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How to Use Pheromones to Make Yourself More Attractive


The secret of love - you know hormones, but have you heard of pheromones? The word pheromone is derived from the Greek word "phero" (meaning "to carry") and "hormone". Basically, it refers to carrying or exhibiting something exciting. Pheromones are produced by a chemical signal in the body to attract another member of the same species. It triggers a social response that can be described as a behavior-altering agent.

Most animals, particularly mammals, secrete pheromones to draw attention from the opposite sex and increase their chances of finding a mate. Since they have the ability to change the receiving body's mind and moods, animals release pheromones to attract the opposite sex for potential mating and to assert dominance over members in the same group.

What is the difference between pheromones and hormones?

Both hormones and pheromones are produced inside the body to regulate behavior. The main difference between the two is that hormones change the behavior of the body producing it, while pheromones affect the behaviors of the body picking up the signals. Hormones change your mood into thinking it's a good time to date, thus pushing you to actively go out there to look for a love interest. Pheromones interact with the nervous system of people around you, giving you an edge and advantage in various social settings.

Both hormones and pheromones work largely towards reproduction and mating. The behaviors they alter center heavily around love and attraction; but while hormones tell you who to love, pheromones tell others to love you back.

Pheromones and Behavior in Humans

Pheromones can be found on the skin of humans, most prominently around the eyes, anus or the chin - areas that are typically associated with sex and attraction. Having pheromones on the skin allows it to travel to other people easily. With enough pheromones, locking eyes with someone you like can release a "sex pump" through the skin. Since the scent of pheromones is subtle, most people are not actually aware of its existence. However, it can directly send signals to the brain of the receiving body, making them more wired to attention and attraction.

In the human dating book, pheromones play an important role. A man can literally smell if a woman is interested by the sweat she releases. While the scent does not have a distinct smell, a man's primal instincts are able to pick it up. The signal directly goes to the nerves and subtly influences human behavior. On the other hand, male sweat can be attractive to women because it contains strong enough love chemicals to affect them. That is why women often find men's sweat glands attractive, while men find women's body scent desirable.

Different Types of Pheromones for Attraction

There are a variety of pheromones and each one works a bit differently in how they attract a romantic interest.



Androstadienone is a common pheromone naturally found in men's sweat. It is an endogenous steroid linked to mood change in heterosexual women and homosexual men, who are more wired to receive a stronger hit of emotional changes. It is commonly used in personal products like body wash and perfumes. Men have found androstadienone to increase their chance and confidence in talking to a woman, hence it is dubbed the "love pheromone". Its docile effects make it a popular choice since it can also reduce stress and make people more generous.



AndrosteNOL is another human sex pheromone found in sweat and is one of the most common pheromones on the market. Also known as the "icebreaker pheromone", it lifts up one's mood and reduces anxiety so you can hold a conversation naturally and smoothly. It also has a tremendously strong effect in elevating a woman's mood and sexual interest. AndrosteNOL is added as a fragrance to many products due to its unique scent and ability to arouse a potential partner. Its mild effects make it the perfect choice for a wide range of occasions, from date nights to company meetings, enhancing your appeal without being overpowering.



AndrosteNONE is the first human sex pheromone discovered by experts. It's a sturdy chemical that asserts sexual domination and increases attraction. Take heed, though. This pheromone is so powerful that using too much of it could agitate and intimidate others, and make you look undesirably aggressive. A suitable amount of androsteNONE, however, will work like a charm for both sexes in boosting confidence to strengthen authority and enhance sexual appeal.



AndrosteRONE is the "alpha" pheromone that every man seeks. Use it to assert dominance and authority, and gain attention from people in different situations. AndrosteRONE can be found in plenty of men's products as experts have found it effective at attracting women and boosting their flirtatious behavior. Women are naturally drawn to the "alpha" scent emitted by androsteRONE, and the best part is that it is quite mild. AndrosteRONE can balance out the aggressive side of the robust androsteNONE, making them the perfect combination for your pheromone collection.


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