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Does Menopause Lead to Other Health Issues? These Findings Will Tell You

What are some health issues that can stem out from menopause?

Health Issues Triggered During Menopause
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All women are fated to go through menopause. There are no exceptions, and sooner or later, if you aren't already on this journey, then you're going to be part of the menopausal club too.

There is nothing to be afraid of going into menopause. But then again, there are all these new facts that you need to know to maintain a strong, healthy body during all stages of menopause.

Of these facts, did you know that menopause can lead to other health issues?

Yes, menopause is not just a phase in life that women go through. It's also a potential trigger for health issues that may worsen in the long run.

MenoLabs is here to help your body stay protected through it all. But first, let's discuss the possible health issues.

Health Issues That Can Stem Out from Menopause

Health Issues Triggered During Menopause
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Estrogen is a sex hormone that promotes the activity of osteoblasts, which are the cells that produce bone. We all know that menopause means a total reduction in the body's production of estrogen, which means that your chances of getting strong bones are likely immensely reduced.

For some women, bone loss during menopause is rapid and severe, which then results in osteoporosis.

Heart Disease

Through the help of estrogen, the inner layers of the artery wall are able to relax and expand to ensure smooth blood flow. As such, a decline in the body's production of estrogen may be a factor in the increase of women getting heart disease during menopause.

In some cases, hormonal changes may even cause heart blockages.

Anxiety and Depression

If anything, mood swings may be considered worse for menopausal women than for women who still menstruate regularly.

Estrogen works with certain brain chemicals to affect the mood. Hence, the decrease in estrogen may result in depression or anxiety for some women. If left unchecked, these mood swings may last long-term and affect daily living greatly.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The connection between gut health and menopause has been studied and proven for years. For some women, hormone fluctuation has disrupted their bowel multiple times in their life, starting from the time that they first had menstruation.

Hormone fluctuation only worsens during menopause, and so will its effects on the bowel.

Urinary Tract Infection

Hormonal changes can cause a change in the bacterial balance surrounding the vagina. During these changes, there may not be sufficient good bacteria to hold against infections.

The vaginal tissue also thins as women age, increasing the chances of infection developing in the urinary tract.

Probiotic Supplements Trusted by Menopausal Women

Health Issues Triggered During Menopause
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With menopause comes susceptibility to various health issues that one wouldn't normally worry about.

As you're nearing the menopausal stage or if you are already in this stage, it is important to protect the body with the good bacteria that it needs to fight against the consequences of low estrogen production.

MenoLabs is a complete probiotic supplement trusted by thousands of women around the globe.

MenoLabs helps protect women against the development of more serious health issues by starting with gut health – the only area in the body that houses about 100 trillion bacteria.

In the absence of estrogen production, the production of sufficient good bacteria will help menopausal women stay healthy.

Trust MenoLabs for gut health protection during all stages of menopause.

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