself properly in areas where you tend to sweat more often. When your skin is moist free and dry, it's difficult for bacteria to settle in and cause body odor. Wipe yourself properly with a towel to make sure you are dry enough.

3. Put On Clean Clothes

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Suffering From Body Odor

Change clothing while sweating excessively. Clean clothes help control body odor. Make sure to change your socks, particularly if you start having a stinky foot. Use deodorant powders inside your shoes, always replace insoles, and walk barefoot where possible.

4. Wear Breathable Clothing

Breathable clothing is helpful in both preventing and getting rid of sour body odor. Wear clothes that help you minimize sweating in the first place. The right kind of fabric will pull sweat away from your body and it won't let sweat settle on your skin and mix with skin bacteria.

5. Change Eating Habit

The food you eat has a say in your body odor. Foods that tend to make you sweat more, like hot peppers or other spicy foods, can cause body odor. Processed foods, a high amount of red meat, excess alcohol or caffeine, and foods cooked with garlic and onion can make your body increase the stink factor. Sometimes, your favorite spicy foods can spike your sweat glands. This can increase your chances of body odor. The smell of garlic or onions can literally pass through to your sweat so that you smell like a garlicky, oniony, body odor cloud. Caffeine or alcohol can also make you sweat more.

A good choice of foods includes yogurt, pickles, kefir, fruits, and non-sulfurous vegetables and fresh sauerkraut. Eating foods rich in magnesium and zinc like shellfish, pecans, tofu, oysters, and broccoli can also be helpful.

6. Trim Your Body Hair

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Suffering From Body Odor

Extra body hair causes major trouble and it can make you sweat more. It can trap and mix moisture and bacteria together resulting in a body odor. Try trimming your hair on a regular basis, especially under your arms and in your groin area. This will stop bacteria to hide and multiply and it will reduce body odor.

7. Focus on Four Major Odor Zones

There are four major odor zones that play a vital role in producing an unpleasant smell: armpits, feet, scalp, and sweaty groin. You need to focus on these four areas to set yourself free from body odor.

Your groin and your armpits contain most of the body's apocrine sweat glands which are responsible for your body odor. Underarm sweat is a perfect place for growing bacteria. It has high moisture with little airflow. The groin also has high moisture levels.

Your feet cannot get stinky on its own but if you wear shoes or socks all day you are allowing bacteria to settle in and cause body odor. You can reduce body odors by using foot creams or powders or walking barefooted whenever possible.

It's quite surprising that your scalp is listed as a major odor zone. However, if you suffer from dandruff, that can also cause odor because dead skin starts to decompose on your scalp. Try using a good dandruff shampoo to help you in the process.

8. Use Natural Deodorant

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Suffering From Body Odor

Puracy's Natural Deodorant is clinically-studied odor-blocking with silky smooth application. Harnessing the natural anti-odor properties of zinc, it helps provide long-lasting odor-blocking without resorting to harsh chemical alternatives. It is an effective layer of mineral-based odor destroyers to actually prevent the bad smells in the first place.

9. Reduce Stress

Apocrine glands produce anxiety or fear sweat and are often likely to cause odor. Reducing your stress level would be effective in fighting your body odor. Anxiety and stress stimulate your sweat glands in complete survival mode, so relaxation strategies like meditation, biofeedback, and yoga, a brisk outdoor walk, or a number of other relaxing exercises will help stabilize your anxiety and stress—and improve your body odor.

10. Use Pumice Stone

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Suffering From Body Odor

Bacteria grow on dead skin. If the soles of your feet have dead skin, remove them with a pumice stone. This will not allow bacteria to settle on dead skin.

Final Thoughts

Following the tips as mentioned will help you to overcome your struggles with body odor. Personal hygiene plays a big role so try to maintain your personal hygiene all the time. Also, avoid eating foods that cause body odor and reduce your stress level to better improve your body odor.

If you are sweating too much or experiencing body odor changes that impede your opportunity to appreciate your life, consult your doctor to make sure you don't have a more serious medical condition. Additionally, use Puracy's Natural Body Wash, shower regularly, and apply Puracy's Natural Deodorant to get rid of body odor.

Stink less and smell sweet with Puracy Natural Body Wash and Natural Deodorant!

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