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3 Immune System Killers You Probably Didn't Know About

You're probably compromising your immune system without knowing it. Read on to find out more.

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Immune System Killers

We're about to enter the flu season. In a matter of weeks, you'll notice more people around you either bedridden or keeping themselves in house arrest. Fever, chills, the inability to move a muscle. Nobody wants any of those symptoms.

Add in COVID-19 as that lingering monster preying on the weak and vulnerable, and you've got one of the worst health crises in human history.

As a responsible citizen of the world, you practice physical distancing, mask up in public, and you only go out unless it's necessary. Kudos to that. But what they're not emphasizing too much is another crucial health aspect: the immune system.

With the much-needed sense of urgency during these times, you probably do your own research on the best practices to keep and worst habits to drop. What you're likely not seeing is the possible damage your immune system is enduring from habits, practices, and other issues you don't know are troubling you.

And maybe you're already in need of a support system to keep you balanced and afloat.

The Silent Assassins

When it comes to immune system killers, we know the usual suspects. There's lack of sleep, Vitamin C deficiency, and compromising habits like smoking cigarettes and having poor dietary choices.

But here are some of the ones that you probably don't know about. You've probably experienced at least one of these in your life.

Loneliness And Grief

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Immune System Killers

Losing a loved one hurts. It's unbearable pain you probably won't wish upon your worst enemy. But that grief also puts your immune system at risk.

Bereavement causes stress, which leads to a spike in cortisol levels. Medical experts first discovered this in the 1970s and saw how people dealing with the death of close kin experienced increased inflammation levels and faulty immune cell gene expression.

There was also a reduction in their antibody response to diseases and infection. Overall, the inflammation may lead to more severe health consequences like heart disease.

And with that gaping hole left by a loved one's death comes loneliness, which leads to more oxidative stress. A pile-up of oxidative stress results in free radical damage, which ultimately damages the immune system. It's one big, ugly slippery slope.

Excessive Exercising

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Immune System Killers

If there's anything that adulting has taught us, it's that too much of a good thing is bad. That applies to all facets of life, whether it's freedom, sex, even exercise. Yes, you read that right.

There's this thing called the overtraining symptom, which is pretty self-explanatory. Athletes tend to overwork themselves, and as a result, their bodies break down. On the physical aspect, this is where the aches and injuries come in. But physiologically, their immune system suffers.

Word of advice: just like how you would with consuming your niece's homemade chocolate chip cookies or your favorite brandy, take working out in moderation. Your entire body will thank you for it.

Exposure to UV Rays

Newsweek AMPLIFY - Immune System Killers

From 7 AM to 9 AM each day, the sun is at a sweet spot when the heat and UV rays aren't haven't peaked yet. This two-hour window will give you your much-needed Vitamin D supply.

Sun exposure beyond that time frame, however, is no longer as healthy. The UV radiation from 10 AM to 4 PM is at an all-time high, it suppresses the effectiveness of the immune system. You're also putting yourself at risk for skin cancer, and that's another problem altogether.

If you can avoid it, remain indoors during those peak hours. But if not, be sure to protect yourself with the right clothing, some sunscreen with the right SPF levels, and an immune system booster.

Your Go-To Immune System Booster

With the way things are looking, the end of COVID-19's destructive episode on humanity is nowhere in sight just yet. From our end, we cannot afford to compromise our immune system in any way, shape, or form.

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Reading through consumer testimonials will give you an idea of how effective this product works. But you can try it out for yourself.

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