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Love To Drink? Here's What Your Favorite Liquor Says About You

Your Poison Of Choice Often Speaks Louder In More Ways Than One

flaviar alcohol personality

Have you ever wondered why your usual drink has become your favorite? Perhaps, the answer lies in the liquor. (In fact, a lot of answers lie in the liquor.) Instead of drinking your chosen booze just to get yourself buzzing, you could get a deeper appreciation from knowing the history of your chosen liquor and what it might say about you.

Even better, educate yourself on the origins of your favorite alcohol and try more than just the garden variety liquor well with Flaviar. Think of it as a cool club where spirit enthusiasts can enrich themselves in each bottle's history and culture and find joy in knowing what quality liquor tastes like - and how you can find that quality even in the most unlikely of places.

Boozy Origins And Personalities

flaviar alcohol personality

Below you'll find the origins of different kinds of booze and what your go-to says about you.


Origins: Dutch traders double-distilled French wine and placed them in oak barrels shipped back to the Netherlands to keep their merchandise from spoiling. Inadvertently, the ship's voyage became the maturation process to turn French wine into brandewijn or "burnt wine," which resulted in a more complex flavor profile that's definitely an acquired taste.

Your Profile: It doesn't matter if it's brandy, cognac, or Armagnac you're drinking - the fact is, you're not afraid of attention. You don't necessarily want attention, but there's something about you (you could be a famous rapper, for example) that will turn heads. You're the social sage that speaks only when necessary; other times, you don't mind just being in the corner, silently sipping from your brandy snifter.

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Whisky (or Whiskey)

Origins: From the Gaelic term uisge beatha meaning "water of life," whisky was originally used as a medicine, limited to apothecaries and monasteries in Ireland and Scotland. (Despite modern medicine, some may argue that whisky still heals other pains, too.) Whisky is commonly made from a literal mishmash of barley, rye, corn, or wheat distilled into alcohol and aged in wooden barrels.

Your Profile: While whisky is arguably the most popular liquor in the world, to say that a whisky drinker like yourself is just like everyone else would be an insult. You love a good discussion - and sometimes, a heated one - to be able to express your opinions about, well, anything. You can hold an intelligent conversation and allude to times past like an old soul or as Hemingway reincarnate.

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Origins: Short for rumbullion, rum was also called "kill-devil," suggesting that people drank it to fight their demons. It's typically distilled from molasses, sugarcane syrup, or sugarcane juice and is aged in oak barrels or various wine casks to add color and flavor. British sailors would often be rationed with rum during their voyages - which is probably why pillaging pirates loved the stuff, too.

Your Profile: While you're stuck in your daily grind in the city, you want nothing more than to head to the nearest beach. You were raised to follow rules and follow through - but you don't mind tapping into your chaotic side once in a while. You're always looking for your next conquest, minus the broadsword and the leather boots. Whether it's a job promotion or which tiki bar to hit up next, you're always thinking of your next move.

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flaviar alcohol personality

Tequila & Mezcal

Origins: Tequila is only made in Jalisco, a state in Mexico, and is distilled from the blue agave plant that grows there. If you're drinking an agave-based liquor that's made from outside Jalisco, that's mezcal. Think of it this way: All tequilas are mezcal, but not all mezcals are tequila. In Mexican culture, they have a saying that goes, "Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien también," which means "for everything bad, mezcal; for everything good, the same."

Your Profile: Simply put, you live in the moment. Every success or failure in life is a cause for celebration, and for you, nothing makes a better centerpiece at the bar table than a tray of shots (lime slices and salt are optional). You're comfortable being the center of attention, especially when it's that time of the night when the dancefloor becomes your domain. When your liquor tells you, "You can dance," you take it as an order.

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Origins: If you're wondering why Russians love vodka so much, it's probably because they depend on it to survive the unforgiving climate in most months. Primarily distilled from potatoes, vodka hydrated Russians and kept them warm at night, which is why they love it perhaps more than water. In fact, they derived the word vodka from the Russian word voda, which means "water."

Your Profile: Just like vodka, you're versatile. Maybe you're multi-talented, a jack of all trades, or very people-oriented. Whatever it is, you are adaptable to any situation. Some people might think you're basic at first sight, but they're dumbfounded once they get to know your personality. No matter who you're with, you're bound to have a good time - even if it takes a little convincing at first.

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flaviar alcohol personality


Origins: Absinthe puts the wild in Oscar Wilde, as it was the troubled writer's favorite tipple. Distilled from wormwood, absinthe is known for its distinct gleaming green color and its tendency to "open the mind" to ideas and inspiration, which was why this was a common go-to for prominent figures in literature and the arts. Wilde, Hemingway, Picasso, van Gogh, and Degas are just some of the writers and artists seduced by the green fairy's glow.

Your Profile: You're always on the lookout for your next muse. You keep to yourself often, and you prefer only to be in the company of like-minded people. A creative by heart, you seek inspiration everywhere you go - that explains the musical instrument, sketchpad, or notebook that rarely leaves your side. You don't intend on being the next prolific writer or artist of your generation; you just want to create something that might inspire others and you, too.

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Origins: Like with most liquors, gin was originally concocted to battle malaria. As with the other spirits that came before it, people realized gin was even better as a leisurely tipple. Gin is distilled from juniper berries and is most famous for its marriage with tonic and a slice of lemon. Gin and tonic used to be an upper-class (and at times, boring) cocktail, but today, it's become more popular due to the infusion of botanicals, spices, and herbs to give the traditional G&T a modern twist.

Your Profile: You're classy - or at least, you try to be. You have a good head on your shoulders, and you're a good-natured individual who doesn't get into much trouble. You enjoy having a good time, but not to the point of recklessness. But make no mistake, you're no goody-two-shoes either. You can read people and easily spot when you're being played - because you play the game yourself, only better.

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