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Shifts Happen: The Ultimate Remedy to Irregular Shift-related Sleep Issues

Flight attendants, firefighters, nurses, and customer service representatives. Here's a remedy to your sleep issues.

Remedy to Irregular Shift-Related Sleep Issues

Flight attendants, firefighters, nurses, and customer service representatives. These are just some of the careers that would require a person to comply with shifting work hours.

One week, you are up and working for 8 hours from 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. The next week, who knows, your work schedule could be shifted to a graveyard schedule.

If you are one of the people employed in these types of jobs, you know full well that your daily activities, including your sleeping pattern, revolve and adjust around the work schedule given to you.

For many, this presents a serious issue – the inability to get proper sleep.

Shifts Happen: Why Irregular Work Schedules Disrupt Sleep

Remedy to Irregular Shift-Related Sleep Issues

Shift work impacts each person differently, but the most common side effect especially when a person is starting out on this new career is the disturbance in healthy sleep hygiene.

Humans are creatures of habit, no matter how much you think you prefer to live a life of unknown adventures. Each and every one of us, at some point during the twenty-four hours a day, need to eat, digest the food, and reset the body through sleep.

As we grow from children to older adults, each of us forms a schedule – or a habit – to provide these basic needs to the body. However, when an individual commits to a job that changes these habits which have been harbored for years, the body system could get haywire.

Shift work disrupts the body's circadian rhythm, the body's internal clock that is formed and stabilized by force of habit through the years, from when your parents conditioned your body to sleep at specific hours in the night.

When the circadian rhythm is disrupted, as with all habits, it becomes taxing to keep up and change the schedule that it's known all its life. Eventually, you'll be needing external remedies to put the mind and body back into a workable rhythm.

Healthiest Shifts to Work According to Circadian Physiology

Remedy to Irregular Shift-Related Sleep Issues

If you have irregular work schedules that could be changed from daytime to graveyard shifts, also known as rotational shift work, then you are one of the millions around the world whose circadian rhythms cannot keep up with constant changes in the body's active hours.

Physical functions follow a daily 24-hour cycle. Of those 24 hours, the body's circadian rhythm has been trained since childhood to sleep in the nighttime for 7 to 8 hours, termed as the resting hours. This means that the rest of the time in a day is allotted for active hours in which one can eat, exercise, and work.

If we would follow a person's normal circadian physiology, the healthiest shifts to work is during the day, with a total of 8 hours so as to leave the remaining 8 hours for other activities such as traveling from work to home or eating.

The need to work during the night and at extensive working hours which exceeds 8 hours could lead to sleep-related problems where the body is too stressed to allow the mind some peace.

How to Cope with Shifting Work Schedules

Remedy to Irregular Shift-Related Sleep Issues

Shift Schedules Clockwise

If you can, rotate your shift schedules clockwise to make it easier for the circadian rhythm to follow through. Prepare your body for the incoming shift change at least three days before. Delay your sleeping time and waking hours by an hour every day.

Get Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains have helped people with shifting schedules get proper sleep even during the day. Blackout curtains will effectively block out the sunlight seeping through the window, tricking your mind to think that it is still nighttime.

For maximum effect, turn off all the lights inside the room and make sure there are no blaring lights from the TV screen or your mobile phone.

Engage in a Relaxing Hobby

Sometimes, the mind just needs a little push to lull itself to sleep. Engage in a relaxing hobby an hour before bedtime such as reading a book, listening to guided meditation, or practicing muscle relaxation techniques.

Some hobbies could trigger the mind to stay awake further, so whatever it is you decide to do before bedtime, make sure it is an activity that will aid the mind and body into relaxation.

The Ultimate Remedy to Irregular Shift-related Sleep Issues

Remedy to Irregular Shift-Related Sleep Issues

The multiple recommendations above on how to cope up with shifting work schedules can work wonders for you. It may take some time for these methods to fully take effect, but like with thousand of other shift workers, high-quality full-spectrum hemp extracts may just be the key to getting healthy, deep sleep regardless of what time of the day or night it is.

Kyoto Botanicals REST Spearmint Tincture is the perfect blend of high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract with the finest whole-plant ingredients that aid the mind and body to relax before bedtime. Apply one full dropper under the tongue and let rest for thirty seconds before swallowing.

Clockwise shifting, blackout curtains, and relaxing hobbies will be more effective with a relaxed mind and body.

Kyoto Botanicals REST Spearmint Tincture is the ultimate remedy for shift-related sleep issues. Get it today.

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