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I Creeped Myself Out Trying to Solve This Blair Witch-Inspired Mystery Game

Need your horror fix? The new Hunt A Killer season will give you the chills

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Turn the lights on and grab a friend for this one—I dove into this new tabletop game by myself without a second thought and ended up sleeping with the night light on for a few nights after opening the box!

Perhaps it seems silly to be frightened by a mere game, but the new Hunt A Killer: Horror - Blair Witch boxes are seriously spooky!

Hunt A Killer, the mystery box subscription service, is best known for its eerily realistic murder mysteries that aspiring sleuths spend hours trying to solve at home.

Each season features six individual "episodes" or boxes that come filled with various clues, puzzles, maps, and newspaper clippings to help identify the elusive murderer out of a colorful cast of characters.

But this time, Hunt A Killer veers into horror, partnering with Lionsgate to explore the spine-tingling mythology of the Blair Witch. Anyone who has ever watched the original "The Blair Witch Project" back in 1999 will remember the creeping dread as a trio of filmmakers tread deeper and deeper into the ominous Black Hills Woods.

When the first Hunt A Killer box arrived in the mail, I immediately realized that I was a part of the iconic story instead of sitting on the sidelines as a spectator… It was as if I was living the horror flick that fascinated me so much in 1999!

A Horror Story in a Box

Just like previous seasons of the murder mystery game, Hunt A Killer: Blair Witch is made up of six boxes. The first box contains an assortment of interesting evidence—from newspaper clippings and photographs to cryptic puzzles and audio recordings, that all fit together to help solve the newest Blair Witch mystery.

As the clues spilled out of the box, I was transported to the eerie town of Burkittsville, Maryland to track down the missing son of Rosemary Kent, who lives right on the edge of the infamous Black Hills Forest. To reunite the Kent family, I got to investigate the dark history of Burkittsville and risk the wrath of the legendary Blair Witch and a cast of ominous characters who may be under her curse.

Newsweek Amplify I Creeped Myself Out Trying

Using the clues spread out in front of me, I pieced together the terrifying history of the Blair Witch. Little by little, information emerged on related events, from the Burkittsville disappearances to powerful forces lurking in the forest. For a few hours after getting my episode box, I pored over the details in an attempt to unearth every lead on the missing boy's disappearance. It felt a little like diving into a rabbit hole; with every clue I unlocked, I ventured deeper and deeper into the Blair Witch lore. Is the legendary witch snatching kids from the woods or is a sinister killer hiding behind the guise of a myth? (Don't worry, there are no spoilers here!)

With every box, you must help Rosemary, who will outline what she needs from you. After scouring all the documents and photos, my final task to complete the episode was to email my findings to her. In return, I received an audio file, a mini podcast that revealed more about the story to me. Each episode unravels a new part of the mystery until the sixth and final episode brings the harrowing conclusion of the tale.

A Realistic Tabletop Experience

The best thing about "The Blair Witch Project" has to be the realism. The mockumentary-style film seemed so true-to-life that many people believed it was real—including me—and this new horror mystery tabletop game blurs the creepy line between fact and fiction just as well!

A lot of horror-style board games aren't actually creepy since it's difficult to create an atmosphere of doom and gloom, but Hunt A Killer weaves such an engrossing story with authentic clues that the creep factor is indeed real. By pulling me into the story, the game gave me the freedom to proceed at my own pace, making the experience as personalized as possible.

It felt like I wasn't just playing a tabletop game—it's almost like I was part of the story itself.

And no, there's no need to watch the films in the Blair Witch universe before playing the game. Even though the game takes place in the same universe, everything you need to hunt down the missing Kent boy is inside the box.

The Verdict

Love immersive board games? This one's right up your alley, especially if you're up for a bit of a scare. Hunt A Killer is a refreshing take on tabletop games that allows you to be the hero in your very own horror story.

It's possible to play the game by yourself—like I did—but if you'd rather not get spooked when you're home alone, you can play with family and friends as soon as the box arrives! It's a fun bonding experience that's cheaper than a night out in town. Plus, more heads are better than one for those who want to crack the mysteries of Black Hills Forest.

If you've run out of horror movies to watch on Netflix and you're still itching for a good scare, it may be time to turn to Hunt A Killer: Horror - Blair Witch for your next horror fix.

Do you have what it takes to hunt down the Blair Witch? Visit the Hunt A Killer website now.

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We may earn a commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we back. Newsweek AMPLIFY participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites.