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List Your Home as a Vacation Rental and Earn Extra Money

Strapped for cash? List your home as a vacation rental now and let your house do the work for you!


Our homes give a peek inside our worlds. Cliche as it sounds, the smallest details - the arrangement of lights, furniture, and even the color scheme, reveal something about our personality. These four walls, regardless of how generic you think you might've designed them, reveal parts of ourselves that sometimes even we are unfamiliar with.

It's pretty safe to say that this pandemic has made us appreciate the comforts our houses bring into our lives. What used to simply be a roof over your head has now become a shelter against an invisible enemy. As vaccines continue to keep our hopes up for the end of this dark pandemic period in history, we prepare ourselves to head out into the world again. The past year left us with no choice but to stay home, so how do we celebrate when this ends? Travel, of course!

Be Right in the Middle of Adventure


Accommodations are one of the first things we need to take care of whenever we travel. We take into consideration hundreds of factors to ensure that we have everything we need. As we adapt to the New Normal, we need to find ways to keep ourselves safe while exploring. TurnKey gives us the benefits of a fully-functioning home in almost every vacation spot in the country, letting us go on adventures worry-free!

Choosing a vacation rental over hotels also gives you the chance to actually be in the place rather than just simply visiting, giving you a more immersive experience. While the latter offers the convenience of full housekeeping; it's undeniable that hotels are usually located at prime locations, which tend to be far from the actual attractions. Renting a TurnKey-certified residence ensures that you stay at the heart of your dream destination, giving you a full ride on its culture with less pressure to impress tourists.

Hotels vs. Vacation Rentals


While hotels give us the feeling of luxury, not all of us are able to settle in so quickly. Vacation rentals provide the comfort of a house, giving us a home away from home. All of TurnKey's rentals are of utmost quality, giving you a luxurious experience with unmatched freedom and privacy. You also get to avoid nosy neighbors and jam-packed elevators, keeping you safe while you travel!

Even once this pandemic ends, it's pretty safe to say that we will never look at things the same way again. Crowds won't bring as much excitement as before, and getting close to strangers won't seem as appealing anymore. Vacation rentals fulfill your social distancing goals while you relax and unwind, ensuring that you don't put yourself and your family at risk. Each house also comes equipped with a fully-functioning kitchen (some may even have laundry), letting you do your safety protocols as rigorously as you please.

Let Your Homes Do the Talking (and Earning)


With travel restrictions slowly being lifted, some of us will give in to our hunger for travel. If you have a vacation house just sitting around, why not put it to good use? TurnKey lets you register your pride and joy for the rest of the world to see, letting you earn back all the money you've put in it. Becoming one of the handpicked premium luxury residences gives you a chance to be among Marriott Home & Villas' roster of partners for higher revenues and better exposure!

It's understandable that the idea of opening up your home to complete strangers might be sketchy. The company's property management ensures that your house stays in top shape with their local hospitality and home care teams working with smart technologies. Not only will this system create a surefire way to screen your bookings, but it also maximizes your revenue generation. As if that wasn't reassuring enough, they also promise an industry-low commission rate on every booking, guaranteeing you make the most out of your venture with them.

Keeping It Classy


One thing that sets TurnKey apart is its vacation rental management that keeps your vacation home in pristine condition. Before they even let a single booking start, they invest in $5000 worth of security systems to ensure you and your guests' safety from check-in to check out. Bank-level ID screening and fraud protection systems are also in place prior to any booking confirmation, guaranteeing that your house is in safe hands.

Their home care teams are also certified locals, which makes them perfectly fit with the knowledge from proper housekeeping. Being an actual part of the community also equips them with the capacity to efficiently assist your guests with their stay, letting them see the city through a true resident's eyes. A team as experienced as them lets you sit back and relax as your house provides a haven for other families while they explore.

Homeowner Testimonials

Still undecided? Here are some words of encouragement from other homeowners who've taken the risk and reaped its rewards!

"People need an immediate response, both on the booking side and when they're staying there. If the air conditioning goes out at 11 p.m., you have to be there. It was becoming a full-time job, and I already have a full-time job. So, when we heard about a new Austin-based online service that handles the process of renting out a vacation home – from marketing it on sites like HomeAway to sending a cleaning service when the guests leave – we signed up. It worked so well on our first home that we turned another home we owned in Hyde Park into a short-term rental as well. It changed the whole experience."
- Mark

"Within a few weeks of the merger, TurnKey had more than doubled the amount of revenue I had on the books, and I've since increased the number of homes under management by 10x. Now that I am not bogged down by office tasks, I'm able to spend the time where it counts."
- Beverly

"TurnKey manages a ranch property for us that used to be a long-term rental. We had all the normal "management" issues in the past and could not use our property. We now have a better income, no management issues, AND we get to use the property for ourselves. They handle several of our rentals, all of the repairs and maintenance, provided great access, and great communication throughout. I can't recommend them enough. It's all the upside and none of the hassle."
- Corey

There really is no place like home. It's your safe space - a place where you can sit back and let all the negativity go. While traveling lets us unwind, having a home to go to at the end of the day is ultimately the key to recharging. If there was a way for you to get back what you've invested in it, why not take it?

What are you waiting for? Don't let your beautiful homes go to waste and sign up to become one of TurnKey's premium vacation rentals!

The contents of this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial or investment advice. It's important to perform your own research and consider seeking advice from an independent financial professional before making any investment decisions.