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How To Successfully Lose Fat on the Keto Diet: Take MCTs!

Find out what MCTs are, and how they can help make your Ketogenic transition smoother and more effective!


It's pretty safe to say that we've all have days on which we feel like huge blobs! The clothes we used to love suddenly fit differently and the curves we used to show off have become folds we're all too conscious to ignore. No one likes to be uncomfortable in their own skin, which is why it is natural to continuously find ways to improve oneself. With hundreds of ways promising to give us the best body sculpting results in the shortest amount of time, the question now is, how do we choose which one to follow?

Going With the Tried and Tested


While we are always free to shake things up, experimenting with something that could be irreversible isn't worth the risk. Fad diets keep rising every day but questioning their effectiveness, and doability should always be at the top of your list. Going all out in following a program could give you the results, but it could also harm you internally without you knowing it. A conscious effort of knowing how your body works and what it needs should always be the first thing you do before joining the bandwagon.

The rise of the Ketogenic Diet came around the same time as Intermittent Fasting. Choosing between the two is tough, given that they both allow certain luxuries that other programs tend to take away from you. While Intermittent Fasting technically lets you eat anything you want, struggling with the fasting hours is inevitable. A lot of people mainly switch to Keto because within minor tweaks in what you eat, you get to achieve your body goals.

Knowing Keto


As we age, our bodies' ability to break down food slows down. Days of binge eating anything and everything slowly becomes a thing of the past, making us more conscious. We obviously can't stop time from slipping by us, we could, however, find a way to work with it.

Going on a Ketogenic diet basically means cutting down on carbs and replacing them with fat. This process puts our bodies in a state called ketosis, a metabolic state wherein your body uses the ketones from fats for energy. A lower carb intake reduces the calories without the hunger pangs, letting you lose weight without starvation. It also cuts down on the storage of glycogens and water, which are two of the main causes of weight gain. In the long run, it also suppresses your appetite, letting you feel full for longer, with significantly less need for food.

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Unlike other diets, Keto's adaptability makes it an easier transition for everyone. The Standard Ketogenic Diet is the most basic, making you create a 70-20-10 ratio between fat, protein, and carbs. Cheat days are allowed in a Cyclical diet, which lets you have two days a week of having carbs to your delight. You can also power through any workout with the Targeted program that lets you eat carbs within your exercise time. Lastly, if you're aiming to get those gains out, a High Protein diet lets you adjust the ratio of fats, proteins, and carbs to 60-35-5, letting you show off those muscles in no time.

The Key To a Successful Keto Switch


Now that you've finally made the transition, it's only a matter of time until you see the results. But if there was a way to get there (safely) in no time, why wait?

Along with changing up your diet, one thing promises to speed up the process to Ketogenic success - MCTs. Medium-Chain Triglyceride is derived from coconut oil and is processed easily compared to other fatty acids which leads to faster absorption. Composed of four medium-chain fatty acids, namely C6, 8, 10, and 12, this triglyceride expedites weight loss and breaks down lactic acid in muscles to get them popping in no time!

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Its role on rapid weight loss isn't the only good thing about this supplement, for adding it to your Ketogenic diet opens you up to many benefits. Choosing MCTs over other oils lets your body hasten the breakdown of fat, giving your ketones the extra push to send it to hyperdrive. Since it's significantly shorter than long-chain triglycerides, it travels quicker around the body, letting us absorb the nutrients of every meal faster.

Aside from its ability to help us achieve our dream bod, MCTs are also believed to manage certain illnesses. Studies show that with proper guidance, this supplement can reduce epileptic seizures. The increased Ketone production also blocks out the memory loss receptors in an Alzheimer's patient's brain, allowing higher chances for brain cell survival. MCTs also let you fight off bacterial and yeast infections with its caprylic, capric, and lauric acids, efficiently ridding your body of harmful elements.

Get Your Daily Dose of MCT Effortlessly


While getting your daily dose of MCTs is vital in your Keto journey, not everyone will be a fan of the idea of drinking pure oil. BELDT Labs' KEEN: Premium Ketogenic Support lets you experience the full spectrum of MCTs in one liquid capsule, helping you to lose weight quickly! It could serve as the first step towards Keto as well, for it gets and lets your body stay in ketosis to curb those cravings. Mixing other natural oils with MCT allows optimal fat burning as well, letting you eat to your heart's delight on cheat days without the guilt.

Achieving that dream bod takes perseverance and determination, along with a laser-sharp focus to keep your eyes on the prize. While changing what we've considered normal might be a struggle, it is in knowing that these small steps will lead to success that makes us keep going. No two bodies are the same, and sometimes, listening to what it needs leads to a myriad of benefits that lets us be confident of who we are.

Get BELDT Labs' KEEN: Premium Ketogenic Support and ensure success in your Keto journey now!

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