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Let An Expert Check Your Paper Before You Submit It - Here's How Chegg Writing Can Help

Chegg Writing will check your paper in less than 24 hours!

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You've spent countless hours researching, planning, and writing your essay. After a million drafts, spell checks, and thesaurus searches, your eyes have practically glazed over. When you know what you want to say, you may read meaning into sentences that aren't there. That means you can be an unreliable proofreader of your own work at best or ineffectual at worst.

Getting a new set of eyes to look at your masterpiece can be incredibly helpful. That's right, pass your paper off to someone else to make sure it is the best reflection of your capabilities. While your mom, best friend, or brother might be nice enough to offer to look over your paper, they probably don't want to read eight pages on Shakespeare. And after multiple years of school, they'll probably stop offering to help. And, as you get into higher-level classes, they might not have the knowledge or background information to check your paper accurately.

So you need another person to look over your paper, and not just anyone. You need an expert to proofread your essay. And we know three reasons why:

1. It Will Improve Your Grade

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Instructors can be vicious when it comes to small grammatical errors. Of course, you need to learn proper grammar and sentence structure. Teachers will often take 10 to 20 percent off your grade for simple grammar and spelling mistakes. That doesn't take into account any deductions your paper might get for other reasons. So before even considering the content, you're already dealing with a full letter grade drop or more, depending on the severity.

2. Computers Just Can't Find Everything

Just because all the little red squiggly lines are gone doesn't mean the mistakes are. There are plenty of things that your computer frankly just can't catch. Maybe a certain word just wasn't the right fit. For example, "everyday" and "every day" mean different things. So do "altogether" and "all together." But spell check probably won't catch that. Or maybe the paper has gone through significant edits, and you've changed the order of paragraphs and moved sentences around. All it takes is a simple copy instead of cut for you to end up with redundancies in your essay, ones that a spell checker won't catch.

3. Do You Know What I Mean?

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Sometimes in writing, you know the point you're trying to make, but your words don't always convey it. When you've read a sentence a million times already, you know your intention behind the words so well that you fill in the blanks that the sentence may leave. Having another person review your work for actual content issues, not just grammar and sentence structure can be very important. Ensuring that your point gets across and that you're making the point you think you're making are both critical to your argument.

Chegg Writing Will Save The Day And Your Grade

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Alright, you admit you need a proofreader for your next assignment, but you don't know where to find one. And you're a broke college student, so can you even afford one? You can now with Chegg Writing! Yes, you read that correctly. Chegg, your favorite supplier of textbooks at up to 90 percent discount prices, now has proofreading services!

What exactly does their proofreading services include? Your favorite feature will probably be their expert review. No matter the topic, Chegg Writing's seasoned specialists will proofread your paper within 24 hours. They'll get back to you not just on grammar but also provide astute, constructive comments on your main idea, conclusion, and more. Want to double-check that your paper is 100% your paper? They have plagiarism detection that will check your work against millions of sources to ensure your ideas and sentences are just as unique as you are.

Oh, but is grammar what you really need help with? Don't worry, Chegg Writing has one of the most advanced grammar checks available. They'll help you strengthen your writing skills by catching over 200 types of common grammar mistakes.

Do you have a million sources you're not sure what to do with? Citation mistakes can easily knock some points off your grade that you can't afford to lose! Let Chegg Writing automatically generate citations for you in over 7,000 styles, including APA and Chicago. And if all those resources aren't enough, you also get an unlimited number of paper scans! No picking and choosing what essays to check and which ones to skip. Prioritize all your grades with unlimited scans. We know you'll love Chegg Writing's expert feedback. But in case you don't, you can cancel your subscription anytime, without any obligation.

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