Hunt A Killer

Practice your sleuthing skills in this highly immersive case-solving game. The moment you open the box, you'll get a set of clues. It's then your turn to solve the case by piecing together clues hidden in letters, newspaper clippings, and forensic reports. Decipher codes and eliminate the unlikely suspects to catch the real culprit. Each month, expect the plot to thicken. This is your chance to put on your detective hat and solve a crime mystery a la Sherlock Holmes

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With the holidays quickly approaching it can be hard to find a gift that people will enjoy and that will arrive in time. But we've got your back, we found the perfect last-minute present and decided to share, Hunt A Killer is a murder mystery subscription that will get you hooked!

Sneak Peak at a Murder Mystery Immersive Gaming

"It's more than escapism—it's an opportunity to be the hero of a compelling, high-stakes story." Read our interview with the game creators to explore this unique immersive gaming experience.

Hunt A Killer Review: A Board Game Experience Redefined

Whether you're new to playing board games or not, Hunt A Killer's crime-solving series will give you chills all around. It's not about knowing the "rules" of the game but about the exploration of our human biases.